Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 81 - Even You Would Fall Into Such Circumstances

Chapter 81 - Even You Would Fall Into Such Circumstances

Chapter 81: Even You Would Fall Into Such Circ.u.mstances


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After dinner, Lu Ze and Lu Li headed upstairs under Lu Wen’s grunt and Fu Shuya’s amused look.

After entering Lu Ze’s room, Lu Ze closed the door. He turned to see Lu Li standing before his bed. Her body was stiff. He couldn’t resist asking, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Li shook her head. Her eyes drifted around and her voice was very quiet, “Brother, what are you going to show me?”

When Lu Ze heard this, he smiled at Lu Li. “It’s something good, of course. You will like it.”

Then, Lu Ze opened his hand and a faint red orb appeared in his palm. The faint light it radiated painted a veil of red over their faces.

Lu Li looked at the light orb that suddenly appeared in Lu Ze’s hand and narrowed her eyes. “What is this?”

Lu Ze smiled. “This is the first G.o.d art I’ve awakened.”

Lu Ze had found an excuse already. There were all sorts of G.o.d arts. Lin Ling even had the unscientific G.o.d art of seeing weaknesses. So what if he had a G.o.d art that could create energy?

It was completely reasonable.

He looked at the shocked Lu Li and said, “This is a type of energy, and it can be used for cultivation. It can bring all levels of martial warrior state to perfection.”


Lu Li opened her eyes wide and looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

Reaching perfection in all small levels in the martial warrior state… This wasn’t something ordinary prodigies could do.

She looked at the small light orb. Her eyes flashed and then she looked at Lu Ze and said, “Brother, this is so precious. You should use it yourself. Li is very happy that you’re willing to share it with me, though.”

Lu Ze smiled. “This is a talent of mine; I can produce this every day. I’m already in the spirit martial state, so this doesn’t have much use for me.”

Lu Li heard this and bit her lips, trying to get a confirmation, “Does this really have no use for brother? You’re not allowed to lie to me. Otherwise, Li will tell dad about the recording!”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. She always used this to threaten him and his dad was sensitive about this.

What could he do? He was in despair!

“Don’t worry, I didn’t lie to Li.”

This was the lowest level orb. It was enough for Lu Li for now. The energy in the higher level orbs was too powerful. It wasn’t suitable for her.

Hearing Lu Ze’s confirmation, Lu Li smiled and took the light orb. “Then Li won’t be too polite about it.”

With this, she could definitely enter the same university as Lu Ze.

Lu Ze nodded and said with a smile, “Li, try it now. If there are any problems, I can solve them in time.”

This was the first time he was giving a light orb to someone else. He should keep watch just in case. If there were any problems, he could just devour the energy of the orb for her.

Lu Li nodded. She glanced around and her face blushed as she calmly crawled onto Lu Ze’s bed.

Lu Ze watched her sit down and eat the light orb.

Immediately, her body turned red. Her exquisite brow frowned as though it was in pain.

However, she didn’t stop. She continued cultivating.

Lu Ze watched on seriously. If something happened, he would solve it immediately.

Time flowed by slowly. One hour later, Lu Li gradually opened her eyes but didn’t see Lu Ze in the room at all.

Suddenly, she smelled a strange smell. Then, she looked at her body and s.h.i.+vered. Her face burned with embarra.s.sment.

Lu Ze, who stood outside from the beginning, saw the door burst open as Lu Li’s figure darted into the bathroom. He couldn’t resist laughing.

Even for someone as pretty as Lu Li, she had impurities in her body.

But in order for her to not feel awkward, Lu Ze had left early. Seeing her go in and hearing the splas.h.i.+ng water, Lu Ze leaned against the door with a smile.

After a while, the water stopped. Then, Lu Li’s embarra.s.sed voice sounded, “Lu Ze, Lu Ze! Are you at the door?”

Lu Ze said with a smirk on his face, “Yes, Lu Li, your brother is here.”

The bathroom fell silent for an instant and then Lu Li’s pitiful voice sounded, “Brother, Li didn’t bring a change of clothes… can you get one for Li?”


It was happening!

When this happened to him, he was forced by her to spar. He still remembered this!

Li, even you fell into such circ.u.mstances.

His lips raised like crazy. “Sure, delete all the recordings.”

This was his plan!

For someone as smart as him, how could he not utilize this opportunity?

Lu Ze happily thought about all of this. This time, he would be able to get rid of the blackmail.

The bathroom fell silent again.

Just when Lu Ze was waiting for Lu Li to surrender, Fu Shuya brought Lu Li’s pajamas over.

She looked at Lu Ze in surprise. “Good boy, what are you doing here? You’re here, so why did Li still message me to bring her clothes?”

Lu Ze: “???”

Phone? Where did her phone come from?!

Then, he remembered.

Lu Li seemed to have gone inside wearing clothes.

Because of this, her phone was taken in as well!

Sigh, miscalculation!

Fu Shuya knocked on the door and said, “Li, your clothes are here.”

Then, the door opened slightly and Fu Shuya gave the clothes and left. Before she left, she gave Lu Ze a strange look.

Soon, the door opened again. Lu Li was wearing her teddy pajamas. Her exquisite face was covered in red. Clearly, she felt embarra.s.sed about her previous state.

She glanced at Lu Ze and then quickly left to return to her room only to cover herself in her blanket.

She left Lu Ze there on the spot without saying anything to him. Lu Ze thought that Lu Li would feel triumphant over the failure of his plan, but she ran off like just that?

He shook his head. Lu Ze walked up to Lu Li’s room and knocked. “Li, I still have the little orbs you need for cultivation tonight; take them.”

Moments later, the door opened.

Lu Li stood expressionlessly inside and reached out her hand while looking to the side, not looking at Lu Ze at all.

Lu Ze smiled. Was she embarra.s.sed due to before?

He didn’t stir any more trouble. He took out a small orb and gave it to her.

Taking the orb, Lu Li quickly went back inside and closed the door.

Lu Ze returned to his room and got ready for cultivation.

At this moment, a message popped up on his phone. He opened it and saw that it was a friend request.

Lu Ze expressionlessly looked at the name: Iron Fist Judgement.

He calmly rejected.

Just looking at the name, he knew it was that alcoholic young duke.

He felt that it would be very troublesome to add her.

As soon as he rejected, his phone rung.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. Should he pretend he wasn’t there?

But he thought about it. He just rejected her friend request, so he couldn’t pretend right now.

Lu Ze helplessly answered the call.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you’re very bold; you dare to reject my friend request?!”

As soon as he picked up the phone, Nangong Jing’s voice sounded.