Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 784 - What Misunderstanding Do They Have Towards Him?

Chapter 784 - What Misunderstanding Do They Have Towards Him?

Chapter 784 What Misunderstanding Do They Have Towards Him?

When Lu Ze’s words fell, the entire atmosphere turned dead silent once more.

The members of the Purple Scale Alliance gawked at his embarra.s.sed expression. They didn’t know how to react properly at this point.

‘What did this person say?!’

Truly, they accepted what he had said earlier as the truth, seeing that he spoke with genuineness as he described how he fought valiantly beside Hao Yushang!

‘But… now… did he just say he was the one who killed the rest of their prodigies?’

Return the trust they accorded to him before!!!

This time, Amos didn’t restrain himself as his chi burst out once again.

With a heavy tone, he exclaimed, “Well… Very well! Human kid! You’re great!”

Lu Ze casually waved his hand and responded humbly, “No, no, no, everyone is really good. Uncle, your condition doesn’t seem well.”

Amos: “…”

Upon witnessing Lu Ze’s pretentious act, Amos’ mouth could not help but twitch. When he tried to speak, no words came out.

Nevertheless, his killing intent intensified. The same goes for the high-levels of the other races from their alliance.

The moment it occurred, all the elders from the other faction sneered and blocked the pressure accordingly.

Man Dali grinned. “Your Hao Yushang had a power reaching the peak of the planetary state? Aha! Weren’t you just planning to wipe our very own prodigies instead?”

Just then, Man Kun had relayed the unfortunate incident inside the secret realm. It gave him the shock of his life. Certainly, without Lu Ze, they would lose a lot of their comrades.

Doris and Qiu Lun were quite terrified as well.

Qiu Lun sneered, “What? Amos, you’re not going to play by the rules now?”

No matter what, they had already decided to protect Lu Ze from this point. During this event, it was he who aided them in avoiding a major loss. Hence, there was no other reason for them to be reluctant.

On the opposite side, Amos and his cohorts observed the other side. Uncertainty filled their eyes.

The atmosphere turned extremely tense on both sides.

Despite the increasing animosity, Lu Ze remained calm as he looked at Amos and the rest of the higher-ups. It was his desire to have them attack. After all, both the faction’s combat powers were on par with each other. If the hostile race took the initiative to wage war, Lu Ze believed he was highly-capable of sending the rest of their prodigies to h.e.l.l!

With Ying Ying around, he didn’t even have to worry about the consequences of provoking the higher-ups of the other party. She could take care of them for him and render them miserable with serious injuries.

Lu Ze intended to obliterate every single being from the other side. Although he recognized that it would be a significant loss to kill their young, there were no rules holding him back.

However, if they really killed the other faction’s four cosmic system states and a wave of star states, a full-blown war couldn’t be avoided by then.

At this juncture, Lu Ze realized his power might not be sufficient to face those ramifications. Similarly, the Human Race won’t be able to handle it. Pursuing a war this early wasn’t a good option overall.

Everyone remained tense until finally, Amos took a deep look at Lu Ze before snarling, “Human kid, I will remember you.”

Following those words, the chi of all the beings condensed.

On the other hand, Lu Ze wasn’t fazed, and he just kept his grin. ‘Well, he is just another addition to the long list of beings who remembered him.’

At the same time, he felt a bit disappointed. It would have been great if a fight broke out…

His mind couldn’t let go of the thought of sending more surviving prodigies to the underworld.

In the following moment, Amos yielded, “This time, we’ll admit defeat. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to play in the future.”

The Four-Race Alliance had been fighting with them for nearly a thousand years. Both sides had their wins and losses. Still, the significant loss they suffered today was out of the ordinary.

The members of the Purple Scale Alliance returned and boarded their s.h.i.+ps to leave the place.

The elders watched them and didn’t choose to pursue them anymore.

Man Dali cackled. “Hahaha! This feels great! After a thousand years, it’s hard to see those old people suffer a loss like this! This feels too good!” Doris glanced at Lu Ze and smiled. “Thanks to Lu Ze this time. Otherwise, that Hao Yushang would have turned the tables instead.”

Qiu Lun and Man Dali agreed.

Qiu Lun added, “Otherwise, it would be us saying those fierce words back.” Thereafter, the three elders looked at Elder Nangong with envy.

Why didn’t a talented younger generation appear in their own race instead?

Elder Nangong tried to be polite. “This kid is far from good. Don’t compliment him too much. It will make him c.o.c.ky.”

Lu Ze: “???”

‘Was he the type to get c.o.c.ky?’

The old man must have misunderstood him!

Meanwhile, the rest of the prodigies could finally relax now, especially with the departure of the enemies.

Man Kun smiled at Lu Ze. “All thanks to you this time, brother Lu Ze.”

Without Lu Ze, he was confident he could still escape from the situation back then. However, it would force him to leave and sacrifice his fellow beings.

Eddie glanced at Lu Ze reluctantly, but he quickly looked away before saying, “Thanks this time.” After a pause, he added, “But, I will still try to surpa.s.s you!”

Lu Ze didn’t mind him and smiled instead. “Good luck!”

Eddie: “…”

‘This b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You’re just toying with me.’ Another person smiled at Lu Ze again. Now, it was Qiu Lin. “Brother Lu Ze is really strong. I admire your strength. Thank you for this time.”

Although Lu Ze didn’t know Qiu Lin well, he felt the other being was quite easy-going. He replied, “It’s nothing. It’s my responsibility after all.” The rest did the same. When everyone was finished with showing their smiles and expressing their grat.i.tude, Elder Nangong and the others flew over.

Qiu Lun said, “Let’s leave here first.”

Everyone nodded and rode their s.h.i.+ps. They headed towards the base of the Round Race, and soon, they reached their destination. Upon landing, the elders left ahead to conduct a meeting

The prodigies took this time to relax a little. Even the beings from the Round Race took the time to tour the other prodigies around the base.

Qiu An and Qiu Lin took Lu Ze, the girls, Man Kun, Man Xiu, Eddie, Brenda, and his friends from the Round Race around in the Military Leisure District.

Luo Bingqing and his group did the same thing with some group of friends they became close to from the Round Race.

At a restaurant, Qiu An, Qiu Lin, and Lu Ze’s group reserved a private room. There were all sorts of spirit fruit on the table, as well as soft, white cotton-like food.

Lu Ze tried to taste one. The soft texture had overtaken his senses, and the sweet and sour juice poured out. ‘It was rather delicious!’

Unexpectedly, the food of the Round Race suited his appet.i.te quite well. While savoring everything, he seemed to have heard someone gulping a mouthful of saliva.

An evil smirk crossed his face.

Now, Ying Ying could only watch him eat without being able to do anything. ‘How fantastic was this moment!’

Right then, Qiu An and Qiu Lin unconsciously s.h.i.+vered without knowing the reason why, so they tried to look around with some cautiousness. Qiu An felt perplexed. That feeling happened again! Why do I seem to hear someone gulping as well?!’ This occurred twice back on Earth.

‘How come it followed him to his own territory?’

‘Was there really some invisible terrifying being that was targeting them?’

Qiu An couldn’t help but keep s.h.i.+vering in terror.

‘Would he get eaten?’

He wasn’t tasty at all!

As they were visibly nervous, some of their companions felt uncomfortable beside them, especially Lu Ze and the girls.

It was at this time that Qiuyue Hesha covertly picked a white cotton ball and placed it in a corner where the other three races can’t see it. Right away, the food disappeared from her hand.

When the rest of the girls saw this, they imitated Qiuyue Hesha, just so they could feed Ying Ying.

After those turns of events, Qiu An and Qiu Lin could no longer feel the extremely odd sensation that seemed to have stalked them. After taking a scan of the surroundings, everything appeared to be normal again.

However, the rest of the beings were looking weirdly at the two. Qiu Lun was embarra.s.sed by the stares, so he attempted to change the topic. “By the way, Ze, Kun, Eddie, it’s not often you come to the territory of the Round Race. Is there anything you want to bring back? I can prepare them for you.”

Without shame, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up immediately, and he quickly said, “I really do. Just prepare a few big beds for me.”

Lu Li and the others: “???”