Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 83 - Don’t talk, I want to be alone…

Chapter 83 - Don’t talk, I want to be alone…

Chapter 83: Don’t talk, I want to be alone…


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Moments later, Lu Ze breathed slowly. The pain had already started to dissipate.

He didn’t get to see what powerful being it was.

It covered the entire sun and its huge golden eyes shone brightly like the sun.

He was going to remember this!

He must get revenge.

However, he didn’t expect to injure the huge green wolf as soon as he drew spirit force into his body. This made Lu Ze more confident.

Cultivation… cultivation…

He would try to kill the huge green wolf as soon as possible. By then, his wind element G.o.d art would probably increase once again.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze closed his eyes. A couple of little light orbs disappeared from his brain and his body started surging with power. As he used the Chi Attraction Chant, both his body and spirit force power would increase slowly.

When the first strand of sunlight shot into the room, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes.

He clenched his fists and when he felt his increase in power, he smiled.

After getting cleaned, Lu Ze habitually went to the training ground.

As soon as he opened the door, Lu Ze found in surprise that Lu Li was already cultivating in there.

Her long and s.e.xy figure flashed about. Her mouth spasmed was mastered and her palm technique looked soft but contained immense power.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed as he thought that she was working quite hard lately.

Seeing Lu Ze come in, Lu Li stopped and said with surprise, “Why did brother come over this early?

He clearly just graduated. Why doesn’t he rest some more?

Lu Ze smiled and said, “I woke up so I came over. How does Li feel about using brother’s thing?”

Lu Li’s eyes flashed with excitement as she nodded. “I’ve reached perfection in skin refinement! Brother’s thing is really useful!”

She was a prodigy too. She reached martial warrior level eight at only 17, and her six bowels were perfect in refinement. However, she was only a prodigy relative to ordinary students.

And… she was going to give Lu Ze a surprise.

Lu Ze smiled. “That’s good. In the following month, brother will give you those every day. You just need to focus on your cultivation.”

Lu Ze thought about getting Lu Li a small storage ring to store light orbs in before he left for the entrance test. That way, he could give her future portions as well.

Lu Li’s eyes flashed as she looked at Lu Ze and asked, “Then, how does brother want Li to repay you?”

When Lu Ze heard this, his eyes lit up as he spoke without hesitation, “Delete the recording!”

Lu Li looked away and said without hesitation, “Pretend I didn’t say that.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Oh my! Does she want something to blackmail him with that much?

Lu Li smiled. “By the way, brother hasn’t fought Li for a few days. Li’s movement technique and palm technique have both reached a bottleneck. Can you teach Li?”

Lu Ze heard this and his lips raised like crazy. “Since Li said this, how can brother not agree? Of course, I can!”

He was going to teach this evil and cheeky sister a good lesson. He would let her know the authority of the big brother!

The two stood opposite of each other. Lu Ze smiled at Lu Li and said, “Come, let brother give you a few pointers.”

If he showed the posture of a master, would she admire him?

Lu Ze thought beautifully.

Lu Li replied with a smile, “Then Li will attack first.”

Then, Lu Li, wearing her black martial arts robes, turned into a black shadow striking at Lu Ze.

Her right hand turned into a palm and pressed towards Lu Ze’s chest. Her palm flashed with white light, the signature of perfect refinement.

Lu Ze smiled as he planned to sidestep to the right to dodge this.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s facial expression suddenly changed. He felt something grabbing his left leg.

He looked down and saw that a gust of darkness had appeared in his shadow that strangled his left leg.

Lu Ze: “???”

The power of the dark force wasn’t big. Lu Ze used some force and shook it off but he still paused for an instant.

At this moment, Lu Li’s white palm was nearing. The wind ruffled Lu Ze’s hair.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed but he remained calm. He grabbed Lu Li’s thin wrist and wanted to subjugate her.

However, Lu Ze didn’t expect a small patch of darkness to also appear at where he grabbed her wrist. The darkness vibrated and emitted quite some resistance.

Lu Ze opened his eyes. What is that thing?

At this time, Lu Li raised her lips. Her left palm struck towards Lu Ze’s chest again. The white light also had a strand of black chi.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

Did she really think he was that weak?

A crystal color flashed in his hand as he instantly suppressed Lu Li’s dark force and reached out another hand to casually grab Lu Li’s left hand.

Both her palms were locked in place. Lu Li bit her lips and kicked with her right leg.

Lu Ze smiled and waved his hand, easily turning Lu Li around and facing her back to him. He grabbed both her wrists with one hand and tapped her head. “Okay, you lost.”

Lu Li struggled unsatisfyingly but found that she couldn’t move at all. Her back faced Lu Ze so she couldn’t even attack with her lips. She could only say, “Li admits defeat.”

Lu Ze smiled as he let go. He looked at Lu Li who turned around and asked, “What was that black thing?

His eyes flashed. He had already guessed what it was.

Indeed, Lu Li flicked her beautiful black hair and showed a gleeful smile. “A G.o.d art.”

Lu Ze’s body s.h.i.+vered as he covered his chest with his hand.

This… was the feeling of a heart attack.

His mouth spasmed as he asked, “You awoke it yesterday?”

Lu Li nodded. “Mhm, I didn’t expect brother’s thing to be that good. I just suddenly awoke a G.o.d art when cultivating. Brother, your wind element G.o.d art came like this too, right?”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. “Don’t talk, I want to be alone…”

Although there was a small chance of awakening G.o.d arts through cultivation, Lu Ze didn’t know his little light orbs could increase that chance.

The problem was that he had used so many light orbs of all sorts of levels but had never awoken a G.o.d art naturally.

Then, Lu Ze thought about his wind element G.o.d art. The hards.h.i.+p of killing green wolves…

He died many times for that!

Not good… He was about to cry…

It must be that Lu Li was very lucky.

The increase in chance must not be huge.

Otherwise, there was no logic to him using all those light orbs and not awakening a single G.o.d art!

He looked at Lu Li and his mouth spasmed.

Her luck was too good!

Although he felt happy for Lu Li awakening a G.o.d art, he felt very complicated that he wasn’t able to do so after using so many light orbs.