Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 822 - Lu, Net Worth of a Few Cosmic Clouds, Ze

Chapter 822 - Lu, Net Worth of a Few Cosmic Clouds, Ze

Chapter 822 Lu, Net Worth of a Few Cosmic Clouds, Ze

“Room 0012 bids five cosmic system crystal cores.”

Everyone looked at the top floor of the facility. The first twenty rooms were all located at the summit of the building. They were either occupied by a race with cosmic cloud state civilization or cosmic cloud state.

Before the cosmic system state could even bid, the beings from the upper floor made their offer. Hence, the rest of the crowd who desired to make a bid chose to keep their mouths shut. The opening bid was five cosmic system crystal cores.

‘How many cosmic systems did this being have to bid like this?’

The others merely wanted to buy the item and attempt whether they could actually control the insectoid queen.

Only those with power reaching cosmic cloud state will be competing for it now.

“Room 0006 bids eight cosmic system crystal cores.”


Each of the rooms from the upper level announced their respective bids. The prices had inflated sky-high, causing the others to sweat upon hearing them.

Several beings felt jealous.

‘Who is selling this egg? Could they perhaps steal from him?’

‘Mhm… of course… only if the other party didn’t possess a cloud state power.’

Elder Nangong and his fellow seniors were quite envious.

“This price is really absurd. Who is the actual owner?”

Man Dali gasped.

Even Lu Ze was surprised by the willingness of the bidders to spend highly valuable resources.

Usually, only the core region of a cosmic system could form a cosmic system crystal core. Each time, there would only be a very meager amount.

After taking it out, it would take thousands, or even tens of thousands of years, to form another one.

This was a resource that cosmic system states were willing to use only when they were breaking through Yet, someone could afford to exhaust ten crystal cores at once.

Lu Ze could only shake his head.

Nangong Jing and the girls narrowed their eyes, and gradually, bright smiles became evident on their faces.

Lu Li said, “I didn’t expect this to sell at a price like that.”

Qiuyue Hesha grinned. “We can buy a lot of good resources.” Nangong Jing blinked. “Quickly, think. What can we buy?”

Moments later, Lin Ling was a bit distressed. She recounted, “We already bought all the treasures capable of buffing our abilities before. Then, we probably don’t need to purchase anything?”

Alice nodded. “As for combat armors, we can still use the Martial G.o.d Set for quite a while. When it comes to spirit food… We still have enough now. I can only barely prepare star state spirit ingredients. I can’t handle making those advanced ones.” “Mhm… Ze has all the cultivation resources. We don’t need anything.”

The group looked at each other. Although they became well-off, they didn’t know what they should purchase with the money.

This was troubling.

After a period of silence, Nangong Jing offered, “We might be venturing into the Milky Way galaxy after this. By then, we’ll need money.”

“Mhm, let’s save it for now.”

“By the way…” Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze and continued, “We might not need it, but perhaps, the elders do. Should we tell them about it?”

Lu Ze thought about it and nodded in the end. “The other three races are still accompanying us. Let’s just inform Elder Nangong on the way back.”

Cosmic system crystal cores were not that valuable to the entire group. However, others might consider it precious and essential.

Lu Ze remarked, “Perhaps Uncle Merlin and Aunty Xunshuang would need them.”

The others nodded and smiled.

As they were talking, the bidding offer rose to 35 cosmic system crystal cores.

Even the eyes of Elder Nangong and the others were green with envy.

Doris brought up, “I wonder who put up this item for auction. All these cosmic system crystal cores are enough to raise my cultivation level a few levels.”

Qiu Lun blinked. “Don’t think about it. It’s probably being sold by a race with cosmic cloud state civilization.”

Lu Ze: “…”

The rate at which the bidding offers were raised soon slowed down.

“Room 0004 bids 45 cosmic system crystal cores. Would anyone like to offer a higher price?” Felix inquired.

Forty-five cosmic system crystal cores were beyond his expectations.

After all, even they didn’t have much confidence in controlling the queen egg. After a few seconds of quietness, Felix started the countdown and closed the bidding.

Yi Lei could now breathe easy. This price was indeed exorbitant. However, since he was the top prodigy of the Crystal Race, he could handle it.

At this moment, he only hoped the attendants would send the egg over quickly. By then, he could immediately test whether the enslavement scroll would be effective.

Lu Ze smiled.

Anyway, the egg was pretty much useless to him. The profits he gained today were unexpected. Right now, he just needed to wait for the end of the auction, so he could collect his earnings.

The auction for the rest of the items ensued.

The prices grew higher and higher once more.

Some of the items presented were rare cosmic system state treasures while some were even cosmic cloud states.

All of those were much more expensive than the queen egg. ‘Mhm… they were simply looking. They didn’t have the money to buy those products.’

Lu Ze felt bad upon seeing how Elder Nangong and his companions watched the stage with poverty-stricken eyes.

The auction went on for a few more hours before it was concluded.

During this time, Elder Nangong and the rest received what they successfully bidding for. A mixture of happiness and sadness pierced their hearts after giving the corresponding payment. They exhibited a twisted expression.

Naturally, getting what they wanted brought them happiness. However, their empty pockets triggered sadness.

When the auction was finished, the group returned to the hotel.

Elder Nangong and the others were planning to rest for a while. Following a break, they will leave the planet tomorrow.

Lu Ze and the girls proceeded to their own room.

Lu Ze then changed into Long Batian of the Purple Scale Race. He was going to collect everything he had earned for the egg.

After Ying Ying amplified his power, Lu Ze left the room through s.p.a.ce G.o.d art.

He flew rapidly towards the auction grounds.

Soon, Lu Ze reached his destination. As soon as he arrived, two white-haired girls bowed to him. “Welcome.”

They looked at Lu Ze with respect and admiration. Both of them had a deep impression of the man. This planetary state from the Purple Scale Race took out something that forced them to call out the manager, so the latter can appraise the item personally.

At the very least, the resource was equivalent to 20 cosmic system crystal cores. Hence, the man before them could be considered an extremely wealthy being.

Lu Ze maintained a cold and domineering expression as he walked in. The receptionist rushed over immediately. “Mr. Long Batian. Please come this way. The manager is waiting for you.”

Lu Ze acknowledged it. “Lead the way.”

The girl nodded and walked in front.

After their departure, the crowd started talking. “Wait, I seem to have seen that planetary state kid somewhere before…”


“His origins seem to be from the Purple Scale Race? But he doesn’t have a good temper. His combat power should be level-1 star state or even level-2…”

The one who made the comment relayed the story of Long Batian pounding a prodigy from the White Ghost Race.

Everyone’s eyes flashed.

Lu Ze already noticed he was being observed by the audiences here.

Still, the one they were currently watching was Long Batian, not him.

Lu Ze went to an office. A handsome being from the Golden Spear Race was already waiting for him.

It was Ambrose. He smiled. “Mr. Long Batian. Your queen egg was sold for 45 cosmic system crystal cores. We will take 20% commission, so that will be 9 cosmic system crystal cores. Here are your 36 cosmic system crystal cores.”

Ambrose handed over a storage ring.

Lu Ze scanned the contents.

As the other party had stated, 36 s.h.i.+ning crystals could be found inside.

He nodded and tried to act indifferent. “That’s fine.”

Managing this platform was really profitable. ‘The commission was 20%!’

His heart was aching.

Lu Ze even wanted to create his own platform now and ask Ying Ying to guard it.

Ambrose smiled and handed over a golden card. “Mr. Long Batian is a young prodigy. If you have any more treasures, we hope you can come and make a deal with us. We can lower the commission to 10%.”

Lu Ze’s deal wasn’t that significant to the Golden Spear Race, but Lu Ze was only a planetary state. Despite this, he could already take out such a treasure.

‘What about when he reached the star state?’

‘Even better, what about the cosmic system state?’

This was worth waiting for.

Lu Ze took the card and nodded. “Okay, if there’s nothing else, I’m heading off first.”

Ambrose didn’t mind Lu Ze’s cold att.i.tude. He nodded. “Thank you, Mr. Long Batian.” Lu Ze left, and the receptionist a.s.sisted him on their way down.

Lu Ze sensed numerous glances directed at him. However, he just took off from the auction grounds.

‘Time to run-‘ Hope these guys would go visit the Purple Scale Race.

He went to a corner and used s.p.a.ce G.o.d art to return to the hotel.

After that, a few beings flew over. Their faces were shocked.

“This prodigy from the Purple Scale Race has s.p.a.ce G.o.d art.”

“He’s indeed a terrifying prodigy.”

“What do we do now?”

“Investigate the situation at the Purple Scale Race first.”


Back at the hotel, Lu Ze successfully fled the auction grounds. “I got the money.”

The girls rejoiced. Alice giggled. “We need to hold a good celebration today.”