Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 786 - Assist Upon Arrival

Chapter 786 - Assist Upon Arrival

Chapter 786 a.s.sist Upon Arrival

Inside a room, at the base of the Round Race, the elders of the Four-Race Alliance sat at the top. All of them were talking.

In a resolute manner, Man Dali turned to look at Elder Nangong and pointed out, “This time, the Purple Scale Race might not let go of the matter easily the moment we return.”

Doris nodded as well. “The Winged Race and the Barbarian Race will take the same path back home. If danger comes, we could easily help each other out, but that isn’t the case for the Human Race. It is highly likely that you will encounter trouble.” Qiu Lun agreed with the points and added, “Moreover, if they had really planned something, then the target would surely be Lu Ze.”

Elder Nangong outwardly showed a frowning expression. Nevertheless, he was actually unbothered deep inside. In fact, he wanted to smile.

With Ying Ying at their beck and call, he eagerly wished the other party would seek trouble.

Thinking about it, Elder Nangong could now fully appreciate the efforts of Ze, Jing Jing, Hesha, and Lin Ling. They accomplished something major by getting hold of Ying Ying, which was crucial for the Human Race.

Now, they didn’t need to be mindful and terrified of a lot of things and could even dare to act boldly. If not for her, things might really be troublesome this time.

Elder Nangong then said, “It’s fine, we’ll just be more covert when we return. It won’t be easy for them to stop us in the warp dimension.”

The others nodded. Matters regarding the s.p.a.ce were too complex. Once in the warp dimension, it would be extremely difficult to immobilize a s.h.i.+p.

Qiu Lun smiled. “Then, I’ll send you guys off into warp dimension first.”

Elder Nangong returned the smile and didn’t object. When this subject was done, they moved on to discuss the East Realm Gathering. Only six months were left until the event.

Everyone planned to return first and a.s.similate what they had earned from the secret realm. Following that, they would head off to the location of the East Realm Gathering

It would be hosted by beings who had powers reaching the cosmic cloud state in the eastern region. The area was situated in the central solar system of that region. Upon returning, they might not even stay for a while in their territory before heading off again.

Doris smiled. “The rendezvous point is the same as usual, at the border of the Winged Race.”

Since the territory of the Winged Race was nearest to the location of the East Realm Gathering, everyone usually convened there first.

All the elders nodded. When there were no other matters to resolve anymore, they finally split off and got ready to leave.

Elder Nangong and Zuoqiu Xunshuang proceeded to Lu Ze’s quarters.

Inside a room, Lu Ze and the girls were still resting. They had encountered numerous enemies back in the secret realm, depriving them of the time to either rest or cultivate.

With the severity of their mental exhaustion, they didn’t rush in to start cultivating again.

Nangong Jing was currently holding Ying Ying. The two were watching an action-filled anime. Obviously, it was Nangong Jing who recommended it since she loved such a genre. Ying Ying had never seen this kind of anime before. Her eyes could not help but light up after witnessing the hot-blooded scenes.

Alice carefully inspected the spirit herbs they had gathered from the realm and sorted out those ones that could be used as ingredients for cooking.

Lu Li and Lin Ling helped out Alice as they chatted.

As for Lu Ze, he was dragged by Qiuyue Hesha to watch videos with her.

‘Mhm… it was videos of her dancing and singing.’

Her fragrant aroma wafted to his nose persistently. Coupled with her seductive smile and constant flirting, Lu Ze got a headache.

‘If there weren’t murderous glances thrown at him from time to time, he would’ve shown it to the fox demon already.’

During this time, there was a knock on the door. Lu Ze quickly stood up and said, “I’ll go and open the door.”

Thereafter, he found Elder Nangong and Zuoqiu Xunshuang outside. Hence, he quickly moved aside. “Old man, aunty Xunshuang, why did you guys come over?”

Elder Nangong entered with a smile and sniffed around. “You’re handling spirit materials?”

Everyone else greeted the two.

To answer the question, Alice replied, “Yes, we’re keeping the ones we can cook.”

Elder Nangong nodded. “Good, if you don’t have enough, you can find more in the Treasure Depot back in our territory.”

He was extremely satisfied with their performance. He couldn’t be more elated right now. Before the other three races, the Human Race stole the limelight, which made him feel honored.

Even his old face was glowing from the happiness within.

Since it was merely a few spirit materials, as long as they could prove to be useful, he won’t be reluctant to give everything the Human Race can provide.

Lin Ling smiled. “We already have enough. We can’t eat that much.”

They collected all the storage rings of the Purple Scale Alliance’s prodigies. Coupled with those they took away, they themselves gathered a lot of resources in the realm.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Ze, do you really have a star state combat power? You’re almost catching up to me.”

Lu Ze smiled. “It’s mainly because I wore the armor. My actual own power is still a bit weaker. I would need some time.”

“Not bad, kid! You’re progressing so fast. The Human Race would be relying on you guys in the future.”

Lu Ze accepted the responsibility.

When he reached the star state, he would have more orbs. He would be able to supply more to aunty Xunshuang and uncle Merlin. By then, the era of the explosive growth of the Human Race would commence.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang nodded. This kid was indeed quite good, whether it was talent or character.

Meanwhile, Elder Nangong frowned. “Ze, you and the girls are getting stronger and stronger. It will become harder and harder to have kids later on. Hurry and propagate the human bloodline.”

He wouldn’t need to worry about the next generation if this group produced some offsprings already!

Everyone: “…”

Lu Ze was very touched upon hearing this.

‘Great, the old man a.s.sisted him upon his arrival!

He felt triumphant and blinked towards the rest of the girls who were uncomfortable and embarra.s.sed.

When a moment of silence pa.s.sed, Zuoqiu Xunshuang patted Lu Ze’s shoulder again and changed the subject. “You guys did very well this time. You saved all the prodigies of the other three races. This is very helpful for our alliance. Even the 10% we were supposed to give to the Round Race was waived by them. This is no small amount.”

Lu Ze’s shoulder felt sore. His mouth twitched.

‘Did aunty dislike him? Why would she use a lot of force then?’

Reluctantly, he was compelled to show a smile.

Elder Nangong said, “You can switch the things you don’t need for reward points back at home… Of course, even if you have no reward points, you can file an application to use most of the resources.”

They were pretty much the hope of the Human Race now.

All of them nodded. They didn’t really need any resources since they mainly used orbs to cultivate after all.

At this moment, Lu Ze suddenly remembered that they found a lot of high-tech devices, metals, and heritage crystals at the ruins.

He hadn’t even looked at them yet.

Upon pondering, he decided not to take them out during this time. After all, they were still under the care of the Round Race. He would just bring them out on the way back.

Right at this juncture, he asked, “Why did you come over?”

Elder Nangong looked at Ying Ying and smiled. “We’re going to leave tomorrow.”

He had to confirm whether Ying Ying was asleep. If she was, then their plans had to change accordingly.