Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 790 - Am I Dumb?

Chapter 790 - Am I Dumb?

Chapter 790 Am I Dumb?

Ying Ying rubbed her eyes and extricated herself from the situation. “I’m tired…”

Thereafter, she quickly dropped to the couch as starlight surged around her.

Seeing this, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha stopped bickering. Nangong Jing carried Ying Ying to the bed and covered her with a blanket. Then, she smiled.

“This little guy ate three cosmic system states and had been constantly consuming Ze’s...o...b... Now, she’s beginning to accept her heritage.”

Lin Ling nodded. “Mhm, let her rest for a while.”

In the following two months, they would still be stuck on the s.h.i.+p.

When Ying Ying was settled down, Lu Li looked at Lu Ze and grabbed his arm.

“Brother~ I want to cultivate that darkness divine art.”

Lu Ze smiled.

‘Is she acting cute now?’ ‘Great!’

His smile gradually harbored some evil intentions.

Right then and there, he pointed at his cheek and said, “Mhm, you know it already.”

Lu Li’s smile stiffened. “Are you certain?”

Lu Ze was just about to say yes, but he sensed four chilling stares fixated at him.

He immediately laughed it off. “Just kidding.”

This time, it was his mistake.

He should have known better than that though…

It was best to do these things when they were alone!

By then, he would have the liberty to play as much as he wanted to his heart’s desire.

He regretted being careless…

Upon pondering, Lu Ze decided to say, “By the way, I got some other good stuff during this time.”

He took out the blue crystals accordingly. Nangong Jing looked at them curiously and asked, “What are they?”.

Lu Ze grinned. “It has the same effect as the purple orbs. It can enhance divine art and G.o.d art learning. It can be used in conjunction with purple orbs.”

Everyone rejoiced.

This meant that their divine art cultivation speed would increase once again.

Lu Li smiled and took the blue crystal. “Let me try it.”

Lu Li was different from them. She got the darkness origin crystal.

‘Even Ying Ying said it was something good!’

Maybe… she really had hopes of learning the cosmic cloud state divine art.

If she could, her combat power would probably greatly improve. Lu Ze gave a gentle smile.

“Don’t force it if you can’t. With your progress speed right now, you would be able to learn it soon.”

The corners of Lu Li’s mouth lifted, and she nodded.

Lu Ze took out the essence crystal fruit and dragon blood vine, distributing it among the people. Following that exchange, they returned to their own rooms to rest.

Alice began to study the spirit chef heritage crystal.


Back in his room, Lu Ze sat on the bed as he began cultivating.

He didn’t have time to properly cultivate in the secret realm, but he had already covered one-third of the level-3 planetary state.

If he had time, Lu Ze would enter the Pocket Hunting Dimension to hunt.

During this period, he managed to acquire several level -7 planetary state orbs, as well as level-8 planetary state ones, including some blue and blood crystals too. However, there were far fewer blood crystals compared to blue crystals. He didn’t even have enough for himself now, so he didn’t distribute them to the girls. Lu Ze didn’t encounter those super-beasts again. He hoped he did though because that would mean he would get more precious resources.

Most significantly, he would be able to s.n.a.t.c.h one of those one-time-use runes!

It saved his life before.

Lu Ze used the essence crystal fruit and dragon blood vine first.

His mental force, mental force G.o.d art, body, and body G.o.d art all made quite some progress.

He then used a level-8 planetary state red orb to cultivate.

Five hours later, the energy was completely digested.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes and gauged his progress.

He became elated.

In about twenty days, he would reach the level-4 planetary state.

He set a smaller target to reach the level-5 planetary state in these two months.

In that case, even if he didn’t don his combat armor and reveal all his trump cards, his combat power would still reach the star state.

Lu Ze was very thrilled to think about this possibility.

In the following days, he cultivated during the day and learned the G.o.d arts at night.

When it came to their resting period, they would spend it together at Ying Ying’s room as they fed her. Six days later, everyone was sitting at the table in Ying Ying’s room.

There were all sorts of scrumptious spirit foods.

Ying Ying even drooled because of the intense aroma.

‘She must be really tempted to eat!’ Alice picked a piece of spirit food and placed it before Lu Ze’s mouth. “Senior, try this. This is a dish I learned from that heritage crystal. See if it suits your tastes.” Lu Ze smiled. “I will.”

Accordingly, he ate the red spirit food.

A gentle and warm red energy flowed into his body afterward.

His entire body felt completely relaxed and extremely comfortable. Lu Ze savored the food.

‘It was very crisp and tasty!’

He could even feel the drastic changes in the spirit force within him. It became more active, even growing a little bit stronger than before.

He was quite surprised.

The quality of his spirit force was approaching the star state already. Nevertheless, the spirit food before him still managed to provide an even better clarifying sensation.

Alice looked at him expectantly. “How is it?”

Lu Ze smiled at her. “It’s very delicious and quite useful for spirit force strengthening. This should be very beneficial for you and Li.”

Hearing those words, Alice smiled like an angel. “This is a near-star-state spirit food. It’s one higher level than Zhishuo Shooting Star. However, it can’t increase one’s G.o.d art learning.”

Alice continued, “I’m going to try if I can cook spirit food that helps with learning G.o.d arts.”

Lu Ze rubbed her head. “You can definitely do it.”

Alice beamed with happiness.

On the side, Nangong Jing complained, “Alice is only nice to Lu Ze now. You’re not nice to me anymore.”

She was very close to Alice from a young age. But currently, Alice only fed Lu Ze but not her…

Alice blushed and quickly picked up a golden piece of meat and placed it in Nangong Jing’s mouth as well. “No way, try this, sister Jing.”

Nangong Jing grinned. “Alice is the best.”

After dinner, Lu Ze looked at the tired Lu Li and asked, “Li, if you can’t cultivate that divine art, just leave it there for now. Try again after your cultivation level is higher.”

Lu Li adamantly shook her head and said firmly, “I can cultivate it! It’s just a bit tiring.”

Upon hearing her response, he didn’t say anything anymore.

Once more, everyone returned to their rooms to cultivate.

Lu Ze sat on his bed and entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Right away, he concealed his chi and went off in a random direction to hunt.

He could fight ordinary level – 8 planetary state beasts. However, he couldn’t beat those stronger ones.

Six hours later, Lu Ze found a valley covered with gray rocks. Most of the chis within were above level-5 planetary state.

Lu Ze halted his movements.

He knew what was inside.

It was those beasts that could control rocks!

Such an ability was a branch of earth G.o.d art.

Lu Ze strode in.

The valley was over ten thousand kilometers wide. There were tall mountains that stretched into the clouds on the side.

He soon found a beast resting on a pile of rocks.It looked like a wolf, but rather than being covered with fur, it was made of stone instead.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed as he disappeared from the spot. ‘Screech!’

A dark beam penetrated the beast’s head before it could react.

Lu Ze smiled.

The hunt begins.