Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 820 - I, Yi Lei, Am Indeed Favored By the Heavens!

Chapter 820 - I, Yi Lei, Am Indeed Favored By the Heavens!

Chapter 820 I, Yi Lei, Am Indeed Favored By the Heavens!

Seeing the withdrawal of the Wenka Race, the atmosphere turned dead silent.

Retreating in that manner would badly affect the reputation of the race.

‘How could they choose to leave just like that?’

During this time, two other cosmic system states followed suit. “The Guke Race is willing to apologize for the insult. This is our mistake.”

“Us too, the Maina Race is willing to apologize.”

The two cosmic system states bowed their heads a little to the Human Race.

The Guke, Maina, and Wenka were allies. They were aware that the cosmic system state who had left earlier had a danger-predicting G.o.d art.

Since he chose to offer an apology and leave, this could only mean the young human probably possessed an exceptional power, which was capable of scaring the former and making him sense a threat.

In that case, it would be pointless to subject their top prodigies to the same situation that would most likely end their life.

Hence, they chose to apologize as well.

With the apology of the other two races, the rest of the crowd felt as though their hearts were stabbed.

‘Why couldn’t they retreat together?’

‘Why did they cower so easily?!’

This made them anxious.

A powerful cosmic system state with red flames above his head looked coldly at the three races and exclaimed in contempt, “Coward! Are you not scared that your race will be humiliated?!”

The two cosmic system states didn’t even reply to him and just looked at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “We accept the apology.”

The two cosmic system states breathed easy and nodded. “Thank you.”

Then, they left the place with their race. They went after the Wenka Race.

The rest of the races looked amongst themselves. They didn’t know why those three races chose to be apologetic and leave, but they weren’t stupid. A reason must exist for their actions.

The atmosphere became very c.u.mbersome.

The three races who departed took along 20 prodigies with them. This made the rest of the prodigies more worried.

The fire cosmic system state’s mouth twitched in embarra.s.sment. He lowered his head. “The Red Flame Race is willing to apologize. We hope the Human Race can forgive our rudeness.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Even the other beings looked at the cosmic system state who just excused himself. They were bewildered.

‘How shameless!’

Lu Ze still nodded and chose to forgive them.

The recent apology allowed the rest of the parties present to make up their minds.

Immediately, cosmic system states started expressing their apologies. “The Dugen Race is willing to apologize…”


There were seven more races, other than the four that had already apologized. They all chose to admit their mistake.

The onlookers were dumbfounded.

Eleven races with cosmic cloud state civilizations were forced against their pride by a mere single youth, whose race only achieved cosmic system state civilization, to apologize on the spot.

If they didn’t see it with their own eyes, they would never believe it was true.

More shocking than the rest, the youth had never revealed his power up to now. This part was unfathomable.

Of course, they knew that the trade planet forbade battles. Otherwise, all these cosmic system states would have charged up a while ago and tore the Human Race to pieces.

Everyone looked at the youth who remained smiling from beginning to end.

‘What a pity! He didn’t even show his power…’

Lu Ze was a little disheartened too. He thought a few races would bite the challenge. If so, he could have displayed his power.

But now, they all ran away.

Lu Ze was bemused deep inside. Still, he faced the rest with a smile. “Since you’re all apologizing, then we’ll let this one slide.”

He actually wanted to oblige them to provide compensation for his race. However, that might spark more animosity.

Although Lu Ze and the girls can take the backlash, the Human Race didn’t only include their group. Several planetary states and those who were above would often leave the Milky Way galaxy to gather resources in the Elf Cosmic Realm.

If they made too many enemies, it would be tough for humans who ventured into the Milky Way. Given that scenario, the Human Race would end up developing at a snail’s pace.

Lu Ze couldn’t supply his...o...b.. to the entire Human Race either. He would only give them to those he trusted.

Due to the arrival of the law enforcers, more and more people decided to watch the situation.

All the beings around stared at Lu Ze with curiosity and shock.

In the distance, the prodigies of the Crystal Race and Lightning Rune Race were also watching

Yi Lei smiled. “That is the Human Race? That kid seems quite strong.”

Another being from the Crystal Race remarked, “His cultivation level is at level-9 planetary state, the same as Moer and Lei Ming. Who do you think is stronger?”

Lei Yuan’s lightning rune flashed. “Moer and Ming might not be a match for him.”

Hearing the response, Lei Ming rebuked, “Brother Yuan, this kid only came from a recently developed cosmic system state civilization. Is he really that strong?”

Another prodigy from the Lightning Rune Race nodded. “Brother Ming and Moer’s combat powers have reached the level-2 star state, right? Can that human really compare with them?”

Yi Lei smiled. “Brother Yuan is right. My instinct tells me his talent should be considered exceptional even among cosmic cloud state civilizations. Don’t get careless. You might encounter him in the prodigy battle.”

Moer and Lei Ming glanced at Lu Ze. Power wasn’t determined by words. They would see who was truly stronger in the end.

They didn’t believe they would lose to a prodigy whose race only had a cosmic system state civilization.

Meanwhile, Bazzer and a few Golden Spear prodigies flew out and landed next to Yi Lei and the others.

Bazzer looked at the captain of the law enforcers. “What’s wrong?” Yi Lei smiled and explained, “It’s nothing, we enjoyed a show.”

Lei Yuan urged, “Let’s go in first. The auction is about to start.”

Yi Lei said, “By the way, Bazzer, I heard there’s an insectoid queen egg in this auction. Is that real?”

He acquired a one-time scroll that could enslave a being in the secret realm. The insectoid queen would be the best choice. Last time, he attempted to get one, but he was spotted by powerful insectoid beings. In the end, he didn’t even know where he died.

Now that there was an insectoid egg at the auction, he felt excited.

I, Yi Lei, am indeed favored by the heavens!

Now, he didn’t need to steal an insectoid egg.

Previously, he was naïve and couldn’t even recognize how foolish he was.

He must buy this egg!

The others looked over. They didn’t need the egg now, but who knew whether it would be useful in the future?

Bazzer smiled and confirmed, “It’s real.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

Yi Lei grinned. “Let’s go inside. We won’t wait for the other races. They’re too slow.”