Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 778 - The Secret Realm Wouldn't Have Been Destroyed, Would it?

Chapter 778 - The Secret Realm Wouldn't Have Been Destroyed, Would it?

Chapter 778 The Secret Realm Wouldn’t Have Been Destroyed, Would it?

The prodigies of the two factions were swept by the ramifications of the intense confrontation. Only level-4 planetary states, including a few stronger level-3 planetary states, could hold their ground.

Upon hearing the striking roar, everyone present couldn’t help but tense up.

They couldn’t be more familiar with the sound.

When they first arrived, they encountered this terrifying beast as soon as they entered the city. A devastating number of people died on the spot as a result. They would have left the secret realm already if they thought they had no chance of sneaking past this beast. Naturally, they couldn’t also let go of the possibility of chancing upon something good inside the ruin.

It didn’t dawn upon them that both Lu Ze and Hao Yushang were unaware of the beast’s presence until now.

Immediately, all the beings looked up the sky above the ruins, only to witness the scene of Hao Yushang being swiped at by the claw of the ma.s.sive leopard. His body was torn apart.

The atmosphere became dead silent.

Yu Changsheng and the entirety of the hostile races were stunned upon seeing the blood mist in the air.

Hao Yushang, the strongest prodigy of their generation who was even regarded as the hope of the race, died just like that?!

Did he really die from being slapped to death by a fierce beast?!

No way!

They didn’t even dare to believe it.

Man Kun and his allies couldn’t process what they were watching. Shocked expressions suddenly emerged from their faces.

Hao Yushang was dead…

‘But, he was a prodigy who was able to enter the prodigy ranking! This…

Given the turn of events, Lu Ze was stronger than Hao Yushang, but his cultivation level was lower. Clearly, his potential was infinitely greater.

Then, shouldn’t Lu Ze place much higher in the prodigy ranking than Hao Yushang?

Man Kun and the others looked at Lu Ze, who stood tall in the air, with complicated emotions.

He was overwhelmingly strong!

But soon, they became elated. Hao Yushang’s death was a huge loss for the Purple Scale Race.

Most significantly, they could also survive inside the realm now. They even looked at the allies of the Purple Scale Race.

This time, a bold idea popped up in their minds.

‘Kill them all!’

Man Kun, Eddie, and Qiu Lin looked at each other. They all harbored the same thoughts.

It was definitely beneficial to kill the prodigies of the enemy races.

Man Kun immediately spoke telepathically to Lu Ze. “Brother Lu Ze! That beast is the guardian beast of the ruins. It won’t leave the ruins. Let’s deal with these prodigies first, shall we?”

Lu Ze looked at the black leopard with vigilance. It was too strong!

At this moment, Man Kun’s words reached him.

‘No wonder the black leopard didn’t come after him upon killing Hao Yushang. It wouldn’t come out on its own.’

Lu Ze looked at the prodigies from the Purple Scale Alliance. Of course, they all had to be dealt with.

The number of resources they acquired inside the secret realm should be significant!

Unexpectedly, however, the leopard that was supposed to remain inside its nest roared and proceeded to charge at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze: “???”

‘This guy wasn’t supposed to leave the ruin,


He didn’t dare to be careless at all. Blood lightning enveloped him as he dodged the deathly slap.

Once more, Man Kun and the rest were shocked too when the leopard took the initiative to come out.

Originally, their idea was to subjugate all the hostile prodigies. However, they were the ones in danger right now.

That was a star state beast!

Yu Changsheng and his cohorts regained their composure.

Yu Changsheng glared at Lu Ze with hatred before saying to the others, “Good opportunity, let’s escape!”

Everyone couldn’t wait to take out their s.p.a.ce stones.

They were terrified.

If they didn’t leave now, they wouldn’t get the chance to anymore.

Man Kun’s expression changed, “Not good, they’re going to flee!”

During this point, as the opponent races were about to succeed with their attempt, two golden fist forces were blasted from the distance, making them feel dazed for a brief moment.

Yu Changsheng and Hans only recovered when the fist force was nearing them.

They didn’t even have time to react before they were struck. The fist force instantly penetrated their bodies and wiped their life forces away.

Almost at the same time, the other two hundred prodigies just ended their own lives. Everyone: “???”

This happened so suddenly that everyone was confused.

Right then, a few more beams flew over. It was the other prodigies of the Human Race.

The prodigies of the other three races just now recalled that those were the moves of Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. ‘Were they extremely strong too??’ Suddenly, there was a domineering roar which made everyone blank out. They looked nervously in the air.

Lu Ze dodged an attack and felt relieved. It was a good thing the fox demon and alcoholic came. He didn’t have the ability to stop the enemy prodigies from using their s.p.a.ce stones at his current plight.

Without that concern, Lu Ze looked at the leopard with an ardent battle will.

He was in a full-powered state right now.

As for the black leopard, it had only reached the star state recently.

Lu Ze could now test how strong his combat power improved. “Huh…”

As the black leopard charged at him, Lu Ze glowed.

Darkness buff!

Fire buff!

Body G.o.d art!

Lightning Travel divine art!

He used all sorts of divine arts, and his chi soared perpetually. The formidable power shook the entire world.

Everyone could only gawk.

They never expected Lu Ze’s power to reach this level.

Nangong Jing warned, “Everyone, stay away!”

This level of intensity was too dangerous. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was just them, but there were also level-1 planetary state prodigies who would be at risk.

Man Kun and the rest of the leading prodigies told their respective members to back off.

Meanwhile, Nangong Jing went to pick up the storage rings left behind by the enemies.

Once again, the black leopard roared and spat out a dark energy ball.

Every place it pa.s.sed, the s.p.a.ce ended up distorted.

The terrifying power made the entire secret realm tremble!

Lu Ze instantly disappeared from the spot, and the dark energy ball missed.

Upon emerging once again, Lu Ze was already on the leopard’s back.

His fist gathered golden runes as he directed his punch at the leopard’s back.

Right at this juncture, the leopard surged with black mist and sped up.

Lu Ze’s fist ended up hitting the ground in the end.


The eruption of the golden ray was as dazzling as the sun. The land with an area of 100,000 kilometers was completely wrecked.

Mountains and grounds s.h.i.+fted.

Rivers dried up.

Forests turned to ashes.

All that remained was a thousand-kilometer wide crater.

With just that single blow, an eighth of Lu Ze’s power was consumed.

In addition, this result was supplemented by the use of the G.o.d Martial Set. Otherwise, more power would have been depleted.

Lu Ze used red orbs without hesitation, making his recovery speed up even more.

He was ready for a long-lasting battle. Currently, the leopard appeared behind Lu Ze. Its claws glowed with a dark light as it swiped its claws towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze then dodged the strike. The spirit force from the claw was unstoppable, hacking off everything in its path.

Simultaneously, Lu Ze appeared next to the leopard’s stomach and punched with Golden Fist Art.

In response, the black leopard disappeared. Lu Ze glanced around and formed a human head-sized black-and-white energy beam, shooting towards the black figure that appeared on his left.

The black leopard moved its claws to swat the beam.


The leopard roared as it was sent flying. Its right claw was even bleeding.

Right at this juncture, Lu Ze pursued the leopard. When he planned to launch another attack, a black shadow flashed.

Lu Ze quickly formed an Earth s.h.i.+eld before him.


The leopard’s thick tail slammed against the Earth s.h.i.+eld. As a result, the Earth s.h.i.+eld instantly shattered, but Lu Ze still dodged through that.

The tail struck ended up hitting his left hand, fracturing it a bit. At the same time, Lu Ze was flung away.

He gritted his teeth and stopped the momentum of his body.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was very evil!

Unfortunately, the Earth s.h.i.+eld couldn’t buff his defenses…

He used his G.o.d arts and divine arts to heal his arm.

Meanwhile, the leopard also treated itself at a rapid rate.

Man Kun and the rest of the audience stared at the shattered world in disbelief.

“Oh s.h.i.+t! Brother Lu Ze is this strong?!”

That was a star state beast!

Yet, they were evenly-matched!

The others nodded.

At this moment, Lin Ling looked at the s.p.a.cial fissures and frowned.

“The s.p.a.ce fissures didn’t recover?”

Everyone was shocked by the discovery.

Qiu Lin said, “The elders said the secret realm is already very fragile. It can’t handle strong battles…”

The atmosphere fell silent.

Eddie widened his eyes. “Lu Ze isn’t going to break this secret realm, is he?”