Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 789 - Those Who Play Tactics Have Dirty Hearts!

Chapter 789 - Those Who Play Tactics Have Dirty Hearts!

Chapter 789 Those Who Play Tactics Have Dirty Hearts!

In the warp dimension, the Purple Scale Alliance’s s.h.i.+p rapidly inched closer to the human s.h.i.+p.

Amos, Xue Yi, Ya Ge, and Albin all went to the control room.

They looked at the distant dot.

Amos was very thrilled. “We really found them! We must kill all these humans!”

Xue Yi’s eyes flashed with bloodthirst. “One cosmic system state, a bunch of star states, and this new prodigy. If we kill them all, it would be a major loss for the Human Race.”

Albin’s pale face blossomed with a smile. “It’s worth it to sacrifice that much to stop them in the warp dimension.”

Ya Ge urged the others to move with haste. “Hurry up and go! Don’t let them get away!”

The purple s.h.i.+p kept changing frequencies and locations as it chased after the human s.h.i.+p.

At this moment, a distortion in the warp dimension formed. Then, an extremely enormous s.p.a.ce storm appeared.

Instantly, the s.h.i.+p flashed with red light.

The clamor of the sirens struck a chord in their hearts.

“Warning! We have encountered a s.p.a.ce storm!” “???”

The four cosmic system state’s faces froze.

They could only watch the rattling and disintegrating s.h.i.+p, making them feel dumbfounded.

Amos’ eyes reddened as he lashed out, “How is this possible?! Isn’t this region of warp dimension very calm before? How does a s.p.a.ce storm appear so sudden?!”

Xue Yi and their cohorts were also stunned by the development of the events.

The star states behind them looked even more horrified. Given their power, it would only be a dream to survive a s.p.a.ce storm in the warp dimension.

During this time, the sound of a sizeable material ripping reverberated. The purple crystal s.h.i.+p couldn’t handle the s.p.a.ce tear and was accordingly pulled apart.

During this time, four figures struggled out of the catastrophe. It was Amos and the higher-ups.

Star states could already use their power to manipulate the s.p.a.ce and form simple wormholes. Naturally, cosmic system states could infinitely do better than that.

The magnitude of their power was unimaginable. Even within the warp dimension, they would be able to survive.

Nevertheless, they looked miserable as their bodies were filled with injuries and their chis turned much weaker.

Despite their formidable strength, it would still be extremely difficult to escape the severe s.p.a.ce storm they just experienced.

Back then, they exhausted all of their powers.

They panted as they looked at the s.p.a.ce storm.

‘Why did things ended up like this?’

They finally found the human s.h.i.+p and had hopes of executing their revenge. ‘Why did a s.p.a.ce storm suddenly appear?!’ Right now, they even had the desire to die.

The purple crystal s.h.i.+p was gone…

This was one of the strongest s.h.i.+ps of the Purple Scale Race.

The star states were gone too…

They were the foundational pillars for a cosmic system state civilization.

Now, each race lost four to five star states.

The heartbreak they felt was gut-wrenching.

Amos’ eyes were bloodshot. “We’ve lost so much already. We can’t give up now. The four cosmic system states are still alive. We must proceed with killing all the humans!”

Xue Yi agreed with his remark. “It’s all these b.a.s.t.a.r.d humans’ fault! If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t come here. We must kill them all!”

Ya Ge roared out, “I’m going to blow them to pieces!”

Albin echoed the same sentiments, “Let’s head off. I can’t wait to kill them!”


A light voice interrupted them.

Amos and the remaining cosmic system states were perplexed.

‘Whose voice was that?’

They looked around nervously, in a bid to identify the culprit.

Amos raised his voice coldly, “Who is it?!”

They scanned the surroundings and still found nothing. The group lowered their apprehension a bit.

Xue Yi laughed with self-mockery. “It seems we’re too paranoid.”

Suddenly, the three of them noticed something was wrong.

They exchanged glances with each other.

With a terrified tone, Ya Ge asked, “… W-where is Albin?”

Amos’ and Xue Yi’s hearts went cold.


‘Albin was just talking earlier, so where was he?!’

The three stood back-to-back together as they looked around at the distorted s.p.a.ce in terror.

They knew there must be something petrifying out there. Otherwise, Albin wouldn’t suddenly disappear without them noticing anything.

Amos said shakily, “M-m-master, sorry for disturbing you. If there’s anything we can do, please let us repent for our sins!”

There was no reply…

Amos gritted his teeth and said, “Xue Yi, Ya Ge, let’s charge out of the warp dimension!”

They didn’t want to come after the human s.h.i.+p anymore.

Xue Yi exclaimed, “Okay!”


Amos: “???”

Xue Yi: “???”

Their bodies stiffened.

Once they turned around, they discovered that only the two of them remained.

As for the Stoneman Ya Ge, he seemed to have evaporated…

Amos and Xue Yi were dumbfounded. They were s.h.i.+vering in terror.

Just when Amos was about to say something, he saw Xue Yi vanished into thin air before his eyes.

Amos: “???”

‘How did someone just disappear in front of him like that?’


After a moment, he yelled out in a frenzied state.

He attempted depleting all the remaining power he had left to tear the s.p.a.ce barrier and flee.

Back on the human s.h.i.+p, Lu Ze and the girls were sitting on Ying Ying’s bed.

Currently, Qiuyue Hesha was holding Ying Ying, whose eyes were glowing, in her arms.

Ying Ying turned her head to Lu Ze and inquired, “Lu Ze, why not let me eat the last one too?”

Lu Ze pinched her little face. “Don’t eat the last one.”

Lu Li was confused. “Why not eliminate everyone?”

Lu Ze grinned. “The cosmic system states of the four races came together, and yet, only the higher-up of the Purple Scale Race returned. The rest of the cosmic system states, including the star states, are all dead. Would the other three races feel good then? Perhaps they might even a.s.sume that the higher-up of the Purple Scale plotted it.” Even if this didn’t cause conflict between them, the Human Race should grow steadily.

It was immaterial whether that higher-up died or not.

Lin Ling asked, “What if the higher-up blames us for ambus.h.i.+ng them and murdering everyone?”

Lu Ze smiled.

“We only have one cosmic system state, so how can we be the guilty party? If they really insist that, then we’ll just say that Amos was on our side and helped us ambush the other three. Even if the Purple Scale Race denies it, what would the other three races think?”

Nangong Jing could only blink her eyes at his audacity. She had no words to say.

“Those who play tactics have dirty hearts!”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

‘I am clearly very smart and handsome!’

He then flicked Nangong Jing’s forehead before she could react.

In turn, she glared at Lu Ze. “You’re bullying me again!”

Qiuyue Hesha interrupted, “Yes, little brother Lu Ze, don’t flick her forehead again.”

Nangong Jing looked at Qiuyue Hesha in shock.

‘Why would she even help her?’

Right at this time, Qiuyue Hesha continued speaking, “She already has no brain. If you flick her some more, she would only grow dumber.”

Nangong Jing: “???”

Now, she glared at Qiuyue Hesha as well. “What did you say, fox demon?!”

She charged at Qiuyue Hesha.

Qiuyue Hesha smirked and dodged her.

Thereafter, she went behind Lu Ze and grinned.

“I said you’re dumb. I’m not wrong.” “Fox demon! I’m going to crush your chest!”