Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 788 - Found Human Ship!

Chapter 788 - Found Human Ship!

Chapter 788 Found Human s.h.i.+p!

Elder Nangong took a deep breath and spoke with a heavy tone, “No one shall speak of the heritage crystals!”

He looked at Yu Han. “Once we reach home, organize research teams to study it. Try your best to turn the knowledge into our foundation.”

Yu Han nodded seriously. “Yes!”

He knew this wasn’t easy.

“The knowledge inside these crystals is rather complete. The theory is very far ahead and not completely compatible with the technology system of our civilization. However, we should be able to acquire some results within a hundred years.”

After all, the Human Race could at most produce planetary state s.h.i.+ps now. Such a level was vastly different from the cosmic system state technology.

Lu Ze said, “By the way, we found a few machines at the location of these crystals. It might be the finished product of these technologies. Do you need them, uncle Yu Han?”

Yu Han was already filled with hope. When he heard him, he became dazed and stared intently at Lu Ze thereafter.

He rushed forward and grabbed Lu Ze’s hand. “Yes! I want them! Give them to me!”

Lu Ze felt scared.

‘Were all scientists like this?’

Yu Han’s mouth twitched as Lu Ze wrenched his hand away from his grasp. “Um, don’t get overly excited, uncle Yu Han.” Then, he took out the machines.

Yu Han immediately seemed to have seen the most beautiful thing in the world and quickly took them as though fearing someone would steal them away.

Everyone felt like sweating after witnessing Yu Han’s behavior.

After Yu Han returned to his seat, everyone looked at Lu Ze.

Elder Nangong was grinning from ear to ear. His face was akin to a sunflower. The more he looked at him, the more he liked this kid even


‘He deserved Jing Jing indeed!’

Although the star states were excited, they still harbored some complicated emotions.

They were elated that the human civilization would burst with power soon. However, they felt complicated about how substantial Lu Ze’s contribution was.

‘Just how many merit points would that be?’

His contribution wasn’t capable of estimation at this point. There weren’t enough merit points to repay him.

A few star states looked at Lu Ze and the girls from his squad.

‘Do we have good-looking descendants to introduce to him?’

Right then, Elder Nangong said, “Kid, these crystals are rather valuable. What reward do you want?”

Lu Ze pondered about it and responded, “Old man, since this technology can be used to build s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps, then just upgrade my New Dawn.”

Elder Nangong replied, “Even if you didn’t mention it, I will tell Yu Han.”

It was already decided since Lu Ze would be leaving the Milky Way galaxy soon. By then, the power of his s.h.i.+p would become crucial.

“As long as we produce results, your s.h.i.+p will be the first to use the technology,” Yu Han a.s.sured. “I’ll study it on the way back and then test it for a while. I should be able to upgrade your s.h.i.+p to the star-state level first. As for future enhancements, it would take more time.”

Elder Nangong asked, “What else do you want?”

The reward he asked wasn’t equivalent to his contribution at all.

Lu Ze thought about it for a long while, but he couldn’t come up with anything.

‘Well, he didn’t really lack anything.’ Hence, he shook his head. “I don’t really need anything else.”

Elder Nangong’s mouth twitched.

He felt he wasn’t a decent cosmic system state right now. He couldn’t properly award the younger generation at all! As a result, he said helplessly, “In that case, just tell me if you need anything in the future.”

Lu Ze nodded. Then, he pointed at the seven cultivation crystals. “There’s some more here.”

Everyone: “…”

After a moment of silence, Elder Nangong checked out the crystals. He didn’t know much about technology, but he was exceptionally experienced in cultivation.

Moments later, he exhaled and looked at Lu Ze. “Kid, you guys didn’t look at these before?”

Lu Ze shook his head.

“I couldn’t take them out in the territory of the Round Race.”

He knew these crystals weren’t probably ordinary.

Elder Nangong nodded. “This contains the production method for heritage crystals.” When his words fell, everyone was shocked.

Moments later, Zuoqiu Xunshuang exclaimed, “The method to produce heritage crystals?!”

Elder Nangong nodded in confirmation, and then, he put the thing into his storage ring.

This was too important and was on par with the technological crystals.

‘If they could create heritage crystals, the human prodigies would learn divine arts much more efficiently!’

This crystal would only be secure under his care.

Lu Ze and his group were excited too. This was a rather good find.

With it, Lu Ze could even put the low-level divine arts he didn’t need into the heritage crystals. It might be considered low-level to him, but it wouldn’t be for human prodigies, who’ll probably treat them as something precious.

Then, Elder Nangong took the other crystals. He handed one of them to Alice. “It contains some spirit cooking recipes. You can have a look.”

Alice happily took the crystal while Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

Elder Nangong looked at the remaining crystals. They had something to do with spirit-herb making, equipment forging, rune cultivation, and cultivation technique. However, they weren’t meant for the Human Race.

There were even a few divine arts, including a high-level darkness divine art called “Eternal Dark Mist,” which was a cosmic cloud state divine art.

No one here could cultivate it yet.

Eventually, Elder Nangong decided to leave it to Lu Ze. It would only be logical since his team had darkness G.o.d art.

Lu Li looked at it with fervent eyes. Naturally, she wanted to try it.

Lu Ze had planned just that since he had a lot of blue crystals right now.

As for the metal blocks, he gave them to Elder Nangong too. He didn’t plan to forge anything after all.

If he needed anything, he would just ask Elder Nangong instead.

After Lu Ze gave away everything he didn’t need, the atmosphere turned eerily silent.

The star states realized that their contribution to the Human Race, even considering their entire life, might not be as great as Lu Ze’s…


Meanwhile, in distant warp s.p.a.ce, a ma.s.sive purple crystal s.h.i.+p was cruising around.

There were a few hundred small s.h.i.+ps emitting invisible s.p.a.ce runes.

Amos remarked, “The humans took off. We’ve mobilized scouting s.h.i.+ps in different warp dimensions. There’s quite a decent chance we can encounter them”

Kaka Race’s Ya Ge asked, “What if we don’t?”

This guy was truly and literally made of rocks…

Ya Ge felt the strange glances directed at him and laughed it off. “I’m just saying.”

Amos said, “We can only hope. This way, we would get a chance for retribution.”

The group nodded.

At this time, an alarm blared.

A star state from the Purple Scale Race appeared. He called out with excitement, “Elder Amos, we found the human s.h.i.+p!”

Everyone got up immediately.

Amos smirked. “Kick them out of warp dimension!”