Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 812 - Encounter Human Race?

Chapter 812 - Encounter Human Race?

Chapter 812 Encounter Human Race?

Lu Ze a.n.a.lyzed Amos’ smile.

With Ying Ying’s barrier, there was no way this guy would be able to detect that he was actually from the Human Race.

‘Did Amos consider me as a prodigy due to the power I displayed?’

‘Is this the reason why he wanted to bring me back?’

Lu Ze: “…”

‘Should I try and pretend to be a traitor and infiltrate the enemy race?’

Thinking about this, Lu Ze smiled inside. His cold expression changed a little bit as though he was hesitant.

Amos felt there was a chance to convince the other party, so he sounded even more gentle. “I’ve never heard of you in the race. With your talent, you shouldn’t be unheard of to this extent. If you were unfairly treated, then I can get justice for you!”

Lu Ze casually responded, “No need, I didn’t grow up in the Purple Scale Race.”

The group was taken aback. They thought Lu Ze hated the Purple Scale Race for some special reason.

‘As it turned out, he grew up outside?’

Amos observed Lu Ze with some vigilance.

If Lu Ze was someone whom he can conduct a background search on, he might not hesitate on taking him.

But now, it was a different story altogether.

Without the cultivation of his race, Lu Ze could shrug off the pressure he released even though the latter was merely a level-9 planetary state. Clearly, he didn’t achieve this by his own efforts.

There must be some powerful being behind him. He might even be controlled by this mysterious expert to harm the Purple Scale Race.

Although the chances were low, Amos had to be careful nonetheless. Hence, he decided he couldn’t trust Lu Ze’s words until he figured out who he was.

Amos then probed, “Which powerful being can produce a prodigy like you? Our Purple Scale Race will thank him.” Lu Ze raised his head. “My master’s name is Long Aotian, he’s a peak cosmic cloud state being!” The group’s eyes narrowed. ‘Peak cosmic cloud state?!’

‘It is a peak cosmic cloud state teaching this prodigy?!’

The group processed the situation rapidly. If they let this prodigy return to the race, they would be connected to the race of that peak cosmic cloud state.

They wouldn’t need to worry about their future at all.

Amos looked at Lu Ze with twinkling eyes. The latter’s greatest use now was to become the point of cooperation between the Purple Scale Race and that cosmic cloud state.

Amos calmed himself down. He wasn’t going to believe everything right up. He would need some evidence.

Thinking about all the possibilities, he smiled. “Is that master on this planet? You’re not only the disciple of that master but also a child from our Purple Scale Race. We must thank him for making you into such a great prodigy.”

Lu Ze felt funny. There was no peak cosmic cloud state but only a cosmic realm state. However, if they went to thank her, were they gonna feed themselves to Ying Ying?

Lu Ze’s voice had remained cold. “My master is on the planet of course.”

Amos’ heart beat rapidly.

He looked at Lu Ze’s cold and domineering face and believed him even more.

He smiled brightly. “I wonder when the master is free. I can go thank him then!”

By the time the Purple Scale Race established a relations.h.i.+p with the peak cosmic cloud state, they would be able to do whatever they want.

Lu Ze responded condescendingly, “Ordinary people can’t see my master.” Amos felt shocked. He was annoyed by Lu Ze’s att.i.tude, but he already knew that was the case.

Just when Amos was about to use the emotional card, Lu Ze continued speaking again, “Never mind, considering we’re from the same race, I’ll ask my master.” “Huh?” Amos was stunned. On the other hand, Lu Ze showed an annoyed expression. “What? You don’t want to?”

Amos quickly nodded. “I’m willing, I’m willing!”

Indeed, this kid was a child of the Purple Scale Race. He might be arrogant, but he was a prodigy, and his master was a peak cosmic cloud state.

Amos felt quite touched.

Lu Ze nodded and called for Ying Ying. “Ying Ying, Ying Ying, can you hear me?”.

At the hotel, back in Lu Ze’s room, Ying Ying was sitting on the ground. There was a starlight screen before her, revealing Lu Ze and Amos’ group. Nangong Jing and the girls were on the side laughing

Lu Li was holding her stomach. “He’s too evil! If Amos found out, would he go crazy?”

Lin Ling was on the ground rolling with laughter.

Qiuyue Hesha saw this and started tickling Lin Ling Lin Ling laughed while begging, “Haha… please let me go… stop!”

Nangong Jing smiled. “Let me help you deal with this fox demon, Lin Ling.”

Thereafter, Lu Li and Alice also joined.

At this moment, Ying Ying heard Lu Ze’s voice.

Ying Ying replied, “I can hear you.” Lu Ze looked at Amos and said, “Can you let them sense a peak cosmic cloud state chi?”

Ying Ying nodded. “Sure.”

Lu Ze smiled on the inside. “Let’s begin now.”

Ying Ying’s eyes flashed with starlight while crossing the s.p.a.ce. That strand of chi appeared around Lu Ze and the Purple Scale Race. Meanwhile, the other beings on the side didn’t sense anything at all.

Amos and his cohorts suddenly felt a G.o.d-like power descend. Their mind buffered as they stiffened on the spot.

The others s.h.i.+vered in terror.

This chi arrived and left quickly.

Amos had both terror and joy in his eyes.

‘This chi was definitely from a cosmic cloud state!’

It was real!

Lu Ze said, “My master is busy these few days, but he said he can see you after the auction is over.”

Amos smiled. “It’s fine, it’s fine. His business is more important of course. We can wait.”

He breathed easy.

He could use this time to begin thinking of what gift he could possibly give to make a good impression.

Suddenly, he smiled wider. “Since the master is busy, why don’t you stay with us these few days, little guy? You can meet your own race. You probably rarely get to see them, right?”

Lu Ze frowned. “Don’t call me little guy, my name is Long Batian!”

Subsequently, Lu Ze contemplated before nodding. “In that case, I’ll go have a look.”

Amos nodded and laughed. “Okay Batian, let’s go back first.”

During this time, Amos’ communication device rang. He looked at Long Batian, who didn’t show any reaction, so he answered it. When he heard the contents, his smile dropped. “Human Race? Okay, we’re coming!”

Amos sneered. ‘With Batian, that Lu Ze was just a clown.’