Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 806 - Death of a Cosmic System State

Chapter 806 - Death of a Cosmic System State

Chapter 806 Death of a Cosmic System State

Lu Ze glanced at the hiding s.p.a.ce pirates and smiled at Nangong Jing and the girls. “I’m going to find someone stronger to play with. You guys, be careful.”

Thereafter, he disappeared from the spot.

That star state pirate felt dumbfounded.

‘Gone? That monster left just like that?’

He felt like he was granted a second chance at life.

‘I need to run!’

The moment he had that thought, his mind ended up dazed, and his head suddenly ached. Right then, the headless body of the s.p.a.ce pirate drifted off.

Barbarian man: “???”

He looked at Nangong Jing who was next to the body.

‘Why was this woman so strong too?!’

Nangong Jing withdrew her fist and sneered, “Hmph, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is looking down on us for sure! He didn’t even bring us next to a stronger opponent. We must work hard. We must kill more pirates than him!”

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed. “Yes, we can’t let him underestimate us!”

Qiuyue Hesha, Lu Li, and Alice all agreed with a nod.

They didn’t want Lu Ze to brush them aside. Hence, they also took off in search of other opponents.

The man from the Barbarian Race was left. He began to doubt life.

Moments later, he turned around and went to help a nearby ally. Soon, Lu Ze found a suitable opponent far away. In the midst of a fight, a middle-aged man was holding a huge sword. His cultivation level reached the level-3 star state. Currently, he was fighting three level-3 star state pirates.

Lu Ze had an impression of this man. He should be on the same generation as Jack’s grandfather.

From what he recalled, his name was Claurence. Lu Ze had seen Jack greet the man. Claurence noticed Lu Ze when he killed that level-1 star state. Hence, when the latter came over, he asked, “Lu Ze, I’ll give you one for practice. Are you confident?”

Lu Ze smiled and glanced at the three star state s.p.a.ce pirates. “Thank you, Mr. Claurence. I’ll take one.”

Claurence grinned and swung his sword. The sword covered two pirates and missed the one closest to Lu Ze.

Lu Ze looked at the golden sword light.

‘Heaven Jun Golden Sword!’

It seemed to be Jack’s family heritage divine art.

The divine arts owned by the Human Race weren’t high-level. Even though Claurence was a star state, he still used this divine art. Lu Ze didn’t think much of it.

Right away, a Light-and-Darkness Beam materialized and shot towards the other star state pirate.

The snake-tailed pirate roared, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you underestimate me?!”

Neither the old man nor the young guy took him seriously. This made him furious.

He slapped away the Light-and-Darkness Beam as he charged at Lu Ze.

“Who do you think you are?! You’re just a level-8 planetary state insect. How dare you look down on our Master Guris!”

There was blood mist surrounding his claws as he scratched at Lu Ze’s head.

Guris brimmed with killing intent.

Lu Ze didn’t care about what he said. After all, power didn’t depend on one’s words. In turn, he was actually very excited.

A level-3 star state…

‘Let me see how strong I am!’

‘Fire buff!

‘Darkness buff!’

‘Demonic Burst!’


Lu Ze instantly disappeared from the spot. Accordingly, the claw missed Lu Ze’s head.

During this time, Lu Ze appeared behind Guris. He swung his arm and punched towards the back of his opponent.

Guris s.h.i.+fted to the right and dodged the punch. Right after, his tail attempted to whip Lu Ze.

The powerful force stirred up a s.p.a.ce storm.

Lu Ze gasped.

His body seemed to possess a layer of dark golden light. The tail was easily blocked by this light.

This was the dark metal bug’s defensive divine art.

Lu Ze finally pieced together this divine art and learned it to perfection mastery. Although Nangong Jing and the rest of the girls had this divine art as well, they didn’t reach perfection mastery.

Lu Ze named this divine art “Dark Metal Body”.

Guris couldn’t quite grasp what he had just witnessed. The boy blocked his attack with ease.

Lu Ze grinned and reached out his dark golden hands to grab Guris’ tail. He then started to swing it around.

Guris’ body was turned into a spinning wheel. He couldn’t resist such an overwhelming force at all.

There were desperate howls coming from the wheel. As it spun faster, Lu Ze suddenly released his grip, and Guris flew out at a rapid rate.

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot and appeared before Guris once again. He swung his leg.

Guris spat blood and was flung away.

Lu Ze would never slow down his attack during a battle. He instantly went after Guris and released a punch.

Suddenly, Guris roared. His eyes turned red as he suddenly stopped. The blood mist condensed around his claws, and his chi suddenly soared.

He exchanged blows with Lu Ze’s.


Lu Ze could feel the intensity of the ma.s.sive force.

Right now, his defenses won’t be enough to completely stop it. Consequently, the force tore open Lu Ze’s muscles and bones. Cracks even appeared on his arm as he flew backward.

With that strike, Guris’ body dried up a little, but his chi didn’t weaken at all. He persistently went after Lu Ze, slas.h.i.+ng his claws to tear the other party apart.

However, Lu Ze had already managed to stabilize his condition, so he was able to avoid the claw.

The force swiped past his face, leaving a mark on both his body and face. His blood then dripped out.

‘Demonic Burst!’

Lu Ze s.h.i.+fted to the back and dodged another strike.

Noticing the condition of Guris, who was visibly drying up, he raised a brow.

He probably used some secret technique to raise his power temporarily. However, it had a huge impact on one’s body and wouldn’t last


Just after a few attacks, Guris’ breathing became unstable.

“Don’t dodge!” Guris roared.

Lu Ze argued back, “Don’t chase after me!”

Guris disregarded the words and kept pursuing Lu Ze.

Lu Ze sneered, “In that case, don’t blame me.”

He never stopped dodging Guris either.

Naturally, Lu Ze wasn’t an idiot.

‘Why should I stand and let Guris attack?’

In a short ten seconds, Guris’ chi rapidly became feeble. His body was as thin as a pole now.

Lu Ze grinned. This time, he appeared behind Guris, punching him heavily on the back. The force tore apart the organs of the s.p.a.ce pirate. Guris was thrown backward as his body gushed out a fountain of blood. His life force slowly vanished.

Lu Ze panted. As it turned out, his full-powered state could handle a level-3 star state.

However, he couldn’t wear the armor in the Pocket Hunting Dimension. Otherwise, he would have been able to conquer star state bosses.

Several star states saw the death of Guris. They immediately felt immense pressure.

Those who were above level-3 star state wanted to come and kill Lu Ze. A powerful gray giant roared, “What are you all doing? Can’t you split off so one can kill this brat?”

He held up three powerful beings all by himself. Yet, his teammates were all useless.

The other star states didn’t know why, but it was as if their power would falter every now and then. They should have been able to suppress their opponents, but some problems would randomly crop up. Hence, they were barred from going after Lu Ze.



At this moment, the distant s.p.a.ce rattled and a howl echoed.

Blood painted the cosmos.

The expressions of all the star states changed.

A cosmic system state had died!