Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 813 - Just Because I Took an Extra Look at You in the Crowd…

Chapter 813 - Just Because I Took an Extra Look at You in the Crowd…

Chapter 813 Just Because I Took an Extra Look at You in the Crowd…

Lu Ze was dumbfounded. ‘Encountered the human race?’

‘Is it Luo Bingqing and his team?’

‘What happened?’

Amos turned to Lu Ze. “Batian, the prodigies of our race encountered the prodigies of an enemy race. Do you want to have a look?”

Lu Ze nodded and answered coldly, “Let’s go and have a look.”

He wasn’t going to beat the Human Race. If anything, he might be able to cause some trouble in the middle.

Amos nodded. “Let’s go.”

Then, he took off, leading the way.

Lu Ze followed behind Amos and thought about his plan.

The star states and planetary states didn’t know what to say when they saw Lu Ze’s detached expression.

They wanted to connect with him…

Anyway, they had plenty of time in the next few days, so there was no rush.

Soon, Amos took Lu Ze and the rest to the planetary state region. They found a standoff between two groups of beings.

One side belonged to the Four-Race Alliance while the other side came from the Purple Scale Alliance.

The Four-Race Alliance consisted of Elder Nangong, Man Dali, Doris, and Qiu Lun. There were also quite some star states and some planetary state prodigies.

Luo Bingqing, Man Kun, Eddie, and Qiu Lin were all present.

Opposite them were four cosmic system states of the Purple Scale Alliance. There were also star states and planetary states behind them.

Numerous races were enjoying the show.

It wasn’t uncommon for opposing races to meet each other here.

However, fighting wasn’t allowed in public, so they had to go to the underground platforms to resolve their conflicts.

Lu Ze didn’t know what happened. He looked at the members of the Purple Scale Alliance. There was another cosmic system state from the Purple Scale Race.

Thereafter, when Amos arrived, the other three cosmic system states didn’t even greet him.

Only the Purple Scale Race smiled at Amos.

Lu Ze wanted to laugh. This was probably the effect of letting Amos live last time.

This was great!

Lu Ze suddenly had a bold idea.

Elder Nangong and the rest didn’t seem too pleased right now. They came here to buy and sell. It would be a waste of time to have a confrontation here.

However, they couldn’t admit defeat in such a situation.

The opposition had five cosmic system states, but they weren’t worried at all. They knew Lu Ze had a mysterious master behind him.

Amos was furious after thinking about the att.i.tudes of the other three cosmic system states, but then, he remembered he had Long Batian now, so his mood recovered a little.

He sneered.

‘When we build a relations.h.i.+p with that peak cosmic cloud state…’

At this moment, Lu Ze’s cold voice reverberated.

“Useless idiot, what are you looking at?!”

Before anyone could react, Lu Ze disappeared from the spot and slapped a planetary state from the White Ghost Race.

The slap was loud and crisp. The being from the White Ghost Race was a level-9 planetary state and might be a prodigy.

How would he be able to stop Lu Ze’s attack then?

The immense power made him spin in the air as he was flung away while spitting blood.

Everyone: “???”

Even the audience was confused. It was so obvious the Purple Scale Race was allied with the White Ghost Race.

‘Why did they suddenly attack?!’

‘Was this some sort of new greeting method?’ They turned to look at the cold and dominant-looking Lu Ze.

One star state from the White Ghost Race caught the battered prodigy.

His face was bloodied, and his neck was broken. The life force was close to fading. All faces of the beings from the White Ghost Race instantly fell.

Even the members of the Kaka Race and Blood Battle Race didn’t look too good.

At this moment, the cosmic system state from the White Ghost Race glared at Lu Ze. “Purple Scale Race kid… you’re asking to die!” His pressure surged and attempted to crush Lu


During this point, Amos didn’t have time to think and quickly stood in front of Lu Ze. While feeling nervous, he said, “Aibinez, don’t get excited. Batian must have a reason. We’re willing to compensate!”

Regardless, Amos had to protect Lu Ze. “Reason?” Aibinez was so furious that he laughed. He glared at Amos and then remembered it wasn’t suitable to fight here.

He took a deep breath and barely calmed himself. “I want to see what reason he has to heavily injure a prodigy from my White Ghost Race!”

Amos nodded quickly and looked at Lu Ze, signaling him to explain.

Yet, Lu Ze sneered, “Prodigy? Since when did useless idiots like him are considered prodigy? As for a reason, that idiot looked at me so aggressively. Clearly, he has ill intentions towards me. Why should I let him live?”

Everyone: “…”

They looked at Lu Ze as if he was the main attraction.

Amos almost cried.

‘Who knew this guy would nearly kill someone for just staring at him coldly?’

He regretted bringing Lu Ze over.

Even the expression of the other beings from the Purple Scale Race didn’t look good.

One cosmic system state glared at Lu Ze and looked at Amos. “Amos, who is he? Make him apologize! Accept punishment!” Why did their race have such an idiot?

Amos quickly communicated, “Jilgud, he’s different. This is what happened…”

Amos explained who Lu Ze was as quickly as possible. After hearing that his master was a peak cosmic cloud state, Jilgud’s heartbeat quickened. He was in disbelief.

Then, he looked at the indifferent Lu Ze.

No wonder this guy dared to beat someone to the point of ending up half-dead for a trivial reason.

His master was a peak cosmic cloud state! He did what others didn’t dare to.

He was from the Purple Scale Race indeed!

Jilgud’s face calmed down. He looked at Aibinez and spoke with difficulty, “Brother Aibinez, this is our fault. We’re willing to compensate!”

The other three races were taken aback.

“They didn’t even dare to punish this kid?’

Aibinez took a deep breath and looked at Jilgud and Amos. “Is this what the Purple Scale Race wants?”

The two looked at each other and then at Lu Ze before nodding firmly.

They only had two choices.

One was to punish Long Batian and let the White Ghost Race appease their anger. The other was to protect Long Batian and let him know how much the Purple Scale Race valued him.

Amos clearly felt that terrifying peak cosmic cloud state chi. If they really punished Long Batian, they would be suffering in turn

Perhaps his master was watching the situation right now…

Jilgud finalized his decision and took a deep breath while apologizing. “That’s right! We’re willing to provide compensation. As for Batian, we’ll take him back to the race and teach him.”