Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 850 - We Can Pretty MuChapter Consider Waging A War

Chapter 850 - We Can Pretty MuChapter Consider Waging A War

Chapter 850 We Can Pretty Much Consider Waging A War

Lu Ze lifted his right hand, and the silver sea of lightning cascaded.

The particles quickly united together, forming a ma.s.sive palm that was tens of kilometers wide.

Lu Ze extended its reach to seize the black planet.

Since the planet was tens of thousands of kilometers wide, it was merely a small pea in comparison to the palm. ‘Roar!!’

As the silver palm slowly closed, violent shrieks could be heard from the planet.

Dark-red spirit force exploded. Lu Ze could feel more than ten surges of powerful waves shooting out from the black planet, forming dark red pillars.

They directed the attack on the silver palm. Nevertheless, the palm only ended up shuddering a little.

Lu Ze made a grasping motion with his hand, and the silver hand followed suit. ‘Thud!!’

The lightning on the silver palm crackled, covering the entirety of the Zhihuo System.

The whole system was quaking under such power.

A silver veil formed before Lu Ze, blocking all the waves.

Numerous mortal evolution states, including several Zhihuo Lotuses on the planet, needed protection.

Half a minute later, when everything had relatively calmed down, the vibrant silver light gradually faded.

One-hundred million kilometers away in s.p.a.ce, black particles drifted by.

The originally petrifying black planet had completely disappeared. Even the destructive chi had been eliminated.

Everyone: “…”

They watched the floating particles and turned their heads at Lu Ze. They were confused. ‘Is the entire lair of insectoids annihilated just like that?’

Lu Ze breathed out.

At this moment, the silver lightning around him slowly disappeared as well.

His mouth could not help but twitch. That one-time divine art rune was used up.

This rune could only release a terrifying attack once. It was that giant palm. Lu Ze decided to call it ‘Giant Silver Palm’.

It was rather powerful, which pretty much bore a cosmic cloud state power. When the palm grabbed the lair, he knew the insectoids couldn’t stop it.

Even though the queen insectoid had experienced a good development in the void s.p.a.ce, it was only here for a few days. At most, the strongest insectoid back then was a level-7 cosmic system state.

Lu Ze shook his head. Too bad, this thing could only be used once. But then, since Ying Ying was asleep, it was necessary to do so in the end. At least, he still had another cosmic cloud state summoning crystal. Lu Ze thought about this and calmed down.

A cosmic system state rune could be that powerful. Then, the cosmic cloud state crystal should be a league of its own, surpa.s.sing what was ordinarily powerful.

Lu Ze used s.p.a.ce transmission and disappeared from the spot. When he emerged once again, he was already back with Nangong Jing and the girls.

He was surrounded as soon as his figure materialized.

The five of them charged up and hugged him, forming layers around him.

Alice exclaimed, “Senior is so amazing! That insectoid lair is so strong, but it was gone in an instant!”

She looked at Lu Ze with admiration.

They already knew about his trump card, but seeing it in action was another thing.

Yet, such a powerful divine art rune was born out of Lu Ze’s G.o.d art.

There was an even stronger summoning crystal. How could they not be excited?

Just when Lu Ze was getting immersed in the wrong sort of stuff, Zuoqiu Xunshuang regained her senses.

This all happened so quickly that she couldn’t handle reality anymore.

Then, she realized these young kids were huddling together.

One of them was her even daughter. This made her feel a bit awkward.

‘Didn’t they care if it is public?’

She looked around.

Everyone was looking at Lu Ze in shock.

Clearly, they were scared off by the event earlier too.

She coughed, and Nangong Jing and the girls finally woke up from their stupor.

They quickly retreated.

Lu Ze smiled at Zuoqiu Xunshuang. “What’s wrong, Aunty Xunshuang?”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang rolled her eyes. “You guys should watch your image in public.” Lu Ze only now discovered quite some people had flown over. They were staring at him in a strange way.

The girls blushed.

During this time, a wormhole formed. Saint Shenwu Xu Bingbai charged out. His face was pale. When he sensed the insectoid lair appear, he knew something happened to Ying Ying. Hence, he tore through s.p.a.ce and got here as fast as he could.

However, he looked around and couldn’t find the insectoid lair anymore.

He didn’t even see a single live insectoid. There were just particles of what seemed to be bodies floating around.

He looked at Lu Ze and the girls, asking Zuoqiu Xunshuang thereafter, “Xunshuang, where are the insectoids? Where’s the insectoid lair?”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang replied, “They’ve been annihilated.”

She pointed at a few floating black dusts.

Saint Shenwu felt greatly relieved.

He laughed and touched his white hair. “I thought some accident happened to her. This scared me.”

He was planning to save Lu Ze and the girls even if it risked his life. He couldn’t care about the others.

Luckily, nothing happened to the group.

The star states’ mouth twitched. They looked strangely at Lu Ze and Saint Shenwu.

They really couldn’t say that Lu Ze destroyed the lair right now.

Sensing the strangeness, Saint Shenwu raised a brow. “What’s wrong? Did something else happen?”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang laughed it off. “Old Man Xu, let’s just talk when we return.”

Saint Shenwu nodded.

The moment Lu Ze annihilated the insectoid lair, the cosmic system states making haste suddenly stopped and gawked.

That silver light flashed, and everything returned to its tranquil state.

Everyone looked at each other.

Elder Nangong and the seniors weren’t too worried due to Ying Ying, so they were not in a rush.

However, that extremely powerful chi from the direction of planet Zhihuo shouldn’t have appeared!

This made them uneasy.

‘Did something happen to Ying Ying?’

At this moment, the leading golden-robed man said, “The lair is too fast, it’s already at the void border of the Milky Way. There seems to be a battle ongoing there?”

The Blade Demon Race, Dark Metal Demon Race, and Black Smoke Race smirked.

This was great! The humans are probably suffering a huge loss.

If the humans bore such devastating damage, they could pretty much consider waging a war.