Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 799 - Old Friend

Chapter 799 - Old Friend

Chapter 799 Old Friend

The door opened before Lu Ze could knock on Ye Mu’s door.

He walked out excitedly and smiled.” I heard you guys were here, so I planned to go out and have a look. Didn’t expect you to come directly here.”

Lu Ze smiled. “It’s hard for us to return. We came to visit you. Long time no see…”

An excited voice could be heard from his back. “Ye Mu, is Lin Ling here?”

Lu Ze: “???” Lin Ling: “???”

They looked behind Ye Mu.

Ye Mu showed an evil expression. “Qianhua, they’re here.”

Then, he let the group in.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling looked strangely at Tianyuan Qianhua and then at Ye Mu. Ye Mu laughed it off. “Um, I’ll go notify the others.” Thereafter, he fleed from the room.

‘What was going on? Something didn’t seem to be too right.’

Tianyuan Qianhua came up and hugged Lin Ling. “Lin Ling, I haven’t seen you for nearly a year. I miss you so much.”

Lin Ling smiled. “Mhm, I’ve been quite busy during this time.”

Tianyuan Qianhua nodded. “I know, you guys are really amazing now. We were watching the Four-Race Tournament. I didn’t expect you all to be planetary states.”

“Comparatively, Yuqi, Jessica, and I are far worse.”

They had about the same level of power when they entered the first year. Yet, in one short year, the difference between them was this huge. Lin Ling grinned and looked at Lu Ze with pride. ‘If it wasn’t for this guy, she wouldn’t be that much stronger than the three girls.’

Tianyuan Qianhua looked at Lu Ze. “But Ze is still the strongest, much stronger than Ye Mu. You guys don’t know how crazy the dorms became when Lu Ze placed first.”

Lu Ze laughed. “It’s nothing.”

Receiving compliments from friends, rather than strangers, felt different. Lu Ze felt quite happy about it. Lin Ling asked, “Qianhua, you and Ye Mu?” Tianyuan Qianhua blushed and confirmed it. “Yes, we’re together now.”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling looked at each other in disbelief. These two always argued when they were first-year students.

Right then, Tianyuan Qianhua showed a complicated expression. “A lot has happened. I’ll tell you guys slowly later.” Lin Ling nodded.

At this moment, Ye Mu had brought Xuan Yuji, Jessica, Ian, and Xavier over.

The group smiled upon seeing Lu Ze and the girls.

Xuan Yuji remarked, “Lu Ze, Lin Ling, long time no see. My sister was telling me about you guys yesterday.”

Lin Ling ended up dazed. “Sister Yuqi was here yesterday?”

Xuan Yuji nodded. “Yes, she slept over at my place yesterday. Thereafter, she went to planet Jinyao to cultivate in the morning.”

She thought back to when her sister spoke of Lu Ze. Her eyes were burning up. Xuan Yuji felt quite awkward.

But of course, she wasn’t going to reveal this here.

Ian looked at Lu Ze with admiration. “Ze, you came back to visit us. We all saw your fights at the Four-Race Tournament. You’re so amazing!”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched upon looking at Ian’s exquisite face. ‘Why does he still look like a girl?

He patted Ian’s shoulder. “Ian, remember, you’re a guy!”

Ian nodded. “Oh.”

Xavier still had his signature innocent smile. “Ze, long time no see. You did amazing at the Four-Race Tournament.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Of course.”

Jessica was still shy as usual. She just greeted everyone and listened to them chat.

The group sat down on the couch to carry on the conversation. Ye Mu talked about the missions they finished and the things they encountered.

They just did missions inside the Federation but there were still dangers.

On the other hand, Lu Ze told them about the void border. This inspired Ye Mu and the rest.

Even for Federal University graduates, only a rare few could go to the void border. There were even fewer who could go directly after graduating.

Even the top prodigies, such as Margaret, Eldon, and Li Qingyun, chose to stay at the Dawn System and do missions locally after graduating Senior Margaret just broke through to the mortal evolution state not long ago and was appointed young duke. She still needed to wait before she could go to the void border to do missions.

Lu Ze thought that if he were to give red orbs in the future, she would be a good choice.

Despite the difference in power, they still had a great conversation.

Alice even cooked a table of spirit food.

When the sun began to set, the group finally split off.

Before leaving, Lu Ze gave them some cultivation resources that he didn’t need at all.

In the night sky, Lu Ze and the girls slowly flew towards Nangong Jing’s house. Lu Ze sighed. “I didn’t expect Ye Mu to be with Tianyuan Qianhua.” Lin Ling smiled. “I didn’t expect it either. He became more mature.”

Lu Li smiled. “They went through several experiences after all.”

There were dangers in missions. The two helped each other. Naturally, they got together in the end.

Soon, they were back at Nangong Jing’s home.

Upon coming in, they saw two big and one small person lying on the couch.

Nangong Jing looked up with teary eyes. “You’re finally back. We’re starving to death!”

After comforting the three, everyone returned to their rooms to cultivate.

Lu Ze went into the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

It was the familiar forest again.

There was a howl as soon as Lu Ze appeared.


Lu Ze disappeared from the spot.


A wind blade sliced past where he was and struck the tree.

Lu Ze looked around. It was a green fox-type animal.

‘Level-8 planetary state!’

Lu Ze had encountered it before. It had wind G.o.d art. It wasn’t weak, but of course, it was no match for Lu Ze at all.

Lu Ze appeared before the fox and attempted to punch its head.


His fist connected, and the head cracked. It died on the spot.

The body turned to dust, and Lu Ze picked up orbs and a blue crystal.

Lu Ze proceeded with his journey of hunting.

His cultivation level was level-5 planetary state now. Meanwhile, his combat power barely reached the star state. He could at least fight level-9 planetary state beasts now.

He just had to be careful, and he could survive until the night.

Of course, Lu Ze never lived to see the sun the next day.

The star state bosses were more active at night.

Ten hours later, the sky was getting dark. He felt quite great because he earned a lot of loot. He killed a level-9 planetary state and more than ten level-8 planetary states. Naturally, he ma.s.sacred even more lower-level ones.

He earned dozens of blue crystals. This was enough for everyone to use within several days. There were even nine blood crystals.

At this time, Lu Ze went to the border of the forest.

Outside there was a crevice that was a few kilometers wide.

It was pitch black inside.

Lu Ze had an idea.

‘Perhaps this was the entrance to the underground?’

Without hesitation, Lu Ze rushed forward.