Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 874 - Loot, Door Knock

Chapter 874 - Loot, Door Knock

Chapter 874 Loot, Door Knock

This bone-armored elephant is a level-5 star state. It was using the rocks in the valley to sharpen its bone armor. As it ground against the rocks, the latter was turned into powder. The elephant swung its nose around in satisfaction.

Lu Ze and Qiuyue Hesha, who were behind mountains, sensed the vicinity. After seeing no powerful beasts nearby, the two grinned. Lu Ze said, “I’m going up. Support me, Hesha.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled and nodded. “Be careful.”

Lu Ze kissed her face. “I know.”

Thereafter, he turned to face the bone-armored elephant. His face became sharp and merciless. He used fire buff, darkness buff, as well as Demonic Burst.


The st.u.r.dy ground where he took off collapsed.

The elephant sensed the explosive power and looked up in vigilance. Simultaneously, its four sharp tusks glowed with white spirit light while power surged from its long nose.

At this juncture, Lu Ze appeared above the elephant’s head. He looked below at the elephant as dark golden runes surged on his feet. He stomped heavily onto the elephant’s back.

A thunderous explosion occurred. The resulting shockwave spread in all directions and reached the cliffs of the valley.

Lu Ze didn’t feel happy about landing a successful blow. His expression changed as he sensed a shock force come from the armor. That terrifying power entered his body, and he fell back.

In mid-air, before Lu Ze could stop his momentum, he felt the wind howling towards him from the left. A black long shadow released a slash.

It was actually the elephant’s nose. It contained a formidable power.

At this moment, Qiuyue Hesha used seduction G.o.d art. The elephant suddenly paused for a moment before it swung its nose once more. While the elephant halted, Lu Ze forced himself to stop his descent. Demonic chi surged around him as he s.h.i.+fted a few hundred meters to the left. The nose swung past where Lu Ze originally was, and the wind blew across his face.

Lu Ze wiped some blood from his mouth. He panted as he looked at the giant creature.

In stopping his fall, he received some minor injuries. But these injuries recovered in an instant.

He didn’t expect the elephant to be stronger than he had imagined. It wasn’t fast, but its defenses were extremely st.u.r.dy, and it possessed a rebound effect.

Lu Ze looked at its face and the joints where there was no armor. His eyes sharpened. He couldn’t fight it head-on, but he could utilize how slow its speed was. Hence, he appeared close to its kneecaps. There were cracks in the bone armor.

When Lu Ze was near, Qiuyue Hesha used her G.o.d art.

The elephant wanted to lift up its leg to kick Lu Ze, but it was slowed down.

Lu Ze punched fiercely in between the cracks. The golden fist force struck the thick hide heavily

Lu Ze grinned. The defenses in this portion were weaker than the armor. But once again, he felt the terrifying rebound effect.

Lu Ze: “???”

‘Oh s.h.i.+t! This after-effect isn’t only exclusive to the armor?’

Lu Ze didn’t feel too good. His body was flung away. This time around, he used all his force to retreat in the direction he was cras.h.i.+ng to. Simultaneously, the elephant lifted its leg and attempted to kick him.

Lu Ze sped up. As the reverse shock force disappeared, he changed directions and dodged the attack. However, the elephant had turned to face him. It roared and opened its hideous mouth as terrifying power formed into a white spirit ball. This ball further grew to a diameter of five meters within an instant.

This power was extraordinary. It locked onto him. The s.p.a.ce around him constricted, and it became increasingly difficult to dodge.

Just when the elephant was about to shoot, Qiuyue Hesha used seduction G.o.d art again. Accordingly, the spirit force around it became chaotic, and the cannon shrunk as soon as it was released.

Lu Ze grinned. He could handle this level of cannon. The fox demon was really great though. He should reward her again after!

Lu Ze stepped forward and punched the mouth cannon.


The entire s.p.a.ce became filled with dark-gold and white colors. Rocks fell everywhere, and the valley was ridden with deep cracks.

Before the shockwave ended, Lu Ze charged towards the elephant again.

The rebound shock on the skin wasn’t as threatening as the one in the bone armor. He could still handle it as long as he didn’t receive a full-powered attack. He had hopes of winning this round! The two continued to battle. The chi made all the surrounding animals flee, fearing that they would get caught in the crossfire.

Ten minutes later, the mountains were demolished, and the valley became a rink. The elephant still stood there, but its chi was much weaker. Blood flowed out from the cracks in its body.

The elephant had body G.o.d art, but it was more focused on defenses. It was rather lacking when it came to recovery. Its injuries never healed. Instead, it got worse. This was particularly why it became so weak. Lu Ze breathed out, and the chi around him became much weaker. It was very taxing for him to fight beyond his limit like this. Even ordinary level-8 star states wouldn’t last longer than him. However, he was in a better state compared to the elephant.

Qiuyue Hesha’s face was also pale. She had nowhere to hide now.

Both sides needed rest, but just after a few seconds of silence, the elephant swung its nose towards Qiuyue Hesha.

Lu Ze took off with Demonic Burst and carried Qiuyue Hesha away from the attack.

Qiuyue Hesha’s panted in Lu Ze’s arms. “Little brother Lu Ze, I can’t do it. I have no power left.”

Lu Ze nodded and smiled. “Mhm, have a good rest. Leave the rest to me.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded. “Be careful.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry, in terms of stamina, I’m very confident.” Qiuyue Hesha thought of something else and blushed as she took off.

The elephant roared furiously again, but Lu Ze wasn’t worried. It was nearly out of power anyway. Lu Ze approached the elephant’s stomach. There was a huge wound there.

The elephant grew nervous. It roared and formed a barrier with spirit force at its stomach.

Lu Ze grinned. He condensed all of his power and punched the barrier again.


The s.h.i.+eld cracked in an instant, and the remaining fist force entered the wound.

Blood splashed out like crazy. The beast wailed. It was nearing its death. However, Lu Ze didn’t stop. He used his remaining power to keep punching the wound.

After six consecutive punches, the fist force penetrated the wound and wiped its life force away. The beast finally fell.

Lu Ze breathed easy.

‘It was finally dead!’

‘He got its body G.o.d art!’

He very much wanted that reverse shock power.

Qiuyue Hesha flew over and hugged Lu Ze excitedly. “We finally killed it. It was too difficult.”

Lu Ze rubbed her hair. “Yes.”

Other than the usual orbs, there was a pale G.o.d art orb and a deep red blood crystal. If he digested all of these, his combat power should undergo a substantial improvement. Lu Ze felt great and so did Qiuyue Hesha. She said, “After you digest these and become stronger, it won’t be so hard to kill such beasts.”

Lu Ze kissed Qiuyue Hesha. “It’s because of your help that I can obtain these.”

The two left to get some rest.

Two days later.

Lu Ze and Qiuyue Hesha looked at another elephant’s body and breathed out. They killed a second one. With the experience from the first one, this one was much easier to deal with.

The two waited for the body to turn to dust, but suddenly, there was a terrifying roar.

They felt a petrifying power fall from the sky.

Lu Ze’s vision went dark.

‘My orbs!!!’

Lu Ze suddenly woke up back in his room.


All that effort he spent to kill the elephant, but he couldn’t even collect the orbs.

He must exact revenge!!!

Luckily though, he got the first drop. After the pain disappeared, Lu Ze was ready to cultivate. However, someone knocked on his door.

Lu Ze was stunned.

‘Who is looking for him?’