Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 84 - This Is Insane!

Chapter 84 - This Is Insane!

Chapter 84: This Is Insane!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Li looked at the complicated expression on Lu Ze’s face and asked, “What’s wrong brother?”

Lu Ze took a deep breath and shook his head before saying, “Nothing, I just feel that Li’s luck is too good.”

He uses little orbs to cultivate non stop. No matter how bad his luck is, he will have an awakening day!

He rubbed his stiff face and asked, “What is Li’s G.o.d art?”

Lu Li tapped her lips with her long, white finger and thought for a moment before smiling. “It should be one that controls darkness and shadows, but I still need to study it more. It isn’t very strong right now. I need to learn more about it.”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched and he repeated, “Control darkness?”

Her heart was indeed dark, as even her G.o.d art consisted of controlling darkness.

Lu Li looked at Lu Ze and smiled gently. As though noticing what Lu Ze was thinking, she said softly, “Yes, do you have anything against controlling darkness?”

Lu Ze immediately shook his head. “No, I just feel happy for Li!”

Lu Ze was shocked. Controlling darkness… this seemed to be a very powerful G.o.d art. There were many dark places in the universe, so her G.o.d art would be very useful in the future.

Lu Li looked at Lu Ze and smiled. She was ecstatic.

Lu Ze was getting stronger and stronger, therefore, she needed to get stronger too!

Due to the awakening of her G.o.d art, Lu Li used her G.o.d art in the following sparring sessions. Only through meditation and battling could one’s understanding of their G.o.d art increase.

Half an hour later, Lu Li’s dark martial arts robes were soaked with perspiration. Her curvaceous body was on display as she laid on the ground panting.

Lu Ze smiled as he looked at her. He took out a gene serum for Lu Li while sighing.

Not long ago, he was the one panting on the ground and Lu Li was the one giving him the gene serum. Now, it was a complete role reversal.

Seeing Lu Li’s eyes closed and trying to digest what she had just learned, Lu Ze went to go take a shower.

After breakfast, the two left for school.

As soon as Lu Ze arrived, all the students at the school gates stared at him.

A large wave of junior schoolmates was getting closer and closer to Lu Ze. He was very worried.

Just when Lu Ze was thinking about running away, the white-haired princ.i.p.al came over with a smiling Li Liang.

The princ.i.p.al smiled as he looked around, saying, “Okay, don’t impede others at the school gate. It brings trouble to Lu Ze too.”

Those who were planning to get an autograph from Lu Ze and sell it for a high price when Lu Ze became a young duke could only leave disgruntledly.

Lu Ze’s breathing smoothed out. He turned around and found that Lu Li had run to the side.

She didn’t even help him block the crowd at all!

He was disappointed in this cold-hearted world…

At this moment, the princ.i.p.al and Li Liang walked over.

The princ.i.p.al smiled warmly and praised, “Lu Ze, you’ve brought honor to our school. The resources the school will now get is many times more than before. This is all due to you.”

Lu Ze scratched his head and smiled with embarra.s.sment. “That’s how it should be, serving the people.”

Princ.i.p.al: “…”

Li Liang: “…”

What is serving the people?!

Both of their smiles froze.

How should they even respond?

The princ.i.p.al’s mouth jerked and he changed the topic, “By the way, Lu Ze, the educational department has a reward for you. Come with me.”

Lu Ze’s eyes immediately lit up. He wasn’t expecting for there to be a reward.

He felt very happy.

What would the reward be?

Lu Ze immediately followed the two in.

Soon, Lu Ze arrived at a meeting room he had never been in before. He asked in confusion, “Isn’t this place a meeting room?”

The princ.i.p.al replied with a mysterious smile on his face, “A powerful figure from the educational department is here. He’s going to give you a surprise.”

Then, he opened the door and walked in.

That mysterious smile made Lu Ze nervous but he could only follow him in.

As soon as he entered the meeting room, Lu Ze found that the not so big meeting room was packed with tens of journalists.

Standing on the side was a white-haired old man that Lu Ze had seen before. He was Lin Ling’s great grandfather, Elder Lin.

Elder Lin saw Lu Ze come in and immediately showed a smile. “Lu Ze, you’re here.”

Lu Ze glanced at the huge wave of journalists and his mouth spasmed. He smiled awkwardly at Elder Lin and asked, “What is going on, Elder Lin?”

Where’s my reward?

Why is there a huge wave of journalists here?

He just dodged a wave of them yesterday, but he was still caught.

Elder Lin replied, “This is a commendation conference for you. First is because you saved more than a thousand students from the insectoids. Second is because you’re one of the guaranteed entry students from our solar system. Third,”

Elder Lin’s eyes flashed, “is because Lu Ze has been selected as a young duke candidate.”

Lu Ze was left dazed. He did see the news yesterday that mentioned him being a young duke candidate, but that was just a guess. He didn’t expect to really become a young duke candidate.

Young duke candidates were people of the younger generation who had the potential to be a young duke. They’re usually no older than 30. If their cultivation level reached aperture opening state and they still maintained their peerless invincibility, then they could be called a young duke.

This was already an extremely huge honor.

Elder Lin continued, “Due to all this, you’ve been awarded a level five federal honor badge. At the same time, you’ve also received 10,000 federal contribution points.”

“A level five federal honor badge?!”

Hearing this, even the journalists, princ.i.p.al, and Li Liang were shocked.

This was insane!

An honor badge was a badge given to a person or a group of people who made contributions to humanity. There were six levels, which were the special badge and then level one to level five honor badge.

This badge not only represented honor but also a certain level of status and special authority.

Lu Ze was only 18 and yet he received a level five honor badge. This was enough to shock all of Telun system.

It was shocking because all those who received such a badge at this age eventually grew to becoming hugely successful!