Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 852 - Our Child Isn't Mature Enough

Chapter 852 - Our Child Isn't Mature Enough

Chapter 852 Our Child Isn’t Mature Enough

Lu Ze looked up and saw a purple-eyed blade demon staring coldly at him.

Luoluoxisi was excited.

Ever since witnessing Lu Ze easily kill Guguyate and Momoerde, this human had become his personal nightmare. Luckily, he was quite talented, leading him to be recognized by a lord of the Advanced Demon Race. He learned a few G.o.d arts, and his race primarily poured their resources on his growth.

His cultivation level skyrocketed.

Now, he was finally a peak stage planetary state. His combat power reached the star state!

Even the lord from the Advanced Demon Race complimented him, deeming him a decent prodigy.

‘For sure, Lu Ze wouldn’t be able to accomplish the same within a year!’

All the seniors of the races residing within this region of void s.p.a.ce were present right now. Hence, he would make sure to showcase his talent and power.

‘I, Luoluoxisi, am the strongest prodigy in this void s.p.a.ce!’

He had been waiting for this day for a year!

The cosmic system state from the Blade Demon Race grinned and sneered at the Human Race. He knew Luoluoxisi’s power all too well. At the same time. he already noted Lu Ze’s victory at the Four-Race Social Gathering. The young human was surely powerful too. Nevertheless, he didn’t believe Luoluoxisi would lose.

Today, the Human Race would not only compensate them, but they would also soon hold a funeral for their strongest prodigy!

Those other races, who were about to leave, suddenly halted when the life-and-death battle was mentioned.

The duel involved planetary states, but the partic.i.p.ants were young.

Everyone looked at Luoluoxisi with interest.

‘Young and powerful.’

This was what everyone thought.

With his young age, he was already a level-9 planetary state.

‘Did the Blade Demon Race nurture such a prodigy?’

On the other hand, Lu Ze looked intently at the prodigy who challenged him.

In the end, he could not help but ask, “… Who are you?”

Scouring his memories, Lu Ze couldn’t recall any encounter with the prodigy of the Blade Demon Race.

‘Why is this guy challenging him?’

Luoluoxisi: “???”

Everyone: “…”

The atmosphere instantly became awkward.

Luoluoxisi felt the surrounding piercing glances, and his purple eyes flared up with anger. He glared at Lu Ze and roared, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you look down on me like this?! I’m going to kill you!”

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d had been his h.e.l.lish nightmare for a year, and yet, he didn’t even bother to remember who he was?!

‘This was insulting!’

Lu Ze scratched his head.

“So, who are you?”

Luoluoxisi gritted his teeth and emphasized each word, “I’m one of the Blades of Dawn, Luoluoxisi!”

“Luoluoxisi?” Lu Ze repeated the word and knocked on his head, as though the name had finally registered. “So that’s you? Last time, I only saw the other two members of the Blades of Dawn. You weren’t there. I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you.”

Lu Ze looked at him curiously. “Where did you go last time though? You weren’t there.”

Luoluoxisi: “…”

His face had stiffened once again as though he was at a loss for words.

After a moment of silence, he exclaimed, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I came to challenge you to the death, not chit-chat with you! Are you scared? Is the Human Race full of cowards?!”

Luoluoxisi glanced at the humans contemptuously.

Lu Ze frowned, but then, he inched closer. “Okay, I accept your challenge.”

Luoluoxisi and his race rejoiced. In all honesty, they felt anxious that Lu Ze might turn down the challenge.

Luoluoxisi snarled, “Lu Ze, I’m going to show you my real power!”

His body went dark as flames appeared around him. Thereafter, his chi spread across all directions, revealing his star state power. The audience was shocked.

“Nearing level-2 star state combat power?”

“The Blade Demon Race has a prodigy like him? This challenger seems very young.”

Only the Human Race, Barbarian Race, and Winged Race looked at the Blade Demon Race in awkwardness.

‘Is it really good to be this confident?’

Luoluoxisi smirked. “Lu Ze, you didn’t expect my power would be this strong, did you…”

Before Luoluoxisi could finish bragging, a dark golden light flashed. Luoluoxisi exploded into a shower of blood in the following second.

Lu Ze withdrew his foot and remarked while feeling speechless, “I was planning to talk with you for a longer period, so you can at least live a few extra seconds. Why don’t you value your life?”

Everyone was taken aback by Lu Ze’s actions, including the blood mist around him. They were unable to react properly.

It was even worse for the Blade Demon Race, which couldn’t immediately digest what had occurred.


‘Luoluoxisi died just like that?’

They didn’t dare to believe this reality.

They had high hopes for him. He was definitely capable of reaching the cosmic cloud state. By then, he would lead the Blade Demon Race to prosperity! Accordingly, they had spent a heart-aching amount of resources on him. But then, he simply died like that…

The leading cosmic system state of the Blade Demon Race burst in fury. “Lu Ze! You’re asking to die!!”

Blood sword rays formed in the sky and shot at Lu Ze.

He felt highly responsible for Luoluoxisi’s death. With his power, even if Luoluoxisi lost, he could have saved him.

But he was too careless. Luoluoxisi had a star state power. As such, he failed to consider a scenario where Luoluoxisi would lose.

Even if he were to lose, it should have occurred after an intense battle.

He didn’t expect the difference between the two was this great.

Now, he had to kill this human sc.u.m to make up for his mistake! During this time, a golden light flashed, and Elder Nangong blocked before Lu Ze. He punched and crushed the blood sword ray.

At the same time, Saint Lin Dong, Xu Bingbai, Man Dali, Doris, and the two other cosmic system states of the Barbarian and Winged Race rushed in front of Lu Ze. They looked coldly at the cosmic system states of the Blade Demon Alliance.

Elder Nangong’s lips curled up. “Beibei Lazi, look, our child isn’t too mature. He didn’t know he should leave a body for your prodigy. He blew him to dust. Now, you can’t even bring his body back home. Don’t worry though, I’ll educate him after this. Next time, you can bring another prodigy over, I’ll try and convince him to leave a body.”

Thereafter, he knocked on his head. “Oh, right! The compensation we’ll give you this time is a grand funeral for your prodigy.”

Following such, he threw out a few storage rings towards the Blade Demon Alliance.

They took the storage rings as they were trembling with anger.

The two sides appeared to be tense, as though they were on the brink of fighting at any moment.

Right then, a b.l.o.o.d.y long-horned, green-skinned cosmic system state of the Bat Race took a deep look at Lu Ze and said, “Since the insectoid lair is annihilated, we’ll be going back.”

He quickly left with his race.

“Us too,” a red-skinned, bared-fanged cosmic system state relayed. “Us too…”

“Us too…”

All of the races departed one by one.

By observing, Lu Ze discovered that most of the races who chose to leave belonged to the Demon Realm.

Seeing this, the cosmic system state of the Dark Metal Demon Race urged Beibei Lazi.

“Let’s go! If we stay here, it would be dangerous!”

Beibei Lazi’s face distorted. He took a deep breath and glared at Lu Ze. He waved his hand, and the remaining blood mist of Luoluoxisi was sucked into his palm, transforming into a blood crystal.

The rest of the blade demons looked at the blood crystal in excitement.

At this juncture, the cosmic system state of the Black Smoke Race commanded, “Let’s go!” He was scared the blade demons would still retaliate impulsively.

Hearing this, Beibei Lazi took one more deep look at Lu Ze before roaring, “Go!”


They must wage a war and kill Lu Ze at all costs!