Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 811 - Amos: Need to Think of a Way to Keep Him!

Chapter 811 - Amos: Need to Think of a Way to Keep Him!

Chapter 811 Amos: Need to Think of a Way to Keep Him!

Inside the room, Ambrose looked at Lu Ze. “Sir, what is the item you would like to auction then?”

Lu Ze took out the egg.

It looked the same as when Lu Ze first got it. It was completely black while it contained some complex runes.

Ambrose was taken aback. A second later, he asked in utter shock, “T-this… this is an insectoid queen egg?!”.

He looked at Lu Ze in surprise. This man from the Purple Scale Race was only a planetary state. How could he possess such a thing?

Lu Ze confirmed it “Yes, that’s right.”

Ambrose inquired, “Can I appraise it first?” Lu Ze agreed and handed the egg over.

Ambrose took the egg and scanned it with his mental force while observing carefully. He even took out a golden device to check it.

Moments later, he let out a breath and took a deep look at Lu Ze. He smiled. “How should I address you, sir?”

Lu Ze raised his head a bit. “I’m Long Batian.”

Ambrose nodded. “Your egg is genuine. It can be auctioned. Are you going to commission us to sell it for you?”

Lu Ze nodded plainly. “Yes.”

Ambrose smiled. “Thank you, Sir Long Batian for trusting our auction house. Let’s proceed with the commission procedures now.”

Lu Ze nodded and signed the contract.

Soon, everything was all done, and Lu Ze said, “If there’s nothing else, I’m going first.”

Ambrose smiled. “Do as you please, sir.”

Lu Ze walked out of the room.

Ambrose narrowed his eyes.

He investigated this youth carefully just then. He was very young and talented. Purple Scale Race…

He recalled it was a cosmic system state civilization. ‘When did they have a prodigy like him?’ ‘Where did he get the queen egg?’

This thing isn’t so easily acquired by anybody.

Lu Ze walked out, and the girl at the door became dazed.

‘He actually came out?’

Meaning, he really did have a precious auction item!

She bowed. “Sir, do you need any other services?”

Lu Ze shook his head. “No.”

He then simply walked out of the auction house.

The star states and cosmic system states looked at his back with flas.h.i.+ng eyes.

‘Does this planetary state minor really have precious items?’

‘What is it?’

At this moment, Ambrose walked out and glanced across the place with his sharp eyes. Everyone looked away, but they made up their mind to investigate that youth later…

Lu Ze continued walking in an intimidating manner as he left.

He felt quite great. He walked out of the region and wanted to find a place to go back to.

During this time, he heard a familiar voice.

“Who are you? I haven’t seen you back at our race.”

Lu Ze turned around and saw the Purple Scale Race Elder Amos staring at him in confusion. There were a few star states and planetary states behind Amos as well.

Lu Ze: “???”

‘Was he this unlucky?’

Amos was quite annoyed. Although he explained what happened to his allies and they didn’t protest about it, he could still feel there was some distance between them now.

Their race organized this secret realm excavation and pretty much lost all their younger prodigies.

On top of that, every race lost a cosmic system state and some star states.

The death of a cosmic system state was a serious injury to the entire race. If they all lost one, it would be fine, but only the organizer, Amos, survived.

‘Who could handle that?’

Meanwhile, the Purple Scale Race couldn’t let Amos die either. They paid large sums of compensation.

Amos felt he was the sinner of his race and was rather depressed. Luckily, his race remained understanding and supported him instead.

Yet, how come he encountered a prodigy from the Purple Scale Race right now who didn’t come with them?

His character setting was a cold domineering prodigy, so he put on a neutral expression. However, deep inside, he was extremely worried.

Out of nowhere, a bold idea came to Lu Ze.

With this, his expression changed. His tone contained some heaviness in it. “Purple Scale Race…”

Amos and the others: “???”

He looked at Lu Ze in confusion.

‘Aren’t you someone from the Purple Scale Race too?’

‘Why are you looking at them like that?’

Amos frowned and glared with authority. “Who are you? Where did you come from? Did you follow our s.h.i.+p?”

Lu Ze’s face went cold earlier. He wanted to turn around but stopped himself. He responded coldly, “I have nothing to do with the Purple Scale Race.”

Then, he proceeded to leave. Amos and the others were confused. They were of the same race.

‘How could they have nothing to do with each other?

Amos commanded, “Stop!”

His chi surged and a powerful pressure bore down on Lu Ze.

Lu Ze felt his body sink. The pressure, which could stop a peak planetary state from moving, fell on him.

Nevertheless, this pressure was actually too weak for Lu Ze. He sneered and shook off the pressure.

Amos and the rest couldn’t believe what they just saw. ‘Did this guy shrug off the pressure with his body alone?’

‘Whose prodigy was this?’ Amos’ tone softened a little, but the pressure became capable of suppressing a level-1 star state.

“Kid, you’re from the Purple Scale Race too. Why are you running away from me? I’m the elder of the Purple Scale Race. Is that not enough to stop you…”

His eyes ended up dazed even before he could finish speaking because he saw some dark golden light flash from Lu Ze’s body, and the pressure was brushed aside again.


‘Super prodigy!’ Amos felt his brain was shaking.

This random kid was a super prodigy, more talented than Hao Yushang! G.o.d bless the Purple Scale Race!

He had to keep this kid! That way, he could make up for his mistakes.

Right now, Lu Ze was very worried. He just wanted to act as a lonely wanderer, and yet, this elder wanted to keep him.

Lu Ze glared coldly at Amos and sneered, “Elder of the Purple Scale Race? So threatening! I’ll say it for the last time. I have nothing to do with the Purple Scale Race. Stop hara.s.sing me. Otherwise, I won’t be polite anymore!”

Amos smiled warmly. “Kid, I don’t know what you’ve gone through, but since we’re from the same race, I won’t harm you. How about you come back with me today and we’ll have a good chat first?”