Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 79 - Did I cultivate fake martial arts?

Chapter 79 - Did I cultivate fake martial arts?

Chapter 79: Did I cultivate fake martial arts?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze laid on his bed with an expression of satisfaction on his face.

The few days of survival in the wilderness were very harsh. His bed at home was much more comfortable.

He really just wanted to be a lazy fish today.

At this moment, his eyes lit up. He thought of something so he quickly sat up.

On planet Nanfeng, he was worried about exposing the light orbs so he didn’t use them to cultivate for a few days.

He felt very uncomfortable not using them to cultivate every day.

Not very good… Lu Ze felt that he was addicted to cultivation.

But now, he planned to verify his idea. He was going to try to use the light orbs directly inside his mind.

His mental force started to enter the dimension in his mind and it reached out and touched a faint red orb and tried to absorb it.

Soon, the faint red orb flashed and disappeared from the dimension.

Then, Lu Ze felt a powerful force surge through his body which slowly nourished his body. An invisible force field seemed to have formed in his mind that completely covered his body.

He opened his eyes and looked at his body. There was nothing abnormal on the surface but dark currents flowed underneath his skin.

A sliver of excitement flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes.

His plan worked!

From now on, he could cultivate without even taking out the little light orbs.

The energy of the little light orb continued to nourish Lu Ze’s body.

Lu Ze found that even though his body had already reached the full refinement stage, the light orb still slowly increased the power of his body.

Wasn’t there a limit to humans?

He felt that he seemed to have been cheated.

Although his body could still be improved, Lu Ze still decided to bring chi into his body and make a breakthrough to the spirit martial state.

The power of his body and spirit power would, of course, mean more power!

Thinking about this, he reached out his palm and grabbed the computer from the desk with his wind G.o.d art.

Lu Ze excitedly went to the Federation martial arts website.

This was the sacred grounds of martial arts for humans. Other than some unique cultivation methods and martial techniques belonging to families, all the other cultivation methods and martial techniques have been collected.

Some were free and everyone could download them. Others required martial arts website points or federation contribution points.

Lu Ze used his ident.i.ty to log in and opened the spirit martial state section.

‘Chi Attraction Chant’, ‘Five Years Cultivation Three Years Practical Battle’, ‘Basics of Using Spirit Force’, ‘From Reaching Spirit Martial State to Giving Up’…

Oh my, there are this many?

Lu Ze looked at all sorts of available courses and felt troubled.

Because the government highly promoted martial arts, all cultivation methods were free. Scientists and martial arts achievers studied the elf race and created the ‘Chi Attraction Chant’ based on human needs.

This was the most suitable cultivation method for humans. Anyone who reached spirit martial state could cultivate it and it was about time for Lu Ze to cultivate it.

Lu Ze was hopeful. He wondered just how much stronger he would become after directing chi into his body…

He clicked download and it finished instantly. Then, Lu Ze opened it and started studying it.

The martial warrior state was the foundation of martial arts. The stronger foundation you had, the easier attracting chi was for you and the more chi you could attract. Your dantian would also be able to store more spirit chi.

Lu Ze felt happy. With his body refinement level, he would be able to store and attract huge quant.i.ties.

Because he had used quite a few faint purple light orbs, Lu Ze’s learning capabilities were quite good. He just looked at it a couple of times and pretty much remembered the entire cultivation method.

He sat with his legs crossed and closed his eyes. Then, he started using the ‘Chi Attraction Chant’.

Soon, he felt spirit chi being pulled out of the surrounding s.p.a.ce and rus.h.i.+ng to his body.

However, something that Lu Ze never expected happened.

After the spirit chi entered his body, it didn’t listen to him at all. It just found a nearby cell and stayed there. It didn’t go through his meridians and didn’t seem to plan to go into his dantian.

Lu Ze: “???”

Wait, this didn’t go as planned!

The chant clearly said to draw the chi past the 12 main meridians and then the Ren and Du meridians before eventually settling at the dantian!

How come my spirit chi just found a random place to stay?!

Lu Ze was dazed. Did I cultivate fake martial arts?

He attempted to use the sliver of spirit chi he just attracted and discovered that there were no restrictions to using it.

However, as soon as he stopped using it, the spirit chi wouldn’t move and just settled to wherever it was pushed to.

Lu Ze was utterly bewildered. Was he even considered to be in the spirit martial state?!

This didn’t seem very good… What medicine can cure lazy spirit chi?

Worry not, let me think!

Lu Ze frowned.

He decided to check the strange phenomenon section of the ‘Chi Attraction Chant’.

There were all sorts of questions and some people would answer them.

Lu Ze carefully glanced through all sorts of questions.

Question: “Why can I still not draw spirit chi into my body after meditating for a day?”

Answer: “If you’re not doing something else while meditating then you should give up. You have no cultivation talent.”

Question: “Why is there a piercing pain when the chi goes past the Ren and Du meridians?”

Answer: “The chi pathway is wrong; go from feet to hands.”

Question: “Why does skin refinement hurt so much, I want to cry…”

Answer: “…Little kid, you came to the wrong place, and body refinement is supposed to hurt…”


There were a few hundred pages of questions and answers. Lu Ze even searched for the keywords spirit chi and laziness. There was not a single match.

He felt like he going to have a heart attack.

Why is my spirit force this strange?!

Lu Ze left the questions and answers section for the ‘Chi Attraction Chant’.

An hour later, Lu Ze found some results in a blog in the mortal evolution state section.

It was about the use of spirit chi after evolving beyond a mortal.

It was pretty much about how after breaking through the aperture opening state, the martial artist would reach the stage of evolving beyond a mortal and entering the spirit phase. Spirit chi would spread to every cell of the body. After that point, the use of spirit chi is no longer the same. One would need to slowly learn to use the new law.

This was a very helpful blog written by some master who just broke through from mortal evolution state to planetary state.

After spirit martial state, it went abstruse martial state, core martial state, aperture opening state, mortal evolution state and then planetary state.

All those martial artists at planetary state and above are called planetary martial artists. They could survive in s.p.a.ce with only their bodies.

That meant that they weren’t ordinary people!

Lu Ze: “???”

So, not only my spirit qi is lazy?

So, all those at mortal evolution state and above’s spirit qi is lazy?

Still, the problem here, is that he is just a newbie spirit martial state!