Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 801 - Easy Oscar

Chapter 801 - Easy Oscar

Chapter 801 Easy Oscar

Twenty days later, Planet Lanjiang.

A private s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, bearing the shape of a golden droplet, entered the atmosphere.

Inside, Nangong Jing took a sip of wine and rambled, “We’re here.”

Lu Ze grinned. “Let’s go out.” Lu Li and Alice nodded. They hadn’t seen their parents for a year. Although they didn’t say anything, they still quite missed them. The group alighted, and Nangong Jing put the s.h.i.+p back into her storage ring and followed suit.

The Golden Whirl stopped directly above Lu Ze’s house.

If they pa.s.sed through the s.p.a.ce station, it would create quite a ruckus. That would be too troublesome.

Soon, the group set foot in Lu Ze’s yard.

Lu Ze looked at the familiar place and smiled.

“Haven’t been back here for so long.”

Lu Ze looked at the martial arts gym not far away.

A year ago, he and Lu Li were just sparring here. He was beaten up by her quite badly then.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze glanced at Lu Li. She happened to be looking at Lu Ze too. The two shared a smile.

Qiuyue Hesha teased, “Stop looking, we’re still here.”

Lu Li looked away, and her face blushed while Lu Ze smiled awkwardly.

He quickly said, “Alright, let’s go inside. I wonder if mom and dad are home.”

The group walked towards the door and entered, only to discover that Fu Shuya and Zhu Hong Lian were both there. They were watching TV dramas.

At the same time, there were all sorts of snacks on the table. They each had a bag of chips.

Fu Shuya ended up dazed but then immediately rejoiced. “Good boy, you guys are back?”

Zhu Hong Lian smiled at them.

With her power, she naturally noticed Lu Ze and the girls as soon as they arrived, but she didn’t reveal it.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched upon seeing the snacks.

‘How old were they really?’

‘How come they were fully armed just to watch shows?’

‘How terrifying!’

Lu Ze smiled before responding.

“Yes, I’m back.”

Thereafter, he went to sit next to Fu Shuya.

Lu Li did the same.

Alice snuggled into Zhu Hong Lian’s arms. “Mom, did you miss me?”

Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling greeted the other two, Fu Shuya and Zhu Hong Lian. Likewise, they proceeded to sit on the couch.

Fu Shuya looked at Lu Ze and then the girls. Her mouth twitched.

She already had made some guesses before. Furthermore, a major portion of the media speculated about Lu Ze’s relations.h.i.+ps.

Seeing the interactions among them at this time, she finally became certain of her conjecture.

‘All these excellent girls had a relations.h.i.+p with my boy!’

Her son was pretty amazing. Fu Shuya felt great and began talking to the rest.

As for Zhu Hong Lian, she felt rather helpless regarding the situation. She had hoped Alice would be happy. However, the other girls were exceptionally talented as well, and things had already developed like this already…

There wasn’t much she could say.

At first, Fu Shuya only paid attention to Lu Ze until she s.h.i.+fted her focus to Lu Li and the rest of the girls.

Lu Ze soon found he couldn’t intervene in their conversation at all. Hence, he could only remain sitting while listening.

Right then, the scene on the TV showed a handsome-looking guy holding a beautiful girl. Behind them was a war setting that was overtaken by the fire.

Focusing on the armor of the girl, several cracks could be seen on it. Even worse, she was covered in blood.

The girl went to caress the face of the handsome-looking guy. “I… can’t make it… you must… live on…”

When the words fell, teardrops went streaming down his eyes. The guy shook his head. “No, stop! I won’t let you die!”

Despite his protest, the girl still closed her eyes, and her hand fell lifelessly.

The guy let out an anguished cry.

Lu Ze: “…”

He felt his acting skills were definitely better than that guy. Of course, he was much better-looking than the other party as well.

If he went up and replaced him, it would be an easy Oscar.

‘I am the man who could act in front of all those cosmic system states!’

Nangong Jing and the rest felt quite touched by the drama.

Alice looked at Lu Ze, and her eyes quickly reddened. “This is so touching.”

Lin Ling also shared the same sentiment.

The rest of the girls also glanced at Lu Ze. Lu Ze: “???”

‘Was it that touching?’

He scratched his head.

Lu Ze spent a few arduous hours listening to their conversation until finally, Merlin and Lu Wen entered the room.

They were stunned for a moment after seeing the group. Soon, Lu Wen smiled strangely. “Oh, the Monarch of the New Dawn is back?”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “What is this tone, Dad?”

Lu Wen sneered and didn’t respond. His daughter was stolen by this kid. He was displeased and annoyed.

‘Wasn’t he already satisfied with the other girls beside him?!’

Merlin also looked at Alice. Similarly, he scoffed. He and Lu Wen shared the same stance regarding this matter.

Lu Ze felt aggrieved.

‘I am very innocent!’

In the following second, Alice and the girls went to cook while Lu Wen and Merlin sat down, asking Lu Ze about the recent events.

Lu Ze could finally breathe easily. At least now, he didn’t need to listen to the girls talk about shopping.

When dinner was finished, Lu Ze gave Lu Wen and Fu Shuya a new batch of red orbs.

Their cultivation level only reached the core martial state. Lu Ze even went to the second and third maps to finish off monsters just for them.

It was all too easy for him in those fields.

Unexpectedly, Merlin didn’t even mention anything about sparring with Lu Ze, rendering the latter surprised.

A while back, Lu Ze even planned to give him a surprise.

After becoming a level-6 planetary state, his combat power shouldn’t be weak.

However, upon pondering about it, Lu Ze guessed that Elder Nangong probably told Merlin about what he did in the secret realm already.

In the next few days, Lu Ze bonded with family during the day and went out. At night, he resumed his cultivation.

After the New Year celebration, the group boarded the Golden Whirl once more and left the Telun System.

In his room on the Golden Whirl, Lu Ze opened his eyes. He writhed in pain, but he was excited.

Today, he finally found the location of the crevice where the underground world could be entered.

Simultaneously, he killed two more level-5 planetary state super beasts in there and acquired two divine art shards. Hence, he could now form a complete divine art rune.

Lu Ze was quite excited. “This was a planetary state divine art!’ It shouldn’t be weak.

Lu Ze couldn’t wait to enter his mental force dimension.

Within it, the five black shards were floating together.

Lu Ze brought the four shards together. Subsequently, the demonic chi enveloped the shards, forming a black orb.

A few seconds later, a complete divine art rune floated around.


Lu Ze calmed himself down. He didn’t begin learning it immediately.

His plan was to return to the Dawn System first and take advantage of the dao enlightenment room to cultivate it. Lu Ze proceeded with learning the demonic chi G.o.d art.

A few days later, the group reached Nangong Jing’s home.

Lu Ze found the underground world again during this time and formed another complete divine art rune, which he then handed out to Nangong Jing.

Her preferred fighting style was to rush forward. Unfortunately, her speed couldn’t keep up. By learning the divine art rune, she would have chances of improving her combat power greatly.

Since Lu Ze already knew where the underground tunnel was, he would be able to get a few more complete divine art runes soon. Then, he would give them to the other girls.

Back at the Dawn System, everyone went to the dao enlightenment room.

They all agreed to come out in ten days.

Lu Ze would have new divine art runes by then. Accordingly, the others could learn it too.

There was still a month left before the East Realm Gathering commenced. Prior to that, Lu Ze decided to have the girls learn the speed-type divine art rune.