Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 80 - Come To My Room Later

Chapter 80 - Come To My Room Later

Chapter 80: Come To My Room Later


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

In his room, Lu Ze looked at his computer with an extremely complicated expression.

When he realized that lazy spirit force was the signature of powerful beings above the mortal evolution state, he couldn’t even describe his feelings anymore.

Power? He was a noob.

Coolness, akin to powerful beings.

Would someone like him get beaten up for failing to bluff?

He was worried.

Lu Ze sighed and rubbed his head.

Regardless, all was good as long as he wasn’t going down the wrong path.

Lu Ze closed the computer and sat down, preparing to start cultivating once again.

But at this moment, his eyes lit up. He had a bold idea.

Since both were cultivation, he could use the little light orbs first and then cultivate.

Would the effects be better?

Lu Ze immediately tried out his idea.

He started using the light orbs directly from his mind dimension. Powerful energy began to course through Lu Ze’s body.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and started to use the Chi Attraction Chant.

The pure and bursting energy immediately started to flow under the guidance of the Chi Attraction Chant. The energy was split into two and one part slowly empowered Lu Ze’s body in all facets, while the other part drew spirit force from s.p.a.ce and pulled it inside Lu Ze’s body.

Lu Ze felt his cells becoming more and more nourished. They flashed with a crystal-like color. At the same time, when the spirit force entered Lu Ze’s body, it found random cells to stay in and started to emit spirit force waves in the cells.

Soon, a little light orb was used up.

However, Lu Ze didn’t care. He went into his mental dimension and swept five small orbs.


The power exploded in Lu Ze’s body, and Lu Ze’s face turned slightly red. He frowned but continued to use the Chi Attraction Chant.

With spirit force from s.p.a.ce entering his body, his body kept getting stronger and stronger. This speed was much faster than in the martial warrior state. It was much, much faster.

Such an increase in speed mesmerized Lu Ze.

Gradually, the little light orbs were used up once again. Lu Ze suppressed his desire to cultivate and slowly opened his eyes.

Oh my! Skyrocketing speed!

In just a few hours, Lu Ze felt that he was probably a bit stronger than he was before.

He clenched his fists and a crystal-like color mixed with spirit force waves appeared. This was the combination of his body and spirit force.

He couldn’t use his spirit force like how he used his body’s power reaching a G.o.d art state. He needed to improve it through more hunting.

Feeling his immense power, Lu Ze raised his lips and smiled.

He seemed to be quite strong.

Just when Lu Ze was immersed in self-appreciation, Lu Li’s soft voice sounded at the door, “Brother, mum and dad are home. Dinner is ready.”

When Lu Ze heard this, his mouth spasmed. He felt a little worried hearing Lu Li’s voice.

Who knew if she would set him up again.

But Lu Ze still thought back to the moment when Lu Li was shaking in his arms and was worried about him.

This wasn’t very good… was he feeling it?

He wondered what she thought about it.

Lu Ze was planning to find an opportunity to ask.

Otherwise, one of the three greatest misconceptions of life would be that she seemed to like him.

That would be very awkward.

“Brother?” Lu Li’s voice grew even softer.

Lu Ze’s body froze and he quickly said as he opened the door, “I’m coming; your brother was just cultivating. My sister, Li, do you not know how hard your brother works?”

Lu Li’s cute face looked at Lu Ze with a smile. “Okay, Li knows that brother works hard. Let’s go downstairs, mum and dad seem very happy.”

Lu Ze heard this and nodded. He felt happy when thinking about this.

The current him should make them proud, right?

As soon as he went downstairs, he was embraced by Fu Shuya.

“Good boy, you’ve really grown up…”

After a while, she let Lu Ze go and rubbed his face.

She didn’t speak about her worries; her words only contained pride.

Lu Wen looked enviously at Lu Ze.

That was his wife!

But if he said that now, he would probably be punished. He could only pat Lu Ze’s shoulder with a complicated expression and look deeply at him.

Just when Lu Ze was feeling confused about that deep look, Lu Wen smiled and said, “Um, Ze, your uncles are asking me to introduce their daughters to you again. What do you think? Go have a look, they’re all pretty.”

Lu Ze: “???”

He looked at Lu Wen in disbelief. “Dad, you looked at me for that long just to say this? I thought you would have some compliments for me. I didn’t think you were this type of dad.”

When Lu Wen heard this, he put away his playful smile. He said seriously, “You’re a grown-up man. You need to remember the responsibilities a man has and be responsible for what you do. What else can I say?”

Lu Ze nodded and then smiled. “I know dad.”

Fu Shuya smiled at the two. “Okay, let’s eat. Ze, you definitely don’t want to go out to eat. I made your favorite dishes.”

Lu Ze heard this and glanced at the abundant food on the table and immediately gave a compliment, “Mum, your glory and beauty is unparalleled…”

Before Lu Ze even finished, Lu Wen dragged Lu Ze to the table with a bad expression.

He looked at Fu Shuya’s vibrant smile and touched his chin. It seemed that he needed to learn some compliments.

Lu Li sat next to Lu Ze and smiled. “Brother, congratulations on the guaranteed entry into Federal University.”

Her eyes showed some firmness. With her talent, she probably couldn’t get a guaranteed entry into Federal University but she might be able to get in through high school exams.

Lu Ze smiled. “Hehe, your brother is such a genius.”

Suddenly, Lu Ze remembered something and showed a mysterious smile to Lu Li. “Come to my room later, I’ll show you a treasure.”

Hearing this, Lu Wen’s face went black immediately. Meanwhile, Fu Shuya showed a smile an adult would have and looked happily at the two.

Lu Li became dazed and then blushed. She quietly said, “Can’t you say it now?”

Lu Ze replied with a smile, “It’s a secret.”

It was best his parents didn’t know right now. When he became stronger, he would see if he could let them cultivate again.

High-level martial artists had long lifespans. He hoped his family would always stay together.