Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 851 - How About, We Annihilate Them?

Chapter 851 - How About, We Annihilate Them?

Chapter 851 How About, We Annihilate Them?

At this moment, Elder Nangong said seriously, “Everyone, the insectoid lair has entered the border of my Human Race. Our race is shouldering the burden, but if the insectoid queen gets more resources, the insectoid crisis would be even worse. I believe this is something you don’t want to see, right?” 1

He looked across at everyone and continued, “I have a teleportation stone here. It can teleport us to our border. I hope everyone can come with me.”

With Ying Ying around, he wasn’t too worried previously, but now that there were waves of battle, he had to consider other circ.u.mstances.

Man Dali nodded immediately. “Okay, we need to stop the growth of the insectoid queen indeed.”

Doris nodded too. “Let’s hurry over. The more time we waste, the higher the chances of a major change.”

The border of the Barbarian Race and Winged Race was connected to this region of voice s.p.a.ce.

The territory of the Round Race was quite far, so they weren’t able to join the forces.

At this moment, a cosmic system state from the Blade Demon Race sneered, “Nangong Yao, the insectoid queen is very dangerous when it matures. With our current speed, we can still make it there in time.”

He then followed up with a grin. “As for the losses of your Human Race, what does it have to do with our Blade Demon Race?”

The others pondered on this too. Elder Nangong was still right nevertheless. After all, if the insectoid queen had sufficient resources, it would become a reproductive machine. If it created an army of cosmic system states, all of them would suffer.

They could still make it there on time at this rate.

But then again, they weren’t allies with the Human Race. If the humans bore most of the burden, it might even benefit them.

The resources in this region of s.p.a.ce were limited. The different races competed against each other for survival and development. The weaker the opponent, the better.

The faces of the human faction grew bad.

These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!

Elder Nangong and Saint Lin Dong looked coldly at the cosmic system state from the Blade Demon Race. They were trembling with power waves but couldn’t do anything in the end.

The situation far ahead was unclear right now.

If they just lost a part of the border, they could still reluctantly accept it, but Lu Ze and the girls were in the vicinity of the lair.

With their talent, they were set to become a cosmic cloud state. If they died at the border, it would be too much of a loss.

With those thoughts, Elder Nangong gritted his teeth and said, “If everyone is willing to come with me to annihilate the insectoid lair, the Human Race will repay you bountifully.”

Hearing this, those neutral powers smiled.

The insectoid lair had to be destroyed. Receiving compensation from the Human Race, on top of eliminating a great threat, was the best possible outcome.

The leading golden-robed man smiled. “Nangong, you’re too polite. Even without compensation, I won’t be a mere onlooker watching the events simply unfold.” “Hahaha, yes, Nangong, of course, I’m willing to help the Human Race.” The cosmic system state of the Blade Demon Race grinned. “Nangong, you’re too polite. You went out of your way to give us treasures. I’ll take it, seeing how kind you are.”

The Dark Metal Demon Race and Black Smoke Race didn’t reject the offer as well. They sneered deep inside.

Elder Nangong looked coldly at the other beings.

‘When this ends…!


He forced down his anger and said, “Then, let’s head off now.”

Saint Jinyao took out a runic stone, which he bought from the trade planet.

He didn’t expect to use it as soon as he returned.

He activated the teleportation stone, and a huge formation encompa.s.sed everyone.

In the s.p.a.ce outside planet Zhihuo, Xu Bingbai planned to get to the bottom of things after returning.

The star states and planetary states on the battlefield all smiled.

The Zhihuo System was saved, and they also prevented the invasion of the insectoid tide. The inner regions were finally free from danger.

As for Lu Ze, he suffered a loss from losing the attack divine art rune just like that. Nevertheless, it was extremely useful.

When the whole matter had settled, everyone decided to return and rest. Out of nowhere, another fluctuation occurred in s.p.a.ce.

Everyone looked over in vigilance.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

‘Did another insectoid lair emerge?’ ‘Would he be powerless to s.h.i.+eld away his only remaining treasure?’ Lu Ze could feel the ache in his heart.

If another insectoid lair emerged, he would use the summoning crystal and get rid of all the insectoids in this region!

A cosmic-cloud-state beast with s.p.a.ce G.o.d art should be able to clear a hundred thousand light-years span of the region.

‘Mhm… best to eradicate all the insectoid queens and send those cosmic system state insectoids to the Blade Demon Race.’

Lu Ze laughed at this thought.

Right then, a large wave of beings appeared.

Everyone was stunned.

‘It wasn’t insectoids?’

Lu Ze could count various races from the crowd.

‘How come the Blade Demon Alliance is here too?’ At the same time, the cosmic system states were also taken aback.

Elder Nangong looked around. There was not any trace of intense battle at all.

The Zhihuo System was faring well, and the humans remained alive.

‘As for insectoids… why were their particles scattered around?!’

Elder Nangong inquired, “Where are the insectoids? Where is the insectoid’s lair?”

The cosmic system states who arrived: “…”

‘How would they know?!’

They wanted to know this too!

The Blade Demon Alliance looked around in disbelief and attempted to find whether the remaining insectoids were simply hiding

However, nothing happened, except for the black particles seemingly drifting around.

Elder Nangong and the higher authorities wondered whether Ying Ying was the one who was responsible for it.

But that wasn’t right either. Ying Ying was a cosmic realm state. She wouldn’t be able to create such a huge commotion enough to wipe out an entire cosmic system state insectoid lair.

‘What happened then?’

Everyone flew towards Xu Bingbai.

Elder Nangong probed, “Old Xu, where is the insectoid lair?”

Xu Bingbai was about to respond. However, Lu Ze beat him to it. “Elder, a cosmic cloud state pa.s.serby did it.”

“That cosmic cloud state is exceedingly powerful. He should be someone from the Elf Cosmic Realm. His appearance closely resembles humans. He is breathtakingly handsome. He had this silver lightning G.o.d art. With a wave of a hand, he crushed that planet-sized insectoid lair.”

The humans: “…”

They just watched Lu Ze as he blatantly lied about the incident.

‘Is he that shameless?’

However, the other cosmic system states didn’t doubt his statement at all.

It was implausible for the Human Race to destroy the insectoid lair.

Moreover, they did see a silver light from the distance earlier.

The eyes of Blade Demon Alliance reddened.

‘What kind of bad luck is this?’

Elder Nangong looked at Lu Ze and felt something was amiss.

At this moment, the cosmic system state of the Blade Demon Race smiled. “Nangong, congratulations! You didn’t suffer any losses. However, we did come with you, you should fulfill your promise.”

Everyone was dumbfounded, but then the golden-robed man smiled.

“We’re all races under the Elf Cosmic Realm. I didn’t do anything. You don’t need to mention the reward.”

“Yes, since the insectoid lair is gone, we don’t need it either.”

Other than a few opposing races, most of the other factions didn’t mention the reward.

They didn’t contribute anything after all. If they took the gift, they would just gain another enemy.

Only the Blade Demon Race and the other few races looked at Elder Nangong with expectations.

“What? Is the Human Race going to renege on their words?”

Elder Nangong’s face turned cold. “Don’t worry, you will get it.”

Lu Ze raised a brow.

‘Elder Nangong was being scammed?’

‘Should he summon the cosmic cloud state beast and annihilate these few races?’

If he made the beast pretend it was lost, no one would know he did it, right?


Even if he obliterated these races, the Human Race wouldn’t be able to get the biggest share of resources.

‘Should he still try it?’

At this juncture, a voice boomed.

“Lu Ze, I want to challenge you to a life-or-death battle!”

Lu Ze: “???”