Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 821 - So I'm This Wealthy!

Chapter 821 - So I'm This Wealthy!

Chapter 821 So I’m This Wealthy!

The thing had been resolved. Everyone looked at Lu Ze with admiration in their eyes.

He managed to protect the honor of the Human Race without letting the conflict escalate. It would be impossible for an ordinary young prodigy to accomplish this.

At this moment, the law enforcer from the Golden Spear Race informed Lu Ze, “The auction is about to start. Don’t cause any trouble from now on.”

His att.i.tude towards Lu Ze was quite pleasant, which could probably be attributed to the latter’s talent.

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Okay, thank you, sir, for being willing to bear witness.”

The corners of the law enforcer’s mouth lifted, and he casually waved his hand. “It’s no big deal.”

This young human was talented, and he even knew how to handle things properly. The boy was polite to boot as well and seemed like a good seed.

He swept his gaze across the representatives of the Human Race.

No wonder they were bold enough to allow Lu Ze to represent his own race. This time around, they might finally experience a prosperous period of rapid development.

With the departure of the law enforcer, Elder Nangong and his companions felt relieved. This was the trade planet after all. Despite the outcome of the events, they still felt a bit pressured.

Doris looked at Lu Ze and remarked, “The younger generation is pretty amazing!”

Man Dali shared the same view. He looked at Elder Nangong with envious eyes. “I really admire the Human Race. Your race will progress at a fast rate very soon.”

He looked at Man Kun and the others. “Why doesn’t the Barbarian Race have such prospects?”

Man Kun: “???” Feelings of betrayal struck him. ‘Was he to blame?’

Lu Ze was a complete maniac.

Both Doris and Qiu Lun also looked at Elder Nangong with envy. Then, they turned their heads to their prodigies as they felt distraught.

Eddie and Qiu Lin also felt the ache of being cruelly stabbed in the heart. Feeling irked, they glared at Lu Ze.

Elder Nangong smiled even brighter. He humbly waved his hand in dismissal. “Man Kun, Eddie, and Qiu Lin are also outstanding. Ze is still young. Who knows what would happen in the future?”

Everyone: “…”

Lu Ze felt great though.

After the exchanges, they finally lined up and soon entered the auction.

Unlike last time where Lu Ze brought out a resource he could potentially sell, they directly entered the guest rooms.

They went up the stairs. Every after ten steps, there would be a floor level. Furthermore, the entire auction was encircled by a walkway.

The four races went to the sixth level and entered their designated room.

It wasn’t cramped at all. In fact, it had an area of about 200 square meters. There were rows of seats, making the inside resemble a lecture room.

The seats were facing a surface composed of a special material where one could watch the activity outside from the inside, without allowing the others who were not in the room to see through the layer. They had a good view of the large platform at the center.

Currently, no one was present there since it wasn’t time for the official commencement of the auction.

The four races sat down and waited for the auction to begin.

Cosmic system states had the privilege to sit in the front row. They were the primary bidders after all. The others didn’t have enough money to partic.i.p.ate.

Naturally, the precious items in the auction were quite expensive.

Time pa.s.sed by, until out of nowhere, someone from the Golden Spear Race emerged on the stage.

After releasing a bit of his power, the crowd felt immense pressure.

Cosmic cloud state!

He smiled and swept his gaze at the rooms. “Welcome to the auction that is only held once every five years in the trade planet. I’m the person responsible for this auction, Felix.”

Felix didn’t waste time and immediately took out the first item.

It was a purple fruit with white lightning marks.

“Lightning Rune fruit. After consumption, it can be used to learn lightning G.o.d art. Those who possess lightning G.o.d art can use it to improve their G.o.d art. I believe everyone knows how precious it is. The bidding starts now.”

This cosmic cloud state didn’t prolong the sales pitch. He directly let people bid right away.

Even with the brief introduction, a robotic voice sounded immediately.

“Room 1231 bids a low-grade life planet.”

“Room 1182 bids ten Yang Lotus pills.”

The beings present declared their bids one by one. Accordingly, the prices skyrocketed.

Fruits that could help in learning G.o.d art were valuable, even across the entire Elf Cosmic Realm.

Alice poked out her tongue and transmitted her voice telepathically. “I didn’t expect this fruit to be that expensive…”

Lu Li responded in the same manner. “Brother’s lightning G.o.d art orb is probably more precious than this.”

Nangong Jing laughed. “Ze is really wealthy!”

Lu Ze didn’t antic.i.p.ate that such a resource would be equivalent to life planets. These planets don’t possess any forms of advanced intelligence. Still, they were considered precious.

Given that, Lu Ze felt he could even buy the entire Milky Way galaxy.

Was he ‘that’ wealthy?

Lu Ze was taken aback by the realization.

Qiuyue Hesha smirked. “We are the sugar babies of little brother Lu Ze, our big sugar daddy.”

All the girls blushed, especially Lin Ling and Nangong Jing

Initially, they felt embarra.s.sed to accept Lu Ze’s...o...b... Now, they were accepting everything.

Lu Ze coughed. ‘They had pretty much done everything, except the last step…!

Well, the fox demon didn’t say anything false, right?

Lu Ze felt delighted.

Nangong Jing and the rest of the girls blushed even harder.

Lin Ling punched Lu Ze’s shoulder.

‘Who knew what this sc.u.m was thinking about?’

As they were bantering, the fruit was sold off to someone else.

A cosmic system state bought it with three rather precious cosmic system state materials, Red Cloud Stone.

Not all cosmic system states had G.o.d arts. If they didn’t, their combat power would be dreadful.

Of course, they could also be buying it for their descendants.

Elder Nangong also bought a planetary state divine art crystal.

That was useless to Lu Ze and the girls but rather beneficial for other planetary state prodigies.

After selling a cosmic system state spirit herb, Felix said, “The next item is a rather rare treasure.”

He took out a black ball. There were complex runes on it as a dark red light kept flas.h.i.+ng.

It was the insectoid queen egg!

Lu Ze and his group watched intently.

Elder Nangong raised a brow. “What is that?”

Man Dali shook his head. “Something that is considered rare by a cosmic cloud state wouldn’t be ordinary.”

Yi Lei looked at the egg. His crystal head flashed with white light.

“That’s the queen egg for sure. It’s almost the same as the one I saw last time! I must get it!”

The other prodigies also manifested their strong interest in the item. During this time, Felix explained, “This is an insectoid queen egg. This egg still retained its life force.”

Everyone was shocked.

A robotic voice sounded, “Mr. Felix, is this really a live insectoid queen egg?”

Felix smiled. “The Golden Spear Race can a.s.sure you of our credibility that this is indeed a live insectoid queen egg.”

When no one else doubted it anymore, Felix grinned. “Let the bidding begin.”