Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 785 - This Was Different From What He Thought

Chapter 785 - This Was Different From What He Thought

Chapter 785 This Was Different From What He Thought

Lu Li and the girls looked at Lu Ze, who sported a grin right now, and their cheeks became flushed.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What was he trying to say in front of several onlookers?’

Man Kun, Man Xiu, Eddie, and Brenda were all dumbfounded from hearing his words. Thereafter, they threw weird glances at Lu Ze and the girls. What they were thinking deep inside remained a mystery though… Likewise, Qiu An and Qiu Lin couldn’t digest what they heard. Hence, Qiu An could only scratch his head and vent out, “I really don’t understand your races who deepen relations.h.i.+ps by rubbing your bellies together.”

When his words fell, the atmosphere became even more still. This time, Lu Ze construed his words as something perverted.

As for Man Kun and Man Xiu, they felt a bit awkward because they were lovers.

On the side, Eddie blushed. He wasn’t well versed with stuff like this.

The rest of the girls were too embarra.s.sed to object. This was only natural, given their gender.

After a moment of silence, Qiu Lin faked a cough and quickly closed the topic for discussion. “That’s fine, I’ll prepare it for you in a moment.”

Then, he quickly turned to look at Man Kun and Eddie. “What about you guys?” The uncomfortable atmosphere greatly needed a new subject.

However, Man Kun and Man Xiu grinned and responded, “We’ll have a few beds too.”

Qiu Lin: “???”

‘Couldn’t they tell he was desperately trying to change the direction of the conversation??’

‘Why were they all not sensible?!’

His mouth twitched as he forced out a smile. “Okay, that’s alright.”

Luckily, the siblings, Eddie and Brenda, asked for some special products of the Round Race instead.

After finis.h.i.+ng the food, they proceeded to tour the entire area. The base wasn’t an ordinary city at all.

There weren’t many places to visit. Even half a day later, they pretty much stopped by at all the places they could. Hence, they just returned to their own rooms.

Back inside the suite, Lu Ze’s head was still in the clouds after receiving the storage ring prepared by Qiu Lin. He was grinning from ear to ear.

“Qiu Lin is quite nice. He prepared an entire storage ring of beds for us.”

‘With these numbers of beds, they had a lot of spares that would last a long time!’

Suddenly, a chilling sensation interrupted Lu Ze’s thoughts. He felt several death stares directed at his body.

Upon looking up, his eyes crossed with fierce glares. All the faces of the girls were red with fury. But… Lu Ze couldn’t understand their behavior at all, and before he could even ask properly, he was besieged by the group.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you ask for beds?!”

“We’re going to kill you! You! Shameless! b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

“You scared us during the battle against the black leopard!”

Speaking of the matter regarding the intense fight inside the realm, their eyes couldn’t resist welling up with tears.

Faced with such expressions, Lu Ze’s heart was struck, and he felt guilty. Most probably, they were terrified for his safety back then.

When a brief silence had pa.s.sed, Lu Ze grabbed Lin Ling with his arms and rea.s.sured, “You guys know how strong I am. How can something bad happen to me?”

Having Lu Ze’s arms around her, Lin Ling’s body stiffened, and she snuggled into his embrace while she responded with a soft tone, “We do know, but we would still worry.”

Lu Ze patted Lin Ling’s head gently. Following this tender moment between them, another menacing chi flared up even worse. Hence, he lifted his head, only to discover Lin Ling smiling eerily at him. Her eyes no longer contained their usual l.u.s.ter.

On the other hand, Nangong Jing gritted her teeth as she clenched her fist.

Qiuyue Hesha also wore a smile, but she narrowed her eyes, which seemed to be ablaze right now.

Even the cute little angel Alice pouted her lips and looked at Lu Ze as though she was unhappy.

Lu Ze’s sweat turned cold from the iciness around him. Upon fully realizing how freezing their chis were, he felt as though they would end his life at any moment?!

But suddenly, something dawned upon Lu Ze. Yet another bold idea crossed his thoughts, which he immediately executed.

With a charming smile, he opened his other arm. “How about coming over here instead?”

After recognizing the worry and jealousy they endured, Lu Ze thought they would be eager to feel his arms around them even if they were shy.

‘This should be right?’

Lu Ze was truly hopeful.

However, contrary to his expectation, Lu Li’s smile stiffened. Upon seeing Lu Ze’s expectant look, the darkness in her eyes became an all-devouring black hole.

Nangong Jing kept clenching her fist, and her smile became much brighter.

On the side, a purple light seemed to be flowing in the eyes of Qiuyue Hesha. Piecing everyone’s reactions, Lu Ze had a feeling he was in a very bad situation right now.

Even Lin Ling’s body stiffened as she turned to scowl at Lu Ze.

In contrast, Alice was more undecided on what to do. She keenly wanted to run to his arms, but the sisters seemed to be steaming with anger.

If she chose to betray them, then they might beat her up instead…

Eventually, she chose the safe path and pretended to be upset by puffing up her cheeks. She stood next to her sisters.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. This script didn’t go according to plan?!’

When he was about to divert their attention, the girls rushed forward.


A headache started to set. Everything was chaotic—some of them were even biting him!

‘These girls were far more savage than before!

Immediately, Lu Ze howled in pain.

It was at this time that Ying Ying appeared on the couch without any warning. Her hands were holding soft cotton b.a.l.l.s. She then watched Lu Ze getting beaten up expressionlessly while eating.

Eventually, the girls released Lu Ze and sat next to Ying Ying as well. All the girls wore a satisfied expression while Lu Ze could only rub his head speechlessly.

‘This script must be wrong!’

He should be enjoying all their company…

Nevertheless, Lu Ze knew he would make a comeback!

Qiuyue Hesha was sitting next to Ying Ying. She placed Ying Ying into her arms and rubbed against her little face. Suddenly, she asked, “By the way, Li, did that black spot from the secret realm enter your body? How does it feel now? Should we let Ying Ying look at it?”

Lu Ze approved of the suggestion and said, “Allow Ying Ying to look at it.”

Lu Li nodded. Following this, Qiuyue Hesha ordered, “Ying Ying, check if sister Li has anything dangerous in her body.”

Accordingly, Ying Ying opened her curious eyes and looked at Lu Li. Her blue eyes flashed. “Sister Li has a dark origin flame in her body. That’s something good.”

The rest of the people were dazed upon hearing the results.

Naturally, Lu Li asked, “What is that?” Ying Ying answered, “It’s the condensation of the power of darkness origin in the universe. It’s very helpful for learning the darkness G.o.d art and quite suitable for sister Li.”

Qiuyue Hesha inquired, “There’s no danger in using it, right?”

Ying Ying shook her head. “No. With Lu Ze’s purple orbs, sister Li’s darkness G.o.d art would progress faster than before.”

With her a.s.surance, everyone could finally feel relieved now.

Right then, Lu Ze just recalled Li’s observation regarding the similarity of the spot to his G.o.d art orbs.

‘Does that mean his G.o.d art orbs were the condensed version of origin power?’

Such a possibility made Lu Ze excited.

‘If that was the case, wouldn’t he become omnipotent in the end?’

Now, he became more and more curious about the true nature of the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Within the deep s.p.a.ce, purple crystals formed a s.p.a.ce fortress. Inside one room, Amos and the high-levels of the alliance were sitting together.

Amos recounted, “This time we suffered substantial losses. Are you really planning to let this go? We’ve pretty much lost all the younger generation of prodigies. At least, in the coming fifty years, there’ll be a missing link in our new generation.” Xue Yi glanced at Amos. “What are you planning to do? Start a war now?”

Amos responded, “We can’t start a war, of course… But this time, the Human Race has a prodigy like him. If we let him return alive, then perhaps, in a few thousand years, he would reach the cosmic system state or even the cosmic cloud state. That wouldn’t be good news for us.”

One voice asked, “You’re saying?”

Amos answered, “We’re already spying on the Human Race. If there’s an opportunity, we can stop them on their way back.”

Xue Yi nodded. “I agree.”

Likewise, Ya Ge and Albin also nodded without objections.

If they could really intercept the human s.h.i.+p, then Elder Nangong alone wouldn’t be able to stop the four of them.

By then, they could torture that human kid and kill him!