Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 85 - That’s It?!

Chapter 85 - That’s It?!

Chapter 85: That’s It?!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Hearing Elder Lin’s words, Lu Ze was a bit shocked as well.

A level five honor badge…

The princ.i.p.al really knew how to joke. This wasn’t a surprise…

This was a really huge surprise!

Elder Lin looked at Lu Ze’s shocked state and smiled as he took out a s.h.i.+eld-like badge.

The badge was completely dark with a golden stripe across its surface. It seemed very simple but st.u.r.dy.

The person who received this badge was a s.h.i.+eld of humanity.

As for why there was only one line for the level five badge, Lu Ze didn’t know.

Elder Lin pressed the badge onto Lu Ze’s chest and the badge attached to his clothes. Then, he nodded in satisfaction and patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Okay, awarding finished.”

Lu Ze: “???”

Wait! That was it?!

Where were the upper-level leaders?

Where was the speech?

He had already begun imagining himself walking onto a high stage and thanking the human race, his parents, and his teachers genuinely!

Finally, where were the beautiful ladies giving him flowers?

He was hopeful of this too!

What was this, just slapping a badge onto his chest?

At least give him a chance to show off in front of all the citizens of the Federation!

Lu Ze suddenly felt a bit disappointed.

Elder Lin saw this and smilingly said, “The ident.i.ty of the receiver of an honor badge is recorded in the system. You can enjoy all the special rights you deserve. Don’t worry, this is just a ceremony. You can take this badge off after the photographs.”

Clearly, Elder Lin didn’t know what Lu Ze was thinking.

Lu Ze heard this and laughed dryly. “Okay, thank you, Elder Lin.”

It was fine. Although he was disappointed, he was still young. There were plenty of opportunities to act cool in the future.

He looked down at his badge and felt very satisfied.

Elder Lin continued, “As for the federal contribution points, you can use them to buy some cultivation items on the federal martial artists site. You can also buy high-level metal, energy, or martial techniques. You can go and take a look yourself.”

Lu Ze nodded. “I understand. Thank you once again, Elder Lin.”

Then, Lu Ze and Elder Lin took a photo together and started accepting interviews.

These journalists just came to collect materials on Lu Ze becoming a young duke candidate. They didn’t expect to get even more shocking news.

Receiving a level five honor badge at just 18. Such news was enough to shock the entire Telun system.

Unlike celebrity stars, although prodigy martial artists were also celebrities, the journalists would only report about their martial arts or battle records. They wouldn’t report about their personal life to prevent affecting their cultivation.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze and Elder Lin walked out of the meeting room, each with a big head.

Those people were over the line. He couldn’t answer a single question they asked.

It was all about why he chose to be subtle when he was such a prodigy.

He could only maintain a smile.

He didn’t know he was that strong when he was younger.

But Lu Ze couldn’t speak the truth.

At this moment, cla.s.ses were taking place. The schoolyard was very quiet. Elder Lin looked at Lu Ze and smiled. “Lu Ze, thank you for helping Lin Ling last time.”

Lu Ze scratched his face and replied with a laugh, “You’re too polite, Elder Lin. Even if I didn’t make it, you would’ve gone there, right?”

Elder Lin laughed and patted Lu Ze. “That child is a bit goofy. You’ll be schoolmates in the future, so please help take care of her.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

She was cheekier than him, so how could he take care of her?

Then, Elder Lin gave Lu Ze a white ring. “Lu Ze, this is for you.”

Lu Ze looked at the white ring and opened his eyes wide. “Is this a storage ring?”

Elder Lin said, “This is a gift for saving Lin Ling. The Federal University will give you 1.5 kilograms of spirit gold, while there are some high-level metals in this storage ring. Use the high-level metals together with the spirit gold to forge your own spirit powered battle armor.”

Hearing this, Lu Ze remembered that he heard about this last time as well. He asked curiously, “Elder Lin, what is spirit powered battle armor?”

Elder Lin smiled and started his explanation.

“I must first talk about spirit gold. Ordinary metals in the universe don’t have strong spirit force conductivity, but spirit gold has relatively nice spirit force conductivity. If you add some spirit gold when forging battle armor or a weapon and use certain techniques, it can increase the flow of spirit force in the weapon or armor which increases its battle power. These armors and weapons are called spirit powered armors and spirit powered weapons.

“The warriors you saw last time all used spirit powered armor and weapons. Of course, even including the two captains, their weapons and armor contained very little spirit gold. 1.5 kilograms of spirit gold can forge very good spirit powered armor.

“Spirit gold is also a tactical resource. Although spirit powered armor has no uses for beings above the planetary state, low-level martial artists are always the most numerous in battles between civilizations. Spirit gold has many uses for them.”

Elder Lin’s eyes flashed with coldness before he continued, “The reason we started a war with the blade demon race this time is because we found an abundant spirit gold mine at the border. Hehe, if they get this planet, their military power will surpa.s.s the human race’s.”

Lu Ze listened intently. These were all things he didn’t know.

The universe was huge and contained countless dangers, but at the same time, countless treasures. Spirit gold was just one of them.

Elder Lin smiled. “You will know more in the future. For this entrance test, you and Lin Ling will be going to the real battlefield. Maintain your vigilance at all times.”

Lu Ze heard this and nodded. “I understand.”

Elder Lin nodded and said, “About the spirit powered armor, you will have to go forge it at the university. Before that, focus on improving your power.

“Lin Ling is unhappy that she lost to you. She already went out to cultivate. When she comes back, she might want to spar with you. You need to give her a good beating so her impetuous nature can be more settled.”