Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 814 - I'm Back

Chapter 814 - I'm Back

Chapter 814 I’m Back

The other three races became dazed, and then, the atmosphere turned strange.

‘How dare they do this?!’

Elder Nangong and the others were bewildered too.

They glanced at the kid from the other side. This guy was from the Purple Scale Race, but how come that dark golden light seemed similar to Lu Ze’s body G.o.d art?

‘Did we see it properly?’

‘Or is it…’

One possibility entered their minds, and they quietly looked away from the scene.

They felt pity for the Purple Scale Race. All of them couldn’t yet figure out why the Purple Scale Race would suddenly protect the kid whose origins were unknown. If that cold-faced prodigy was really Lu Ze, then the other party might end up crying to death.

Luo Bingqing and his team looked at each other and suddenly felt bad for the Purple Scale Race.

As for the rest of the crowd, it appeared to them that this alliance would be terminated

soon. Lu Ze felt he was too evil to set up beings like this. ‘How about… setting them up one more time before letting them go?’

With this thought, Lu Ze looked coldly at the star state who caught the prodigy and threatened, “If you look at me like this any longer, I’ll turn you into that trash too.”

A level-2 star state!

Lu Ze estimated that he should be able to beat him without difficulty.

The Four-Race Race Alliance members: “…”

Right then, they became even more certain that this guy was Lu Ze.

The audience didn’t expect his remark.

Lu Ze was only a level-9 planetary state, and yet, he was challenging a level-2 star state. ‘What sort of prodigy was this guy??’

Amos and Jilgud weren’t too happy with the escalation of the situation.

‘Please stop showing off, ancestor!’ The relations.h.i.+p between them and t Ghost Race was still salvageable before, but if this wasn’t abated, the alliance would break apart on the spot.

The star state felt stunned due to the challenge and then glared at Lu Ze with killing intent. “You want to try?”

Lu Ze was elated to hear the other party riled up.

‘Kill another star state and things would be


However, Jilgud and Amos quickly blocked in front of Lu Ze and smiled apologetically at the White Ghost Race. “Sorry, this child just came back to our race. He doesn’t really understand things. We’ll teach him. We’ll go now and compensate you for this!” They didn’t dare to let Lu Ze remain here anymore.

Although they had hoped to establish a connection with a peak cloud state, they still desired to preserve the alliance in the short while.

After taking advantage of the cosmic cloud state to raise their foundation, then that will be the time to abandon the other three races.

By then, they would only accept allies that had reached the cosmic system state.

Originally, Lu Ze wanted Ying Ying to scare them away, and he would kill a star state thereafter. However, he decided not to in the end.

A scenario like that would be over the top. That wouldn’t be merely arrogance anymore.

Lu Ze sneered at the star state from the White Ghost Race and left.

The faces of the White Ghost Race fell.

Aibinez took a deep look at the Purple Scale Race and ordered, “Treat him. Let’s leave. I’ll report this incident to the king.”

Eventually, the other three races left too.

Elder Nangong and the others just watched this strange show unfold. This was beyond their expectations. Elder Nangong said, “Let’s go too.”

Lu Ze went with Amos and his kin to the hotel reserved for the Purple Scale Race.

It wasn’t very luxurious. The Purple Scale Alliance lived together. However, after what happened today, they couldn’t let Lu Ze remain with them.

Moreover, in order to display their appreciation for Lu Ze, Amos and Jilgud clenched their teeth and paid for a luxurious room that cost five spirit mist herbs a day.

Lu Ze maintained a calm face.

His goal was pretty much accomplished.

Amos and Jilgud let the other beings from the Purple Scale Race go and rest first. They specifically told them not to start any conflict with the other three races.

Inside the room, Amos and Jilgud smiled. “Batian, the White Ghost Race, Blood Battle Race, and Kaka Race are our allies. We’ve been together for a few thousand years. This time, you were a bit too excited… Of course, I’m not condemning you. You weren’t in the care of the Purple Scale Race after all… But in the short term, we still need…” Lu Ze frowned and waved his hand. “That’s enough, it has nothing to do with me.”

The two cosmic system state’s smiles stiffened, but they were helpless.

If this kid’s master wasn’t a peak cosmic cloud state, they would have beaten him up already.

Lu Ze said, “I’m going to rest. We can talk about things tomorrow.”

It was time for him to go return and eat Lin Ling’s dishes.

Amos’ and Jilgud’s smile slowly disappeared.

After a moment of silence, Amos laughed it off. “Hahaha… true. It’s your first time staying with the race. You must not be used to it. Have a good rest. We can talk about things tomorrow.”

When he finished speaking, Amos and Jilgud left the room.

Outside, Jilgud said seriously, “Amos, are you certain Long Batian has a peak cosmic cloud state master? If he’s lying to us, we’ll be in trouble. We offended the White Ghost Race for no reason. You know, about last time…”

Jilgud looked at Amos and continued, “The other three races are already alienating us. If we are tricked this time, our race won’t be in a good predicament.” Amos nodded seriously and affirmed, “I’m certain. Not just me, the others who came with me also felt an extremely powerful chi. Even if it isn’t a peak cosmic cloud state, it wouldn’t be far from it.”

He looked at the room and said, “We’ll guard here these few days and won’t allow him to escape. Even if he goes out, don’t leave his side until he takes us to see his master…”

Following the pause, he said, “If he really is tricking us, then we’ll hand him to the White Ghost Race and treat him as compensation…”

He then sighed.

“If they’re still not satisfied, then let them punish me. Last time was an accident, but since I was the only survivor, I need to take responsibility.”

Jilgud frowned. “Amos, we’ve been together for a few thousand years, how can we not trust you? There’s no way the other three races will let you suffer for that accident!” Amos waved his hand. “Don’t worry, I know you guys trust me, but this is for our race.”

Jilgud opened his mouth but said nothing. After all, Amos was right.

Jilgud took a deep look at the room. “Hope he’s not lying to us. Otherwise, I will make him


Lu Ze strolled around the room he was placed in. It was really quite nice. ‘If only we could live in a suite like this, Lin Ling would be able to cook.’

Still, Lu Ze didn’t want to waste money like that.

It was just a few days anyway.

Lu Ze looked at the closed door. If he wasn’t wrong, there would be people guarding outside.

Nevertheless, Lu Ze didn’t care. The two old guys didn’t understand him at all. He smiled accordingly.

Suddenly, a distortion occurred in the s.p.a.ce where Lu Ze was staying. He disappeared from the spot.

Back in his room, Lu Ze emerged once again.

The girls went from looking at the screen to perusing Lu Ze’s figure. They laughed.

Lu Ze also recovered his original appearance as he grinned. “I’m back.”