Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 819 - The Human Race Has Prodigies

Chapter 819 - The Human Race Has Prodigies

Chapter 819 The Human Race Has Prodigies

The law enforcers of the Golden Spear Race couldn’t let the situation grow worse anymore. If they don’t abate it now, the commotion would be difficult to manage later on.

The leader was already reporting to Bazzer and the other prodigies of their race. At the same time, he signaled to the law enforcer on the side.

Thereafter, he smiled amicably and greeted the prodigies from the Crystal Race and the Lightning Rune Race.

“Young master Yi Lei and Master Yuan Shui, welcome. Our young leader is coming out soon.”

Yi Lei and his companions turned around. Yi Lei smiled and nodded. He then pointed in Lu Ze’s direction to ask, “What’s the situation over there?”

The captain of the law enforcers answered awkwardly, “Perhaps it’s a conflict among the races. You know this is pretty normal.” Everyone nodded.

Even cosmic cloud state civilizations experienced interracial conflicts.

The Elf Race wasn’t able to avoid it as well. They had trouble getting along with a few other cosmic realm state civilizations.

This wasn’t out of the norm.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere was too strange.

At this moment, a few law enforcers went to Lu Ze’s area and glanced around.

“What are you doing? If you obstruct the law and order of the auction, you know the consequence!”

Lu Ze grinned. “These beings insulted my race in public. I just want to challenge some of their prodigies.”

Everyone’s mouth twitched.

Of course, it was true they felt contempt towards the Human Race earlier. However, it was the girl from the other race who forced them to kneel. That was much more insulting!

And currently, Lu Ze wanted to fight them to death.

The law enforcers were stunned.

The trade planet couldn’t intervene between interracial conflicts. This was the rule of the Elf Race.

Those who reached the cosmic cloud state couldn’t exert too much influence on the cosmic states. In the end, they were subject to the sovereignty of the Elf Race.

Moreover, these races weren’t really physically fighting each other. This was the primary reason why they didn’t immediately break up the ruckus previously. Seeing how the others refused to talk about it, the law enforcers looked strangely at Lu Ze and Elder Nangong before asking, “He can represent you guys?”

Lu Ze was still a young human. Would he even be able to represent the will of his race?

At this moment, Elder Nangong smiled. “Yes, he can represent the Human Race!”

To Elder Nangong, Lu Ze was going to lead the human race sooner or later. Lu Ze was only defending the dignity of the Human Race. Therefore, he had no reason to stop the latter.

Everyone’s eyes narrowed. They looked at Lu Ze with more curiosity.

Usually, the representative of a race wouldn’t be lacking in power and talent.

That girl was already rather terrifying, and yet, she stood obediently behind the guy. Now, the cosmic system state of the Human Race was publicly declaring that this youth could represent their entire race.

This only meant that the youth was most likely extraordinary. At the very least, he should be much stronger than the girl.

Right then, the other prodigies felt concerned after taking another look at Lu Ze.

The law enforcer looked at Lu Ze and nodded.

“Since you’re fighting for the honor of your race, we won’t stop you. But… the auction is about to start. Instead of doing it now, wait for the end of the auction, then you can proceed to the underground stage to resolve the issue!”

When the words fell, the other prodigies and powerful beings felt relieved. They decided to leave immediately after the event.

Of course, they weren’t foolish enough to challenge this crazy person! Lu Ze looked at them and smirked.

“In that case, law enforcer, can you please be a witness for us? After the auction ends, I will be challenging all the planetary state prodigies who have insulted us. They’re not allowed to flee!”

‘Hmmph, did they plan to run away?’

There was no way he was going to allow that!

He was going to crush their heads!

How dare they look down on the Human Race?!

His words made the prodigies and their respective races more worried.

They felt severely frustrated.

‘This human was an absolute maniac!’

‘He was a mad dog!’

‘Can’t he see how many prodigies they had?’

‘How come the rest of the humans were not scared of the probability that he might not even win?’

‘Were they actually idiots?!’ Nevertheless, after realizing how their elders didn’t even bother to object, they didn’t feel too good.

The law enforcer stared at Lu Ze.

‘He was challenging too many planetary state prodigies at once by himself?!’

This human was too bold.

‘No wonder the atmosphere was so odd. All of it was due to his challenge?’

If that’s the case, his combat power should have reached the peak of level-1 star state. A combat power like that… This youth would be considered a rather decent prodigy even in the Golden Spear Race.

Perhaps he had a bit of a chance to reach the cosmic cloud state.

The law enforcer nodded. “That’s fine, I can be a witness.”

The opposition had hoped the law enforcer would refuse the offer, but reality struck them.

They felt they were being targeted. Lu Ze smiled. “Thank you, law enforcer.” “Wait!”

An opposing cosmic system state interrupted.

Everyone looked over.

He took a deep breath and said, “The Wenka Race is willing to apologize for looking down on the Human Race. We won’t partic.i.p.ate in this challenge.”

Their top prodigy was just a level-9 planetary state and could barely reach the star state combat power. This was the pride of their race Despite this, he still wasn’t certain they would win this challenge.

He possessed a danger-predicting G.o.d art. He knew that if they agreed to this challenge, their top prodigy would definitely die!

This wasn’t what he wanted.

Hence, despite the shame they would be facing, he chose to apologize.

“What?! He apologized??”

Everyone was taken aback by this development.

‘This youth didn’t even reveal his power yet, but the Wenka Race apologized first?!’

This was too…

Even Lu Ze didn’t expect it. He raised a brow.

While pondering whether he should accept the apology, Elder Nangong communicated with Lu Ze telepathically. “Ze, accept it. Don’t force them too much. The Human Race shouldn’t make enemies. We should keep a low-profile as we grow.”

Lu Ze agreed and then smiled. “The Human Race accepts your apology.”

Hearing this, the cosmic system state breathed easy. He took a deep look at Lu Ze. “Prodigy of the Human Race, we were rash this time.”

Then, he led his race away from the auction. They weren’t going anymore.