Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 805 - Is That Really Suitable?

Chapter 805 - Is That Really Suitable?

Chapter 805 Is That Really Suitable?

Dense cl.u.s.ters of golden needles, as well as fire clones, shot towards the planetary state s.p.a.ce pirates.

Those s.p.a.ce pirates, who were already injured, sensed this powerful threat. Hence, their faces became pale.

Some fled, and some fought with their lives. ‘Rumble!’ ‘Rumble!’ ‘Rumble!’ ‘Rumble!’

After a series of sounds reverberated, the heavily injured s.p.a.ce pirates died on the spot. Those who remained alive became much weaker than before.

Only a few rather strong peak planetary state s.p.a.ce pirates received minor injuries. They had G.o.d arts, so their combat power was much stronger than those who did not.

But now, those c.o.c.ky pirates were just floating bodies.

They watched those few figures with horror.

In the distant star state battlefield, the battles were also exceedingly intense.

The Four-Race Alliance had much fewer star states, but most of their star states had G.o.d arts and even divine arts.

As for the s.p.a.ce pirates, very few of their star states had G.o.d arts or divine arts.

Most of the star states from the Four-Race Alliance could fight two or three individuals at a time. Only a rare few could fight more bodies than that.

As a result, the two sides were at a stalemate.

During this time, they sensed the change at the planetary state battlefield.

The s.p.a.ce pirates received a great shock.

“Level-2 star state combat power?! Which prodigy is that?!”

The star states of the Four-Race Alliance were also dumbfounded for a while.

One star state from the Barbarian Race said in disbelief, “That is… Lu Ze?”

“Lu Ze is this powerful already?!”

Several beings felt speechless.

In terms of power, Lu Ze was almost catching up to them.

They weren’t prepared for it at all!

Zuoqiu Xunshuang held a long silver spear and fought four star states. Simultaneously, she was keeping watch of the planetary state battlefield.

Now, she felt relieved.

She was also very surprised by the leap in Lu Ze’s combat power.

Her spear then created afterimages and pointed towards her opponent, forcing the latter to retreat.

“It seems all your little minions are going to die.”

The s.p.a.ce pirate star states heard this. Their faces didn’t look too good.

At this moment, a gray ten-meter-tall s.p.a.ce pirate, who fought three star states with G.o.d art and divine art from the Four-Race Alliance, retorted, “So what? They’re just planetary states. We can hire more! As long as we kill all of you, those brats will have to die here!”


The attacks of the s.p.a.ce pirates became fiercer.

The beings from the Four-Race Alliance quickly countered the a.s.saults and pursued defensive mode.

Back at the planetary state battlefield, Lu Ze and the girls came upon the s.p.a.ce pirates like tigers entering a flock of sheep. Even those peak planetary state pirates were extremely weak for Lu Ze and the girls.

Nangong Jing, who wasn’t really able to grab an opponent, was extremely fierce. Together with Lu Li, the two almost instantly killed those few peak planetary states. Lu Ze looked around. Those s.p.a.ce pirates were looking at him in terror while fleeing.

He grinned as golden needle divine art also formed around him and instantly pierced through all the remaining s.p.a.ce pirates.

A few thousand corpses floated in s.p.a.ce.

It was a h.e.l.lish scene!

All the planetary state s.p.a.ce pirates were annihilated.

Nangong Jing complained, “You guys are too fast! I didn’t even enjoy my fight.”

Lu Ze smiled and pointed to one region. “That’s just the appetizer. We’ll continue there.”

He didn’t get to enjoy the fight either. These s.p.a.ce pirates were too weak. He wasn’t even forced to go all out.

Hearing the exchange between them, the rest of the beings became dazed. Nangong Jing said with excitement, “Okay! Let’s go beat up some star states!”

Lu Li chuckled. “I haven’t tried fighting a star state yet.” Lin Ling added, “I’ll provide you their weaknesses.”

Qiuyue Hesha chimed in, “The five of us combined can barely fend against little brother Lu Ze for a short while. We should be able to take on some low-level star states.”

Alice poked out her tongue. She put on her G.o.d martial armor. “Let’s put on our combat armor.”

Lu Ze urged, “Let’s go.”


The group proceeded to the star state battlefield.

Man Kun and his cohorts didn’t know what to say. They did nothing and just watched the entire thing

When they were about to fly over, they saw Lu Ze and his group donning their armors and moving towards the star state battlefield.

Everyone: “???”

Qiu Lin stated, “They’re going to the star state battlefield.” Man Kun’s mouth twitched. “We can see it


Eddie lamented, “My heart aches.”

Lin Kuang and his squad received weird glances.

It was too hard having such monsters in their generation…

The star state battlefield was rather far.

Lu Ze and the girls wouldn’t go mess with those high-level star states. They only went to one particular region. One star state from the Barbarian Race was burning with fire as he fought two star states with no G.o.d art.

All of them were level-1 star states.

It seemed the star state from the Barbarian Race didn’t master the fire G.o.d art that well. The situation wasn’t that good.

Upon realizing Lu Ze and the girls were approaching, the faces of the two pirates changed. “It’s that b.a.s.t.a.r.d?!”

The two had seen Lu Ze’s attack. Judging from that, they didn’t think they would be able to handle it.

“Why does he have the courage to come?!”

They felt they lost touch with reality.

It would be such a loss for a prodigy like him to die here.

Did he really need to come here?

They couldn’t figure it out.

Similarly, the star state from the Barbarian Race was shocked. He didn’t expect Lu Ze and the girls to come over.

Lu Ze suddenly burst with demonic chi.

His speed, coupled with his perfect mastery of Demonic Burst, was so much faster than before.

By the time they sensed Lu Ze’s chi, he was already next to them.

He moved next to a rotund being that was 1.5 meters tall and released a punch with dark golden runes. “Die!”

Lu Ze swung his fist towards the head of the pirate.

The creature shrieked as an invisible ripple appeared, forming a clear barrier. “Block!”

‘Bup!” It sounded as though a bubble popped. Lu Ze’s punch made the barrier burst. His fist then landed on the opponent’s head. The dark golden fist force instantly wiped its life force away.

Sensing the graveness of the situation, the other star states looked over.

That gray giant roared in fury, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you’re asking to die!”

He flashed with gray light as he extended a palm towards Lu Ze.

A huge energy ball appeared and shot at the latter.

During this time, a man blocked before the ball. There was a dark red s.h.i.+eld around him, and the energy ball struck this s.h.i.+eld.

The man was pushed back.

At the same time, another star state from the Barbarian Race proceeded to slash the giant’s neck with an enormous ax. Then, a being from the Round Race followed suit, turning his hands into sharp spears so as to pierce through the cracks in the armor of the enemy.

The giant quickly turned around to defend.

The man grinned. “Your opponents are us. Don’t think about other matters.”

Lu Ze looked at the headless body. “He’s a bit weak.”

The mouth of the man from the Barbarian Race twitched.

“This is a normal star state, alright?’

The other star state pirate s.h.i.+vered.

This time, he wanted to go home. This place is terrifying!’