Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 791 - Why Are You So Experienced?

Chapter 791 - Why Are You So Experienced?

Chapter 791 Why Are You So Experienced?



A series of explosions echoed throughout the valley.

Lu Ze was covered with blood lightning as he ran like a madman.

There were dozens of rock beasts pursuing him from behind. Their heavy stomps made the valley tremble.

Lu Ze was having a good time hunting as he went deeper into the valley.

From level-5 to level-7 planetary states, he could kill such beasts with a single strike.

The harvesting period brought him enjoyment.

He even got six blue crystals and two blood crystals.

Eventually, he encountered a level-8 planetary state rock beast.

Just after fighting a few rounds, he saw a large wave of rock beasts coming from the depths of the valley. Most of them were level-7 and level-8 planetary states.

Hence, he had no other better option than to start running.

As he fled, he would fluidly dodge the rocks hurled at him from time to time.

Soon, the number of the rock beasts following his trail increased substantially.

He was bombarded with rocks as though they were shooting stars landing at him.

Moments later, Lu Ze finally managed to leave the premises of the valley and sought the comfort of the forest.

Before he could breathe out, he discovered a chi approaching him from behind,

‘Did they really need to pursue him like that?’

“Couldn’t they just stay at home?’ ‘Rumble!’

The trees rattled and leaves kept falling.

Lu Ze could only keep running in the meantime.


At this moment, Lu Ze felt his body sink.

An immense pressure came out of nowhere. His body fell helplessly to the ground as his bones cracked due to the pressure.

Those beasts behind him lost their voice as well.

The forest became very still.

Putting up all the effort he could muster, Lu Ze tried to get up. During this time, heavy footsteps could be heard.




With every step, the ground would shake.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

Not good!

‘It seems to be a boss.’

He turned his head to look in the direction of the sound. Accordingly, he saw a huge figure slowly appear within the depths of the forest.

It was a bear covered in brown fur, which was a hundred meters tall. There were complex black runes on its fur.

Lu Ze felt dizzy just looking at those runes.

As the bear got closer, Lu Ze could feel his body getting heavier. His bones ached as his flesh started to fall apart.

Even the ground was beginning to sink.

‘The gravity was extremely terrifying!’ Seeing this, Lu Ze was confused. ‘How stable was the ground on the fourth map?’

Unexpectedly, once the bear went past, the ground ended up sinking.

‘It was this terrifying!’

Soon, it went before Lu Ze and looked down.

Eyes that were the size of a human person, like Lu Ze, leaned in to inspect him curiously.

Lu Ze locked gazes with those deep yellow eyes.

His mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

‘What should he do?’

The bear reached out its claws and flipped Lu Ze around a few times as though studying what breed Lu Ze was.

Lu Ze: “…”

‘Just kill him already!’

Anyways, he would just come back alive again twenty-four hours later.

As expected, the claws of the bear swiped across, reaching and injuring Lu Ze’s body. His consciousness faded away. When he woke up once more, he was back in the confines of his room.

That bear was definitely a star state boss.

‘What an extremely terrifying power!’

He couldn’t even resist at all.

‘Was that gravity?’

Now, Lu was curious whether it was a G.o.d art or a divine art.

Regardless, upon annihilating that bear, that thing would be his in the end!

Soon, half an hour later, Lu Ze began cultivating again.


Two months later.

A black s.h.i.+p was traveling in the warp dimension, rapidly closing in on the Milky Way galaxy.

Inside Lu Ze’s room, he gathered his chi and measured his progress.

Half a month ago, Lu Ze finally reached level-5 planetary state. He also digested all the G.o.d art orbs he acquired during this time.

Overall, his wind, wood, earth, and all sorts of G.o.d arts had experienced major improvements.

Lu Ze clenched his fist and an airwave spread across all directions.

He had been devouring blood crystals too.

In truth, Lu Ze couldn’t fully gauge how strong his power now. Nevertheless, he won’t be in any danger if he fought an ordinary star state.

Lu Ze smiled and got off the bed.

He went to Ying Ying’s room and discovered Lin Ling sitting there, feeding some orbs to Ying Ying. Everyone else was still cultivating.

A smile appeared on Lu Ze’s face, and he went near Lin Ling to hold her in his arms.

Lin Ling leaned her head back and giggled. “Did you finish cultivation?”

Lu Ze rubbed his chin against Lin Ling’s head in an intimate manner and nodded.

Following their sweet moment, he looked at Ying Ying. “I wonder when this little guy is going to wake up…”

Lin Ling asked, “Aren’t you scared that she will hog your food when she wakes up?”

Lu Ze’s body stiffened. “What a joke! Am I that sort of person? I’m an adult. I was just letting her have it easy.”

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed, and she said with a tone of admiration, “Wow, Lu Ze is so amazing! How about not letting her have it easy when she wakes up?”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

Seemingly sad, he sulked. “Lin Ling, you’ve changed! You don’t love me anymore!”

Lin Ling knocked her head against Lu Ze’s chest in protest.

Lu Ze chuckled at her actions. He then lowered his head and kissed her lips.

It was so thrilling to be intimate without the interference of the other girls.

Moments later, the two separated, and Lin Ling rolled her eyes.

“Why are you so experienced? Be honest, how many times have you tried it with them?”

Lu Ze was ecstatic to see Lin Ling act jealous.

He opened his hand in amus.e.m.e.nt. “Let me count… Once, twice…”

Before Lu Ze could finish counting, Lin Ling’s cheeks puffed up in anger.

Lu Ze grinned. Once again, he lowered his head and savored her mouth.

As her lips were locked with Lu Ze’s, Lin Ling slowly closed her eyes.

During this time, however, the door opened again.

Initially, Nangong Jing and Alice entered with smiles on their faces. When they caught Lu Ze canoodling with Lin Ling, their jolly expressions fell.

In an instant, the atmosphere turned extremely awkward.

Lin Ling quickly pushed Lu Ze away. After a moment of silence, Qiuyue Hesha and Lu Li joined the scene. Lu Li inquired, “Sister Jing? Alice? Why are you standing at the door…”

Before she could even finish, she saw Lu Ze and Lin Ling inside the room.

Qiuyue Hesha narrowed her eyes. “Little brother Lu Ze is very skilled with his business.”

Lu Ze didn’t refute it either. He smiled with pride. “I would be embarra.s.sed if you keep complimenting me like that, teacher Qiuyue.”

Lu Li and the others: “…”

Lin Ling: “…”