Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 781 - The Treasure in the Ruins

Chapter 781 - The Treasure in the Ruins

Chapter 781 The Treasure in the Ruins

The battle a while ago was extremely intense. Most of the land had crumbled but the ruined city was still perfectly intact.

Everyone flew to the ruins and split off.

Lu Ze took the girls with him and flew to a huge structure in the center.

The black leopard emerged from there before. Clearly, that place was rather important.

The prodigies of the other three races didn’t follow suit. Although they expected the things there would be more precious, Lu Ze killed the guardian beast with his own efforts. Hence, it was only natural to leave the resources inside to him.

There were a few palaces in the center, the main palace and two side palaces.

The main palace was quite vast. Although the property only had one level, it was still over a hundred meters tall. Even the doors were tens of meters high.

At this moment, the doors were ajar.

Lu Ze looked in and said, “I’ll go over first. You guys wait here for a moment.”

He didn’t know whether there was still danger inside, but the effects of his one-time-use divine art hadn’t worn off yet.

Out of all of them, he had the highest chances of surviving if they somehow stumble upon a hidden enemy. As such, he decided to take the responsibility to scout the area first.

All the girls nodded in agreement.

Qiuyue Hesha reminded, “Little brother Lu Ze, be careful.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded as he flew to the main door of the palace.

He scanned the entire area with his eyes first. It was a vast empty hall. There was a layer of black dust covering the floor.

In the air, there was a flas.h.i.+ng black spot.

Lu Ze raised a brow. The light was similar to the one the black leopard used.

When Lu Ze directed his focus on it, he could sense the darkness G.o.d art within.

As for the rest of the entire palace, there was nothing else.

In the next moment, Lu Ze carefully reached out his hand to the door.

There was no apparent danger.

With cautiousness, he entered the palace. Immediately, the intense power of darkness overwhelmed his senses.

He looked at the black dot in surprise. ‘Is this thing actually good?’ Since Lu Ze didn’t encounter any hazards while entering, he beckoned the rest of the girls to come over. “Come in.”

The group followed him. Right away, their bodies stiffened, especially Lu Li. She was truly shocked. “The power of darkness here is so intense!”

She was the one who inherently awoke darkness G.o.d art. Naturally, she would also be the one who would be most familiar with the situation inside. As for the rest, they only received a bit of darkness G.o.d art.

Lu Li trained her eyes at the black spot. “What is that?”

She felt as though the black spot was calling to her. It was irresistible.

Lu Ze shook his head. “I don’t know, but it should be good I guess.”

Lu Ze went closer to it.

During this time, he seemed to have stepped on something hard.

Lu Ze took a step back, and the wind blew, sweeping the dust away into one corner.

Soon, Lu Ze found six storage rings on the ground.

Everyone was stunned upon seeing them.

Nangong Jing asked, “Why would there be a storage ring here?”.

Lu Ze couldn’t answer her either.

He used wind G.o.d art to pick the storage rings up.

When he scanned it with his mental force, he furrowed his brows.

Qiuyue Hesha asked curiously, “What’s wrong?” Lu Ze responded, “Perhaps, it’s been too long. The s.p.a.ce inside had crumbled already.” Lin Ling asked, “All the six rings are like this?”

Then, she checked the storage rings with her mental force too. As Lu Ze said, the s.p.a.ce inside had indeed crumbled.

Alice spoke with disappointment, “What a shame…” The rest of them shared the same sentiments. Being the main palace in the center of this ruin, the storage rings inside must have contained something incredible.

Following such, everyone turned their heads to look at the black dot.

This was probably the most precious thing here.

Right then, the black dot suddenly emitted an intense black smoke, which then turned into a beam of light and shot towards Lu Li’s body.

Everyone looked at Lu Li.

The power of darkness was slowly seeping out of her body. It then turned into black smoke that made her seem like a demonic girl.

A complex dark mark was left on her forehead.

Lu Ze looked nervously at her. “Li, are you okay?”

He went to Lu Li and grabbed her shoulder. His spirit force poured inside her body.

Lu Li blushed after seeing how worried Lu Ze was and rea.s.sured, “I’m fine. I feel great! This seems to be very helpful for my darkness G.o.d art. I can sense many secrets about the darkness G.o.d art now. It’s similar to the G.o.d art orbs you give us.” After saying those words, Lu Ze and the other girls breathed easy.

Following a moment of silence, Lu Ze said, “Let’s get Ying Ying to have a look after we get out.”

Lu Li agreed

Although there was no danger in having the black spot in her body now, she was still worried.

Subsequently, all of them proceeded to the left portion of the palace.

This palace had an area of one square kilometer. There were tens of devices with advanced technology placed there, as well as five heritage crystals on the table in the middle.

All of the things had a dim black barrier shrouding them.

Lu Ze and the girls frowned. Lu Li remarked, “It seems we need to break the barrier to get the things.”

Alice spoke worriedly, “I wonder how strong the defense barrier is? If it’s too strong, we can’t get what’s inside.”

Lu Ze a.s.sured, “After all this time, the defensive power should be weakened. I’ll try it then.”

He moved next to a barrier and reached towards the inside. After touching it, a power nearing the star state repelled him. However, he still had the one-time divine art on him, so this power was insignificant to him.

Lu Ze slowly extended his hand inside, and the barrier shattered thereafter. In consequence, he only felt a negligible painful sensation.

He grabbed what was inside. “It’s fine. The power is only at the beginning stage of the star state. It’s not a threat to me.”

All the girls rolled their eyes.

A star state power was enough to cripple the secret realm. Only Lu Ze could open it…

Lu Ze put all the devices into one storage ring and went to the table in the center.

There were a few signs on the crystals, but they weren’t written in universal common language.

Nangong Jing complained, “What ghost rune is this? I can’t understand a thing!”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “It’s probably the technological heritage of this civilization. Let’s take them away first and give them to the old man when we return.”

Qiuyue Hesha rejoiced. “This is a huge loot. This civilization is much more advanced than ours.”

Thereafter, the group moved to the palace on the right.

Instantly, they sensed an intense spirit chi.

Just by standing there, the group felt the spirit force enter their body. Right then and there, their cultivation level grew.

Everyone was shocked. The spirit force was so concentrated in this area that it was turning into a mist.

Lu Ze exclaimed, “Let’s see what is here!”

Everyone smiled and nodded.

This place was also one square kilometer in terms of size. There were rows of shelves containing spirit fruits, herbs, and heritage crystals, as well as rare ores and scrolls.

At the same time, defense barriers were also present.

Lu Ze broke them easily like before and took everything out.

However, most of the things had decayed already.

Nangong Jing’s face had a frown. She was distressed for missing out on something useful. “No wonder the spirit force here is so dense. All these things had turned into spirit mist.”

Qiuyue Hesha also provided, “Not only that, who knows how much spirit force has disappeared in these few hundred years?”

Lu Ze comforted himself and the group, “Well, at the very least, there are still heritage crystals. These are the most important. In addition, there are ores too.”

The group could only nod their heads.

Lu Ze said, “Okay, let’s go out and check out some other places.”

When they left the palace, they realized that the other prodigies had finished combing through the area they picked.

Man Kun said, “We’ve searched the other places. Brother Lu Ze, the secret realm is about to collapse. Do we leave now?”

Lu Ze looked around and nodded. “Let’s go out!”

If the s.p.a.ce storms turned worse, they might not be able to get out, even with s.p.a.ce bracelets.

Everyone nodded and activated their s.p.a.ce bracelets.

A white light proceeded to cover their entire body. Accordingly, their figures disappeared from the ruins.