Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 807 - The Mysterious Master Behind Lu Ze

Chapter 807 - The Mysterious Master Behind Lu Ze

Chapter 807 The Mysterious Master Behind Lu Ze

Theoretically, the battle between cosmic system states shouldn’t be decided this quickly. But in just ten minutes, someone died!

This made both sides nervous.

Nevertheless, the s.p.a.ce pirates were more confident since they had more cosmic system states. The odds were in their favor.

The gray giant laughed derisively. “Hahaha! Didn’t expect your cosmic system states to be this weak! You’re all finished…”


“I-impossible… arghhh!!” Before he could complete his words, an inexplicable howl could be heard from the distant s.p.a.ce.

Immediately, the gray giant stopped laughing. All the s.p.a.ce pirates became cautious. ‘Is that our boss then?!’

‘How is that possible?!’

‘We had two additional cosmic system states!’

The Four-Race Alliance relaxed a little.

Lu Ze and the human star states weren’t worried at all. They were aware they had Ying Ying on their side and that she always helped the Human Race secretly.

With the death of two cosmic system states, a chain reaction was set off. There were non-stop aggrieved wails.

In just ten seconds, the distant battle was subjected to a terrifying s.p.a.ce storm.

Blood dyed the s.p.a.ce red.

When the cries finally subsided, four lights pa.s.sed through the storm and went to the star state battlefield.

It was the cosmic system states of the Four-Race Alliance.

Man Dali, Doris, and Qiu Lun looked strangely at Elder Nangong as though they saw something eerie.

Elder Nangong had a calm face, but he actually felt great inside.

Ying Ying was a really good kid.

Now, he really got to act cool.

With their arrival, all the star state s.p.a.ce pirates were extremely terrified.

The cosmic system states of the other side returned, but theirs did not. Even an idiot would know what happened by


At this moment, Doris glanced past all the s.p.a.ce pirates and sneered. As it appeared, they were cut by some invisible blade and died on the spot.

Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed. ‘Was this the real power of a cosmic system state?’

His brain couldn’t keep up with the series of events. At one point, all the star states just died without him noticing what truly happened.

With this, everyone felt relieved.

There were injured star states, but at least, no one died. It was mainly because the battle ended too quickly. Numerous star states looked at their cosmic system states with pride.

They were so strong!

The battle might have been four-against-six, but they finished it rather quickly.

Relatively, their capabilities were far from accomplis.h.i.+ng that. The star states felt they needed to work harder.

The mouths of Man Dali and his cohorts twitched after sensing the glances of admiration. They looked oddly at Elder Nangong. ‘How did this old man become suddenly strong? What did he eat?’

Just then, he was able to kill a cosmic system state with a few moves…

Still, they knew that now wasn’t the time to think about this.

Man Dali looked across the injured. “Heal the injured first. The rest of you, come with me to the pirate s.h.i.+ps and investigate.”

A s.p.a.ce pirate crew with six cosmic system states wasn’t considered small, even in the entire eastern region.

They were completely unlucky this time.

Clearly, they would have a lot of treasure.

Elder Nangong looked at Lu Ze and the girls. His mouth twitched.

These little kids were bold enough to join star state battles. They don’t even recognize fear. However, he still felt great about what they did.

He could already foresee the rising of the Human Race.

Elder Nangong smiled. “You guys, go back first. Don’t run around.”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Oh.”

He wasn’t the type to run around.

Nangong Jing and the rest of the girls nodded and flew towards the prodigies of the Four-Race Alliance.

Man Dali and his companions looked at Lu Ze’s group with envy. “Nangong, what is the situation with that kid? What is with his combat power? What about that progress speed?”

Doris was in disbelief. “Half a year ago, he was only a level-3 planetary state. Now, he’s a level-8 planetary state?!”

Qiu Lun commented, “Your offspring and the other little girls aren’t ordinary too… And you, what happened to you earlier?!”

The three looked at Elder Nangong with confusion.

It was too strange. The four of them had been friends for over a thousand years. How could they not know how strong Nangong was?

Elder Nangong smiled. With a hushed voice, he said, “Ze’s talent isn’t bad, right?”

The other three nodded. Man Dali said, “It’s a pity that guy is born in the Human Race. If he belonged to the Cosmic Cloud State Race, his future would be boundless.”

Elder Nangong rolled his eyes. “What’s wrong with the Human Race? Is it that bad?”

The three looked at Elder Nangong speechlessly. ‘Is he not self-aware?’

On the other hand, Elder Nangong felt quite embarra.s.sed too. After all, he couldn’t even give Lu Ze and the girls any rewards for the secret realm. He knew Lu Ze’s talent better than the three. Not even the Elf Race might have such a prodigy. With a mysterious voice, he said, “Actually… that kid has been favored by a super-powerful being and taken in as a disciple…”


Thereafter, he said nothing else and looked at the three with a ‘you-should-know’ face. This was his decision in the meantime. He had to, because Ying Ying’s existence couldn’t be hidden anymore after this s.p.a.ce pirate incident. He could only create the image of a “mysterious master” behind Lu Ze. This could also explain why Lu Ze progressed that much. He had to relay this information to Ze later.

Man Dali and the rest widened their eyes.

Doris looked around and asked, “So, that super-powerful being intervened? Otherwise, your power, we know…”

Elder Nangong’s mouth twitched. ‘What’s wrong with my power? Am I too weak?’

He thought about it. Well, he was indeed weak compared to Ying Ying.

Elder Nangong nodded, confirming Doris’ guess.

The other three had a look of realization.

This explained why Elder Nangong could kill s.p.a.ce pirates and why Lu Ze progressed so fast.

The power of some beings in the universe was unfathomable.

The three were so envious that they were going to explode on the spot.

‘Why did the Human Race take all the good luck?’

Qiu Lun hesitated. He wanted to ask what level that being was.

“To help Elder Nangong kill cosmic system states without them noticing, at the very least, that being should be a cosmic cloud state or above?’ But eventually, he didn’t raise the question anymore. After all, that being might be following them.

‘I shouldn’t annoy that master out of curiosity.’

The other two had exactly the same thoughts.

Their expressions finally returned to normal.

Doris smiled. “With such a figure here, we can now travel safely.”

Man Dali and Qiu Lun nodded. They benefitted from the Human Race this time.

They had arrived at the s.p.a.ce pirate s.h.i.+ps and began searching for valuables.

Lu Ze and the girls went back to where the prodigies were and saw their strange expressions.

Lu Ze asked, “What’s wrong?”

Man Kun looked at Lu Ze like the latter was a monster. “Brother Ze, your power is progressing too fast. I’m really jealous.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Maybe, I’m a bit talented.”

Everyone: “…”