Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 823 - Blood and Fire

Chapter 823 - Blood and Fire

Chapter 823 Blood and Fire

At the border of the Milky Way galaxy.

Dense cl.u.s.ters of fleets were gathering. Asteroid-sized battle fortresses formed a defense line.

Far away into the s.p.a.ce, there seemed to be distortions in the bottomless pit of the universe.

Small wormholes appeared as black spheres flew out. Then, a dense group of hideous insectoids flew out from the vortex. Their tyrannical chi painted the s.p.a.ce dark red.

Outside the defense line, planetary state and above beings had a.s.sembled. The one standing at the front was the cold-faced Lin Yan.

The faces of the planetary state soldiers were drained of color. One of them asked, “Marshal! We don’t know where these insectoids originated. Those beasts outnumber us by a large margin. What should we do?”

Lin Yan responded, “What about the other borders?”

The planetary state relayed, “The void border isn’t faring any better. There were sightings of powerful cosmic system state Insectoids. Lord Shenwu took charge of the area. As for Lord Lin Dong, he is already on his way.”

The soldier added, “Insectoids have also appeared at the northern border together with the blade demons. It seems the creatures aren’t singling us out. It attacked the blade demons as well. The current situation on that border isn’t too bad… However, Lord Jinyao isn’t here. Not just him. A lot of star state lords aren’t too. Our combat power won’t be enough to resist the incoming tide.” Lin Yan inquired, “Have we made any request for a.s.sistance from the other three races?

This planetary state forced out a smile. “Master Lin Dong had done that before he left the ancestral planet, but they also have insectoids to deal with.”

Hearing this, Lin Yan’s face looked bad.

‘Clearly, major things are occurring!’ He closed his eyes and imagined Lin Ling’s smile. He soon opened them again and took a deep breath before ordering, “If our defense line falls, these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds will gain access into the Federation. We must not lose control of this place!”

As the insectoids closed in, Lin Yan declared, “Humans, fight to the death!”

At the void border, the herculean Saint Shenwu was wearing black combat armor. He looked at the four cosmic system state insectoids that surrounded him.

“Insectoids, the Human Race has no enmity with you. Why did you come?”

The four cosmic system state insectoids didn’t bother to reply. Their destructive power proceeded to rattle the s.p.a.ce. “Kill! Destroy!” Once again, the four creatures charged towards Saint Shenwu.

Spirit lights ended up flas.h.i.+ng everywhere. It appeared as though stars were being destroyed.

Shenwu’s face overflowed with hatred. “Die!”

Violent power surged out of his body as he greeted the four cosmic system states.

On planet Zhihuo, both the Shenwu Army and powerful adventurers jointly flew out of the planet to fight the insectoids.

Boss Zhu was ablaze with purple flames. His chi was near the star state.

A beautiful woman bearing a pale pace was next to him. Her body was lit up with red flames.

The two of them were facing a star state insectoid.

Each minute, their faces lose more color. Their bodies were ridden with injuries. Even so, they still managed to hold off their star state opponent. Since they were practically the strongest within the region, if they couldn’t stand their ground, everyone else would die.


After another clash, Boss Zhu and the woman fell back.

Boss Zhu blocked before the woman and grinned. “Wife, we don’t even have kids yet.”

The woman wiped the blood from her mouth and pushed Boss Zhu away. She exclaimed, “If we can survive this ordeal, we can have kids!”

Boss Zhu’s eyes flashed with despair. Still, he still grinned outwardly. “Don’t regret that later on. We won’t die!”

Small wormholes began to make their way inside the Federation. With their emergence, insectoid s.h.i.+ps were scattered across the galaxy, searching for life planets. On every planet they desired to conquer, there was a corresponding defense force. As they clashed, blood and fire blossomed in s.p.a.ce.

The Federal University, Emperor Capital Academy, other schools of Dawn System, and the military’s prodigy barracks had mobilized groups to act as reinforcement to defend the planets.

Back in the Federal University, Ye Mu and the other students gathered together. Ye Mu yelled, “Let’s head off too.”


Telun System.

Merlin stood outside the system. His powerful star state chi burst out, and all the insectoids nearby were crushed.

Thereafter, Merlin had white flames all over his body, which was soon put out. The defense force looked at his figure in shock.

‘Our solar system actually had a star state being?!’ “This… is a star state being? Why is he here?”

“Is… he here to protect the family of Monarch of the New Dawn?”

“Most likely! Only the Monarch of the New Dawn can ask someone to do that.”

“Luckily, he was here. Otherwise, we would be in grave danger too.”

“Why did a lot of insectoids invade us?”

Merlin shook his head. “These are all ordinary insectoids. They’re not too strong, but why would a great number of them appear here? There’s probably a lot of them in the other regions as well. I wonder how the border is managing…”

Lu Wen and Fu Shuya were worried too. Fu Shuya expressed, “I wonder how Ze and the girls are doing?”

Merlin could only shake his head once more. “Where Ze is would be the safest place right now. They have Ying Ying with them.”

With such a thought, they breathed easy. Zhu Hong Lian said, “We can’t reach them now. We don’t even know when they can return…”

“Hopefully soon…”

Early the next morning, Lu Ze and the girls opened their eyes as they finished their cultivation.

Lu Ze got up and stretched out. “Okay, let’s have breakfast and prepare to return home.”

Nangong Jing remarked, “Being at home is better.”

Everyone agreed. During this time, there was a major announcement that echoed throughout the entire planet. “Attention everyone, the Elf Cosmic Realm is being attacked by the Insectoid Race. Please be wary of insectoids during s.p.a.ce travel.” Everyone’s smile stiffened.

‘Insectoid attack?!’ ‘Why did they come here?’

Lu Ze and his team quickly rushed out.

They saw Elder Nangong and the rest of their companions.

Their faces looked rather bad.

Elder Nangong announced with a heavy tone, “Let’s head off immediately.”

Everyone nodded and left.

Many beings outside headed towards the s.p.a.ce station. By the time they reached it, numerous s.h.i.+ps were leaving constantly. Clearly, they were worried about their home base too.

Elder Nangong took out their newly-bought cosmic system state s.h.i.+p and said, “Ride on our s.h.i.+p first. Ours flies faster.”

The other three nodded.

Cosmic system state s.h.i.+ps were much faster than star state s.h.i.+ps.

At the Milky Way galaxy, they would be able to use teleportation scrolls to get back to their own race.

Everyone got on, and the s.h.i.+p immediately took off.

They instantly entered the warp dimension and sped towards the Milky Way.

Elder Nangong slowly said, “We still need to take 20 days to return.”

This was fewer days than their previous trip which required four months. Nevertheless, twenty days was still too long, given the situation.

Right then, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He had an idea.