Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 82 - Just attacking a few cities, an old tradition

Chapter 82 - Just attacking a few cities, an old tradition

Chapter 82: Just attacking a few cities, an old tradition


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

When Lu Ze heard Nangong Jing’s murderous tone, his heart went cold.

He quickly replied in a serious voice, “What are you on about Ms. Nangong? I was just so excited when I saw the extremely beautiful Ms. Nangong personally add me that I pressed the wrong b.u.t.ton.”

Nangong Jing: “…”

For the first time ever, she found someone who dared to be this cheeky in front of her.

The next time she saw him, she would increase the level of iron fist judgment.

But now, she chose to ignore Lu Ze and said, “Add me back again. I will be your guiding teacher. In one month, the entrance test to the elite cla.s.s will be held. Prepare for it, and don’t die.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Oh, okay, I will prepare for it well…”

Suddenly, he realized what he heard.

He coughed and confirmed, “Teacher, what do you mean by don’t die?”

“Dong dong dong… burp! It means what it means.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Hearing Nangong Jing drink and sigh in satisfaction, Lu Ze felt that his mind was about to explode.

What type of entrance test would kill people?

Wasn’t the test usually a spar in virtual reality?!

His mouth spasmed. “Um, teacher, please don’t joke around with me. What type of entrance test would kill people?”

“It’s the entrance test of the Federal University and Emperor Capital Academy, of course. But don’t worry, the death rate is very low, less than 10%.”


People actually die from it?!

Lu Ze was shocked!

He frowned and asked seriously, “Teacher, what is the entrance test?”

Nangong Jing said with some lightheadedness, “Huh? Nothing, just fighting a battle at the front line and attacking a few cities. This is an old tradition of the elite cla.s.s of the Federal University and Emperor Capital Academy.”

Lu Ze’s voice trembled, “Just… attack a few cities?! This is an old tradition?!”

What sort of strange entrance test would consist of fighting battles and attacking cities?!

His brain was shaking.

“Ah, yea, don’t worry. Every year’s elite cla.s.s will go. There will be teachers leading the squad. The newbies just do some background support. If you’re careful, you won’t die.”

It seems his previous generation of schoolmates all went through this.

The two strongest academies of the human race were indeed terrifying!

“We will be staying at the front line for a month. So, I will come to pick you and Lin Ling up next month. Work hard on your cultivation this month. I will set a target for you. Your current battle power is about abstruse martial state level two, so reach abstruse martial state level four within this month. If you don’t, I will hang you up and beat you.”

“…Is it too late to change schools?”

“Haha, what do you think?”

After pausing, Nangong Jing still said, “If you really don’t want to go, you can just go to the ordinary cla.s.s. That way, you wouldn’t need to go to the battlefield for your entrance test. How about it? Do you want to go to the ordinary cla.s.s?”

Lu Ze scratched his face. “Of course not.”

“Pfft, then why are you complaining like a b.i.t.c.h?”

Lu Ze: “…”

He wanted to remind Nangong Jing that she was a b.i.t.c.h…

But considering his safety, he arduously suppressed that impulse.

Then he said, “By the way, don’t students need to report in themselves? Why are you picking us up?”

Nangong Jing was a young duke.

Nangong Jing drank some more wine and said unhappily, “It’s all because of those qian beis. They’re so troublesome. They send me off to do the smallest things. Your place is on the way, so I’ll pick you guys up.”

Lu Ze came to a realization and nodded. “Okay, I understand. I will work hard on my cultivation.”

“Mhm, that’s all. Remember to add me or I will hang you and beat you!”

Lu Ze: “…”

Does she really like to hang people up and beat them?

He suddenly felt worried.

After hanging up, Lu Ze immediately added ‘Iron Fist Judgement’. Then, he began contemplating.

His current power was about abstruse martial state level two. If he was to go to the front line, Lu Ze wanted to be even stronger.

After all, he didn’t even have a girlfriend yet. He didn’t want to die young.

His body possessed some of the properties of the mortal evolution state. Therefore, he should have no bottlenecks in his cultivation. He just needed to devour spirit force and his power should grow rapidly.

This was something that Nangong Jing didn’t know and that’s why she set the target to be abstruse martial state level four.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze set his own target to be higher levels of abstruse martial state or even core martial state and to master fine use of spirit force.

Lu Ze was speechless. With this target, he would have to be busy again.

But, life is more important. Cultivate, cultivate…

Lu Ze sat down and went into the pocket hunting dimension again.

The familiar gra.s.sy plain, the familiar smell… Lu Ze felt like he went back to home when he entered the pocket hunting dimension.

The ferocious beasts in here were good looking and would drop light orbs.

Lu Ze started searching using his wind element G.o.d art.

Lu Li needed little light orbs for her cultivation so Lu Ze still killed low-level beasts and took the light orbs.


Two hours later, in some part of the plain, a shocking sound arose. Large rabbits started fleeing in all directions.

Lu Ze fell heavily from the sky and spat out a mouthful of blood.

His body was covered in wounds and blood.

He coldly stared at the huge green wolf in the sky.

The huge green wolf howled as wind circulated around him. However, his pure green fur was tainted with a sliver of blood.

Lu Ze raised his lips. After using spirit force in conjunction with his body, strength G.o.d art, and wind G.o.d art, his power increased quite a lot.

Now, he could injure the huge green wolf.

He got up slowly from the ground as a crystal green color flashed in his eyes. He jumped into the sky and appeared before the huge green wolf.


The eyes of the huge green wolf were murderous due to its injuries. It turned into a blur of green and dashed towards Lu Ze once again.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold as he used his full power, turning into a flowing green light.


The two green colors clashed in the air.

Terrifying wind blades shot out in all directions. All of the gra.s.s on the ground was sliced clean.

Lu Ze blocked the claw attack from the huge green wolf with his left fist. There was a light cracking sound and a piercing pain. Clearly, his bones were broken.

However, he didn’t care at all. His right leg turned into a whip. His bodily power and spirit force turned into a green blade slicing at the waist of the huge green wolf.

The huge green wolf felt threatened and waved its tail, clas.h.i.+ng with Lu Ze’s right leg.

Lu Ze was shot back.

Just when Lu Ze was about to charge up again, the view before him turned black.

Hmm? It’s dark?

Lu Ze looked up in confusion but only saw a huge golden eye staring at him. Then, there was pain all over his body.

When his vision recovered, he was outside.

He died again…

Lu Ze muttered, “s.h.i.+t!”

Another powerful being pa.s.sing by and bullying a newbie!

This sucked!