Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 800 - Non-stop Super Beasts

Chapter 800 - Non-stop Super Beasts

Chapter 800 Non-stop Super Beasts

From the cracks, Lu Ze kept flying down.

Violent winds blew past, but he still couldn’t see the bottom of the crevice.

Later on, he could subtly see the outline of the bottom part.

Lu Ze sped up.

When he landed, he looked around and realized that it was indeed as he thought.

‘I finally found that underground world.’

But it was different from when he ended up directly here. He could sense quite some powerful chi from the crevice. There was even a chi originating from a few star states.

The beast roars echoed non-stop as well. Lu Ze proceeded in a random direction.

A few hours later, a thud reverberated in the underground world.

Lu Ze killed a level-9 planetary state demonic dog with a single punch.

He breathed out and wiped the sweat from his forehead. Thereafter, he used wood G.o.d art, super regeneration, and light G.o.d art. His injuries recovered quite a bit. Then, he picked up the orbs on the ground.

There was a blue crystal and a red crystal.

This was indeed the underground world!

The loot was great.

In a few hours, Lu Ze killed three level-9 planetary state beasts.

The beasts in this region wandered alone. The battles caused a huge commotion, but no bosses came to watch the show.

Even if Lu Ze couldn’t beat a level-9 planetary state beast, he could simply run away.

In a single day, Lu Ze managed to annihilate four level-9 planetary states.

Every point of distance in the underground world, there would be a huge stone pillar.

Lu Ze could scan around and gauge the present chis below the pillar.

After all, he encountered that demonic wolf under one last time. The location of the one-time-use divine art rune was there.

A few hours later, Lu Ze paused. He turned to look at a distant pillar.

It was that familiar chi!

He rushed towards that place without any qualms.

There was a huge cave below the pillar.

He couldn’t sense it too clearly, but he could feel the powerful chi coming from the cave.

It must be that super beast without a doubt.

As Lu Ze inched closer, a low growl followed and a dark light charged out.

It was a gorilla with a horn. It seemed these horned gorillas also had super beasts.

Without hesitation, Lu Ze released his full power.

He used both buff divine arts and blood lightning Lu Ze instantly disappeared from the spot. “Roar!!”

The gorilla roared in rage while it charged at Lu Ze.

The two figures clashed.

A huge sharp claw clashed with a tiny fist. The resulting shockwave spread across all directions. The ground was shattering and rubbles were flying everywhere. The gorilla roared in pain and was thrown away.

A sliver of light flew in Lu Ze’s eyes as he chased after it with the intention of punching its head.

At this moment, black complex runes appeared on the ape’s body, and it disappeared from the spot as well.

Lu Ze’s fist hit an afterimage.

Dark golden fist force surged and penetrated the ground.

Simultaneously, the gorilla appeared behind Lu Ze. There was a black light on its claw as it swiped at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze felt the lethal threat behind him. Yellow runes flashed in his eyes as an Earth s.h.i.+eld materialized behind him. ‘Rumble!

The Earth s.h.i.+eld cracked, but Lu Ze s.h.i.+fted his position in that instant and punched the claw.


There was another clash, and both of them fell back.

Lu Ze ended up in a faraway area. Blood runes flashed in his eyes as he used Lightning Travel divine art at full power and charged towards the gorilla again.

The gorilla moved its claw away due to pain and charged back in fury.

Explosions occurred throughout the place.

The two figures flickered in the air non-stop.

In a short instant, they clashed over a hundred times.

The shockwaves ravaged the ground. However, with every clash, the gorilla would howl in pain.

Gradually, the howls became wails. Its claw was broken as it bled profusely.

Lu Ze charged up again and shot out a Light-and-Darkness Beam.

The gorilla was forced to dodge.

Subsequently, Lu Ze went for its head again using his fist.

The gorilla only had a bare amount of time to raise its right hand.


The sound of bones breaking could be discerned.

Lu Ze’s punch landed heavily on its head. Thud!’

The gorilla was buried deeper into the ground, creating a hole. It lay there bloodied.

Before it could even react, Lu Ze landed on it and continued to throw down punches.

Blood splashed on Lu Ze’s white face.

Lu Ze soon stopped after realizing the other party was dead. He wiped out the blood from his face and watched the body slowly turn to dust.

Like the super metal insect, there were super red and purple orbs, G.o.d art orbs, divine art runes, two blue crystals, and two red crystals.

Lu Ze grinned. “These super beasts gave out superb drops.’ He picked them up and happily flew off towards the cave.

The black rune was floating in the air with demonic chi.

Lu Ze touched the rune and received information from it.

‘This was a one-time divine art rune!’

In the same vein, it could allow a being to have explosive speed in an instant. It also lasted for half an hour without Lu Ze needing to consume energy.

Lu Ze resumed hunting.

Ten hours later, Lu Ze stood amidst a crater.

A demonic wolf slowly disappeared as Lu Ze panted. This was the third super beast Lu Ze conquered.

Lu Ze picked the drops up.

Like the super metal insect divine art rune shard before, he just needed to find four pieces to get a complete divine art.

He already got three pieces now. He just needed to find one more.

Lu Ze was hopeful.

As his cultivation level grew higher, Lightning Travel divine art could no longer satisfy him.

‘I want to be faster and stronger!’

Lu Ze picked the things up and went to the cave. It also contained a one-time divine art rune.

Lu Ze took off again.

Three hours later, he found another cave.

‘There was powerful chi inside!’

Lu Ze charged in without pausing.

At this juncture, the chi exploded, and a black light dashed out in front of Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was stunned and stayed where he was.

He looked at this demonic wolf and sweated cold.

‘Was it a planetary state wolf that reached the peak state?’

He had to run!

The wolf roared and disappeared from the spot.

Before Lu Ze could react, his body went cold.

Once again, Lu Ze woke up back in his room.

His mouth twitched.

He might not even be able to beat ordinary planetary states at peak stage, let alone a super beast… Nevertheless, Lu Ze soon became excited.

The rewards this time were first-rate!

There were three divine art rune shards, three one-time divine art runes, six super blood crystals, six super blue crystals, as well as all sorts of orbs.

Lu Ze grinned.

He would use the super blue crystals upon completing the divine art. The super blood crystals could improve his body by a huge margin.

There were super red crystals that could speed up his cultivation too.

It was such a fantastic loot!

When the painful sensation vanished, Lu Ze began to cultivate.