Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 78 - Wait! What is This??

Chapter 78 - Wait! What is This??

Chapter 78: Wait! What is This??


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Seeing the approaching wave of journalists, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He smiled kindly to Xu Yang and said, “Xu Yang, tell Old Li that I will go back to school tomorrow.”

Then, a green light flashed as the wind circulated, allowing him to soar into the sky.

Time to run.

He would go home and wait for his parents.

Seeing Lu Ze fly into the sky, Xu Yang’s face went pale. He opened his mouth, and let out a despaired howl, “Oi, at least take me with you!!”

Seeing this, it was clear they were finished after Lu Ze ran.

Seeing Lu Ze disappear into the sky, everyone looked up. Their faces were full of disbelief.

This guy betrayed them like that?!

Where was his conscience??

They looked at the desperate journalists who turned their hungry eyes to them after losing their main target.

Lu Ze was flying at full speed. If some journalist chased him with a flying s.h.i.+p it would be quite troublesome.

After flying for half an hour, Lu Ze looked around and saw no one chase after him.

Hehe, I’m really smart. I left the opportunity to show off to my pals.

Now, they must be really grateful for what he did right?

Lu Ze felt very happy thinking about how he did something nice.

Then, he took out his phone and opened the navigation. After all, this was his first time. He didn’t know the way.

After selecting the direction, Lu Ze flew toward home.

Time to go home~

An hour or so later, Lu Ze snuck into his yard. He looked at the familiar training ground he used every morning with Lu Li and smiled.

After going out, he found that home was the best.

I, Lu Ze, am a stay home man!

Lu Ze took out his keys and opened the mansion door.

He was planning to give his parents and Lu Li a surprise.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Lu Li standing in the living room and speaking softly, “Welcome back, Brother.”

Lu Ze’s body went stiff. He looked at Lu Li in surprise and asked, “Li, why didn’t you go to school today?”

Lu Li flicked her long hair and smiled gently. “Because Li guessed that Brother would be coming back early, so I applied for a leave and stayed home to wait for you.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

Oh my, did this guy know everything he did?

He instantly didn’t feel secure!

Just when Lu Ze’s eyes were flas.h.i.+ng, Lu Li walked up to Lu Ze naturally.

Then, she softly placed her head on his chest and clutched his clothes tightly.

Lu Ze: “???”

Wait! What is this??

Lu Li’s faint aroma went into his nose, making his body tense and stiff.

This was Lu Li?

That smiling but dark-hearted Lu Li?

Lu Ze couldn’t believe it.

But soon, Lu Ze’s face changed.

He noticed that Lu Li’s body was slightly shaking.


Lu Ze fell silent and reached out his stiff hands and patted her back gently. “Sorry.”

Lu Li’s body stiffened, and then, her shaky voice sounded, “What are you apologizing for Brother? You did nothing wrong.”

Lu Ze’s tense body slowly eased as he patted her back and caressed her long black hair. He said softly, “Did I make you worry? Sorry… Mum and Dad must be worried too? Sorry.”

Although Lu Ze didn’t feel he did anything wrong by fighting the insectoids and saving fellow students, he made his family worry. It was best to apologize.

Lu Li heard this and her body relaxed, but she kept her head on Lu Ze’s chest while groaning, “Since you know, why did you still do it?”

Lu Ze scratched his face and answered, “Some things, if I can do it, then I still have to do it. Staying true to one’s heart is the most important, isn’t it? If there’s danger, I will run. And look, I fulfilled the promise I made to Mum, and I’m not injured. I also won the bet with you.”

Lu Li laughed in anger and said, “You’re still thinking about that?!”

Lu Ze heard this and his heart went cold. “You’re not planning to cheat are you??”

If that happened, he would lose motivation.

Lu Li suddenly looked up. She glared at Lu Ze with her teary eyes as she retreated and took out the phone from her pocket. She unlocked it and threw it to Lu Ze. “Here, have it.”

Lu Ze caught it like it was a treasure.

He found the recording and deleted it in one go.

Seeing this, Lu Ze breathed in comfort.

Just when Lu Ze was giving the phone back to Lu Li, she smiled and shook her head. “You can have the phone, I bought a new one.”

Then, Lu Li took out her new phone and waved it. Then, she pressed play. That familiar voice sounded again.




Lu Ze looked dazedly at Lu Li. “Wait! Didn’t you say you would give me the recording??”

Lu Li flicked her long hair and said gently, “Li already gave it to brother? I even gave the phone. This is just a backup. Li has backups in many cloud drives.”

Lu Ze’s body went stiff, and his face was lifeless.

He just thought she was cute and warm for worrying about him…

Her heart was indeed very dark!!

At this moment, Lu Li smiled and said, “Brother must be tired from the trial~ Go upstairs and take a break? When Mum and Dad come home, we’ll eat dinner. I will be going back to my room too.”

Then, she ignored the lifeless Lu Ze and went upstairs.

Lu Ze held down his sour feeling and dragged his body upstairs. He went into his room and closed the door.

He went into self-isolation.

In Lu Li’s room, Lu Li laid on the bed in embarra.s.sment. She covered her face with the blanket as her chest was palpitating rapidly.

Moments later, she took out the new phone carefully and opened the clip. Inside, there was a picture of Lu Ze embracing Lu Li while caressing her long hair.

Lu Li smiled at the two in the clip as her face went red.

She watched it a few times before carefully uploading it to cloud disks and setting up a complicated pa.s.sword.

Then, she rolled around on her bed until she wrapped herself entirely in the blanket. Her soft laugh echoed in the room.