Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 810 - Being Arrogant Is the Mission Statement

Chapter 810 - Being Arrogant Is the Mission Statement

Chapter 810 Being Arrogant Is the Mission Statement

Lu Ze smiled at Lu Li and the girls. “Let’s go back first.”

They were originally going to find a random shop to sell the egg, but now that they knew there was an auction ground, it was better to trade it there.

Lu Li and the rest of the group nodded.

Back at the hotel, Lu Ze closed the door.

Nangong Jing asked, “What are you planning to sell?”

Lu Ze grinned. “Remember the insectoid queen egg we got at the void border?”.

Everyone was taken aback. Then, Lin Ling smiled. “That egg can be sold indeed. There’s still a life force within the egg. It shouldn’t be cheap.”

The egg was definitely a precious item.

The egg that the Black Smoke Race was experimenting with in the Human Race, as well as the egg they got from the void border, all originated from the ruins left by the prodigy who belonged to the Crystal Race.

Yi Lei was a level-9 star state at the time. He could even escape from a level-5 cosmic system state from the Insectoid Race.

Even he wanted the queen egg. Clearly, it wasn’t something ordinary. If he sold it, he would definitely get a good price for it.

Suddenly, Lu Ze wondered whether that guy had been revived. The Crystal Race was a powerful race in the East region.

Lu Ze was rather curious.

“Wait, let me use transformation G.o.d art to hide my ident.i.ty and then go to the auction grounds. Don’t come with me.”

The other girls nodded.

It was best not to sell the queen egg as a human. It wouldn’t be too good if other races plotted to steal it.

Lu Li looked at Lu Ze. “Be careful.”

“It’s fine, we have Ying Ying.” Lu Ze rubbed Ying Ying’s face. “Ying Ying, after I transform, can you block other beings from detecting


His transformation G.o.d art wasn’t too advanced. It could trick an ordinary star state but not a cosmic system state.

There were high chances that there might be cosmic system states at the auction grounds.

Ying Ying nodded. “Sure.”

Lu Ze wasn’t surprised. She might be a foodie, but she was a real powerhouse.

Alice asked, “What being are you planning to change to?”

Lu Ze was dumbfounded. He hadn’t actually thought about it.

‘Should I change to someone from the Blade Demon Race, particularly Kakarot?’

No, this was the Elf Cosmic Realm. The Blade Demon Race belonged to the Demon Realm. He would be killed on sight if he went with that choice.

Lu Ze grinned. “I have a bold idea.”

He flashed with white light and turned into a person covered in purple scales.

The girls laughed. Qiuyue Hesha remarked, “Little brother Lu Ze, you’re so cheeky.”

If word got out that the Purple Scale Race sold the egg, they would become quite famous.

Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “Lu Ze, you’re too


Lu Ze reb.u.t.ted, “I’m not? The Purple Scale Race wants to become famous, don’t they? They wanted that guy who was killed by the black leopard to s.h.i.+ne brightly at the prodigy ranking battle.”

At this moment, Lu Ze smiled at Ying Ying. “Ying Ying, help me block detection.”

Ying Ying looked at Lu Ze and moved back. “Lu Ze is so ugly.”

Lu Ze: “???”

The girls laughed. The beings of the Purple Scale Race were indeed hideous in terms of appearance.

It was quite funny after seeing Lu Ze like this.

He argued back, “I don’t want to be this ugly. I’m sacrificing myself for the greater good, so I can give the Purple Scale Race a surprise.”

“Ying Ying, hurry up and do it. We’ll head there immediately.”

Ying Ying’s eyes flashed with starlight, and Lu Ze was soon surrounded by that light.

A moment later, it disappeared.

Ying Ying nodded. “Done.”

Lu Ze wanted to pat Ying Ying’s head, but she quickly moved away.

Lu Ze: “…”

He turned around and disappeared from the


Lu Ze emerged on a busy street.

The others saw his figure and got dazed for a moment.

‘s.p.a.ce G.o.d art?!’

They didn’t expect to encounter such a prodigy. Lu Ze glanced across the entire crowd expressionlessly.

Lu Ze, who had read the actor’s manual many times, had developed some acting skills. He was now a domineering, unparalleled prodigy of the Purple Scale Race!

When all the beings present saw Lu Ze’s cold and menacing golden eyes, they frowned.

There were quite some star states and a few cosmic system states in the audience.

This prodigy was only a planetary state, and yet, he dared to look at them like that.

They felt quite annoyed.

However, they didn’t do anything in the end. This was the planet for trading after all.

‘Who knew if this guy wasn’t the prodigy of a powerful race?’

Those few cosmic system states took a deep look at Lu Ze’s back. They were going to check what race Lu Ze belonged to.

‘If he didn’t belong to some power race… hmph!’

Lu Ze flew towards the auction grounds.

It wasn’t in the central region of the planet but in the star state region.

Almost instantly, Lu Ze went to the front. It was ma.s.sive, about tens of kilometers wide, and also over a thousand meters tall.

He walked inside.

The receptionists were two beautiful-looking, snow-haired women. They looked at Lu Ze with a trace of surprise.

The auction establishment here was of the highest caliber in the East region. She was a professional receptionist and knew most of the races.

The Purple Scale Race wasn’t famous, but they did have cosmic system states, so they knew about it.

Nevertheless, the Purple Scale Race was just a cosmic system state civilization.

‘Since when did their race dare to be this c.o.c.ky?’

They were shocked. Still, they said nothing about it and greeted him instead, “Welcome.”

Lu Ze didn’t even look at the two girls and remained walking.

He saw there were more than ten people inside. They were mostly cosmic system states. Star states were rare. Right now, Lu Ze was the only planetary state.

Lu Ze breathed easy.

He was a bit worried to see someone from the Purple Scale Race here.

The people felt strange upon seeing how calm he was.

At this moment, a beautiful receptionist smiled. “Sir, please wait in line for your item to be verified. If you have special and precious items, they can be verified ahead of others.”

No wonder these guys were waiting here.

Lu Ze responded plainly, “My item is very precious. It needs to be verified right away.”

The girl was stunned and so was everyone else.

Lu Ze frowned. “I have a precious item for the auction. What? You don’t believe it?”

The girl took a deep look at Lu Ze’s eyes and smiled. “Sir, of course, we won’t doubt our customers.”

She bowed. “Please wait a moment, I’ll report


This auction building has a cosmic cloud state at its back. If this punk from the Purple Scale Race dared to mess with them, he would very much regret coming to this world.

Lu Ze didn’t answer and just sat down haughtily.

He only had one mission, and that was to act arrogant.

Moments later, a golden-skinned handsome humanoid male came out. The girl followed behind him.

Golden Spear Race!

The auction was quite lucrative, so it was held in turn by the few cosmic cloud state civilizations on the planet. Golden Spear Race was one of them.

Lu Ze couldn’t sense this man’s chi at all. He was probably a cosmic system state. The foyer fell silent when the man entered the scene.

The man approached and studied Lu Ze before smiling. “I’m the appraiser of the auction, Ambrose, please follow me.”

Lu Ze was surprised that his att.i.tude was so polite.

Lu Ze nodded. “Okay.” He followed the man into a room on the side.