Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 782 - The Secret Realm Collapsed?!

Chapter 782 - The Secret Realm Collapsed?!

Chapter 782 The Secret Realm Collapsed?!

Outside the secret realm, the cosmic system states and star states of both sides were waiting opposite of the s.p.a.ce door.

From time to time, the vortex would release out figures who were either heavily injured or pale-faced. Sometimes, only carca.s.ses came out. Clearly, they were killed as they were in the midst of teleporting.

They took the injured prodigies back for treatment. As for the bodies, they retrieved them for a proper burial.

When it came to the Human Race, their side appeared relatively calm.

Of course, this was due to knowing Lu Ze’s capability.

Since his cultivation level had reached the level-3 planetary state, who knew what level his combat power now?

In the entire secret realm, they felt Lu Ze could do whatever he pleased.

The rest of the girls would be safe too since they had Lu Ze to take care of them.

Twenty or so days later, fewer and fewer beings came out of the vortex. Most probably, the partic.i.p.ants inside decided to team up together.

The victory would be decided as of now.

During this time, the elder of the Purple Scale Race, Amos, glanced at the four-race alliance and sneered. He really wanted to know how these old people would look upon realizing only a few of their prodigies escaped.

It should be quite interesting!

Thinking about this, he felt giddy inside.

This time, Yushang would be able to earn quite a lot. Perhaps he could get the treasure from the secret realm. By then, the race would use all their power to support him due to his contribution. When it was time for the prodigy battle, he would be able to spread the name of the Purple Scale Race in the entire cosmic realm!

Meanwhile, the Blood Battle Race, Kaka Race, White Ghost Race knew why Amos was grinning so much.

Although they were envious, they chose to throw their scornful glances at the other four


How pitiful! Later, it would be revealed that most of their prodigies were dead.

On the side, old man Nangong and the rest sensed their peculiar stares. They became confused.

‘Why did they look at them pitifully?’

At this moment, the s.p.a.ce vortex manifested some movements from within and rapidly contracted.

Seeing this, the powerful beings on both sides couldn’t quite grasp what was happening.

Man Dali exclaimed, “Impossible! The secret realm is collapsing?!”

Amos frowned. “The prodigies we sent in couldn’t have made the secret realm collapse. It should be due to a natural cause then?”

After all, the power of their strongest prodigy only had reached the peak of the planetary state.

Old man Nangong and the others from the four-race alliance frowned too. They didn’t believe any one of the prodigies from the four-race alliance could throw the secret realm in chaos.

Doris sighed. “What a pity… We won’t be able to take away a lot of resources inside if the secret realm disintegrates.”

Right after the words fell, the s.p.a.ce distorted at the side of the Purple Scale Alliance. Two prodigies from the Blood Battle Race emerged. Their faces were drained of color. Although there weren’t visible injuries on their bodies, their faces sported an extremely terrified expression.

The cosmic system state from the Blood Battle Race frowned. His face showed some anger as he reproached, “You two are scared! Our will to fight soars into the sky. We have no fear of death. Why do we have two useless idiots like you?!”

These two prodigies were level-3 planetary states! They were supposed to be good seeds representing the future of the Blood Battle Race. Yet… they were trembling with too much fear right now.

‘If they were easily scared, what future would they have?’

This made Xue Yi furious.

As the bodies of the two prodigies s.h.i.+vered, they recovered gradually from their fright. All they could feel was guilt. They didn’t even dare to look at their elders anymore.

Right then, they recalled the doomsday-like battle. They couldn’t help but tremble once more.

‘Just what kind of monster was that?!’

The powerful beings of the Blood Battle Race were extremely disappointed to witness the behaviors of the two prodigies.

‘These two were idiots!’

It was just the natural collapse of the secret realm!

Moreover, they were already back-safe and sound-so why were they so frightened?

Feeling the glances of their allies, they felt embarra.s.sed.

At this moment, another distortion on the s.p.a.ce occurred, and prodigies from the Kaka Race and White Ghost Race appeared in the air.

Similar to the prodigies earlier, all of them exhibited the same terrified expressions.

The higher-ups of the Purple Scale Race furrowed their brows. Surely, something was amiss. Things didn’t seem so simple. Amos decided to inquire, “What happened to


The prodigies exchanged glances with each other until finally, the prodigy from the Blood Battle Race responded, “We witnessed a battle above the ruins.”


The high-levels frowned even more.

‘It was just a battle, so what was there to be scared about?’

The prodigy proceeded with the narration, “I-it’s… a star state battle. The secret realm collapsed due to that.”


Elder Nangong and the rest who were eavesdropping: “???”

Everyone was stunned to discover the truth. ‘Didn’t the secret realm collapse naturally?’

Xue Yi exclaimed, “Impossible! There are no star states who went inside!”

They made sure to check the prodigies who entered. The strongest was only a level-4 planetary state. Even Hao Yushang only had combat power reaching the peak of the planetary state. If he were to face a star state, his only choice would be to run.

‘How could he fight it?’

Elder Nangong and Zuoqiu Xunshuang had a bold guess… However, it was so presumptuous that they didn’t even dare to believe it crossed their minds.

‘Did Lu Ze’s combat power reach the star state?’

No way, right?!

The prodigy from the Kaka Race affirmed what happened. “I felt it too. It was indeed a battle between star states!”

Likewise, the prodigy from the White Ghost Race also nodded.

Currently, Amos somehow felt nervous although he couldn’t pinpoint the reason why. “Who was fighting? Where are the others? Why did only you guys come out?”

After glancing at each other, they responded with uncertainty, “I was too far from it to make out the figures. I could only sense that the prodigy fighting the beast came from the Four-Race Alliance. I think it was a human… As for the others… didn’t they come out already? I didn’t sense their chi inside the secret realm earlier.”

The prodigy from the Kaka Race added, “I was even farther away back then, but I witnessed the fractures on the s.p.a.ce where I pa.s.sed. I was almost sucked in. Hence, I used the s.p.a.ce stone to escape. But as they said, I also sensed the star state battle from an extremely far distance.”

As for the prodigy of the White Ghost Race, he said, “I was almost sucked in by the s.p.a.ce fissure too.”

Upon hearing the recounts, the high-levels of the Purple Scale Alliance were even more unnerved.

Amos’ chi became unstable. “That… star state combat power came from the Four-Race Alliance?”

Even though the prodigy from the Blood Battle Race trembled, he still nodded. “Yes.”

Xue Yi also sighed in exasperation. “You really didn’t sense the chi of the other beings from our alliance?”

The prodigy nodded again without stumbling.

Confirming the answer once more, the high-levels glanced amongst each other.

Something big definitely happened.

Amos was quite worried now at this point. Hao Yushang was a one-of-a-kind prodigy who only appeared once in a thousand years. It would be a huge loss for the race if he died in there.

Meanwhile, Elder Nangong and the rest looked at each other too, but as opposed to the other faction, their eyes were filled with


Something great must have happened!

Upon hearing that the prodigy might be someone from the Human Race, Elder Nangong became stunned and elated at the same time.

Their guess wasn’t wrong!

Lu Ze was definitely the strongest among the Four-Race Alliance. Of course, it could only be him!

Man Dali, Qiu Lun, and Doris were shocked by the possibility.

When they realized Lu Ze had quickly reached level-3 planetary state, they couldn’t quite accept the reality easily back then. Once again, Lu Ze changed their view of the world.

He could already hold himself against a star state?!

What about a few years later?

They didn’t dare to keep thinking about it. Elder Nangong said, “Old Man, Qiu, and Doris, you’ve all seen Lu Ze’s talent. The Human Race needs your help this time.” Upon hearing their names, their eyes flashed.

They knew what Elder Nangong meant.

If several beings really died and Lu Ze’s power had reached the star state, then the scene would be chaotic the moment he comes out.

Lu Ze’s talent was too important for the Human Race.

Man Dali grinned. “Sure!”

Qiu Lun smiled. “I’ll try my best!”

Doris also nodded. “Me too.”

They didn’t bring up any conditions at all.

If they didn’t help, the alliance would be over.

If they did help, Lu Ze would become an extremely powerful force in the future. With their thousand-year alliance, they would be able to earn huge benefits when the Human Race advanced.

They were betting on Lu Ze’s future now


If they won, it would be a major victory. And even if they lost, the risk would still be manageable. As the s.p.a.ce vortex contracted, the atmosphere tensed up. The killing intent rose up drastically

The s.p.a.ce kept distorting between the star states and the cosmic system states.

s.p.a.ce storms were raging.

Everyone was waiting for the final outcome.

As time went on, the s.p.a.ce vortex was only a few kilometers wide now.

Finally, the s.p.a.ce on the side of the four-race alliance distorted!

A large wave of beings appeared thereafter.