Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 783 - Brain Capacity Is Not Enough

Chapter 783 - Brain Capacity Is Not Enough

Chapter 783 Brain Capacity Is Not Enough

The elders of the Four-Race Alliance scanned all the prodigies who appeared. Everyone was back here!

Right then, they showed elated smiles.

Meanwhile, on the side of the Purple Scale Alliance, there weren’t any signs of their prodigies at all.

‘Did all their prodigies really die inside the secret realm?’

They didn’t dare to believe this.

As for Lu Ze and the girls, they came out with smiles on their faces. All of them were able to take away some treasures from the ruined city

During this time, they felt the violent chi surging in s.p.a.ce. Their smiles stiffened in return.

‘Huh, why did the atmosphere seem wrong?’

All the powerful beings from both sides were looking at them, forcing intense pressure upon them.

This was especially the case for Lu Ze. The Purple Scale Alliance didn’t know he was the one with a star state combat power. However, Elder Nangong and the rest knew. Hence, they stared at him without blinking.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. Just as he was about to speak, a furious voice echoed in the entire place. “Why do only prodigies from the Four-Race Alliance come out? Where are the prodigies from our alliance?!”

The powerful beings of the Purple Scale Alliance increased the pressure on Lu Ze and the others.

The face of the elders from the Four-Race Alliance hardened, and they went to block that pressure.

Man Dali questioned, “Amos, what are you doing? It’s just petty fights between the younger generation. You’re going to involve yourself?”

Elder Nangong attempted an amicable smile. “Let the younger generation deal with things themselves. Are you thinking of interfering? How are you so shameless?”

Amos and the higher-ups from the other side didn’t look so good.

‘Petty fight?’


Their entire younger generation only had a few who survived!

‘If this occurred to them instead, would they be able to smile as well?’

Earlier, they were just expecting how the Four-Alliance would feel upon discovering they only had a few surviving prodigies… But now, the tables had completely turned! ‘How could they bear this then?’

Meanwhile, the elders of the Four-Race Alliance felt great upon seeing the distorted faces of their opponents.

After all, the relations.h.i.+p between them wasn’t that good anyway.

At this moment, the prodigy of the Blood Battle Race pointed at Lu Ze and insisted, “It’s him! It’s him! He’s the one who fought the star state beast!”

He would never forget that chi in his life. Although the human’s chi was much weaker now, he was certain it was this human!

Lu Ze was dumbfounded when the prodigy pointed at him.

‘His fight against that black leopard boss was witnessed by them?’

No wonder the atmosphere was so strange!

Still, Lu Ze felt there were no issues with them knowing.

He had backup anyways. The elders were there.

The high-levels of the Purple Scale Alliance looked at Lu Ze. They were stunned to discover it was him.

Amos was in disbelief. “It’s really a human?!”

The Human Race had the weakest foundation out of all the four races.

‘How could they have a prodigy like him?’

Xue Yi frowned. “A level-3 planetary state?”

He then looked at the other prodigies who escaped and confirmed, “Is it really this human?”

‘A level-3 planetary state with a star state combat power?!’ ‘Most importantly, he was just a human?’

He truly didn’t want to accept it!

The truth dawned on the rest of the elders from the other side. ‘It was Lu Ze indeed!’

They finally confirmed their suspicions now.

Similarly, both the prodigies from the Kaka Race and the White Ghost Race nodded. “It’s him!”

They clearly sensed the specifics of the battle between the star states earlier. After all, they were prodigies too, so they wouldn’t commit any mistake in confirming the chi. It was Lu Ze for sure!

Immediately, the high-levels of the Purple Scale Alliance were too shocked to absorb the truth.

‘How could the Human Race have a prodigy like him?!’

Nevertheless, this fact wasn’t that important anymore.

Amos’s eyes turned red, and he glared at Lu Ze. “Did you kill a prodigy from our alliance, Hao Shangyu?”

With Hao Shangyu’s power, no one could fight him other than this human.

Lu Ze ended up dazed.

‘Hao Shangyu?’

‘Wasn’t he the prodigy who got killed by the black leopard?’

Technically, he didn’t kill that guy at all.

Lu Ze felt wronged and spoke out, “You got it wrong. I didn’t kill Hao Shangyu.”

Amos couldn’t accept his response. “Impossible! Other than you, who else can kill him?!”

Lu Ze was about to explain it, but he suddenly recalled Hao Shangyu’s generous contribution. Therefore, when he answered, he made sure to emphasize the latter’s good deeds. “Brother Hao Shangyu was a good person! He was killed by the star state beast inside. But it was due to his generous contribution that I was able to discover that beast.” Lu Ze grinned genuinely. “Don’t worry! I used up all my cards. I almost died back there too, but I finally killed that beast in the end. I got revenge for brother Hao Shangyu now. If he knew this in the underworld, I believe he would be touched.”

The high-levels of the Purple Scale Alliance: “???”

They felt that their brain capacity wasn’t enough…

‘Hao Shangyu wasn’t killed by this human. It was that beast instead?’

‘This human even got revenge for Hao Shangyu?’

‘Did they collaborate inside the secret realm?’

Contemplating the possibility of Lu Ze’s statement, Amos looked at the prodigy from the Blood Battle Race. “Is what he said true?!”

In response, the prodigy shook his head. “I don’t know. I was only able to sense that it was this human who fought the star state beast…”

‘So this human really fought that star state beast to get revenge for Hao Shangyu?!’

All the girls looked at Lu Ze’s genuine expression. They couldn’t entirely digest Lu Ze’s boldness right now.

‘How could he be like this?’

Although everything he said was another way of putting what happened, it still sounded weird upon piecing everything together…

‘Wasn’t he the one who punched Hao Shangyu towards the ruins?’

‘Why did it seem like the two fought together like brothers now?’

If they didn’t witness everything themselves, they would be deceived by this guy…

Even the elders from the Four-Race Alliance were close to believing him.

Elder Nangong couldn’t resist asking Nangong Jing. “Jing Jing, did Ze really fight that star state beast with that Hao Shangyu?”

Nangong Jing: “…”

She was trying desperately to hold off her laugh. Thereafter, she explained the circ.u.mstances to the old man.

Elder Nangong was shocked to know what actually happened. He looked at Lu Ze’s touched expression, and his face could not help but tremble.

He had decided to give this kid a golden figure when they return.

Lu Ze could see that the beings from the Purple Scale Alliance were still uncertain whether to believe him or not. Hence, he waved his hand casually. “Don’t be too touched. It’s what I should do. I have some responsibility for brother Hao Shangyu’s death.”

Before continuing his words, he sighed. “I didn’t notice that there would be a star state beast lurking…”

Amos and the higher-ups from the other side almost believed it too.

Sometimes, prodigies strangely appreciated each other’s talents.

‘Although the two were from opposing races, it didn’t affect their personal relations.h.i.+p at all?”

Xue Yi then asked, “Then what about the other prodigies of our race?”

Upon bringing up the matter, it was only this time that the others remembered this issue too.

Once again, they scrutinized Lu Ze.

Amos asked, “Were they caught in the fight between you, Yushang, and the star state beast?”

Everyone else had considered this possibility.

Lu Ze seemed too genuine…


Their prodigies wouldn’t be that dumb.

‘How come the prodigies from the Four Race Alliance were safe?’

Given the circ.u.mstances, there should be no reason for their prodigies to not have survived!

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Um, other than that Hao Yushang, I killed all the prodigies.”