Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 779 - This Guy Is Hacking, Right?

Chapter 779 - This Guy Is Hacking, Right?

Chapter 779 This Guy Is Hacking, Right?

With a wide distance between them in the air, Lu Ze was facing off the black leopard.

A few seconds later, the two charged at each other at the same time.

The leopard’s huge claws flashed with black lights at it swiped at Lu Ze.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze returned the attack with his golden fist.


Black and golden spirit force spread out over an area of 100,000 kilometers.

Several fractures emerged on the ground while the sky became filled with s.p.a.ce fissures.


Lu Ze felt a severe painful sensation coming from his right hand.

He frowned and used super regeneration, wood G.o.d art, and light G.o.d art to alleviate it.

Simultaneously, he emerged next to the black leopard.

A Light and Darkness Beam appeared on his recovered hand, and he directed it towards the leopard.

In the following moment, the leopard s.h.i.+fted a few meters away and then swung its ma.s.sive tail at Lu Ze for another time.

Lu Ze reached out his hands and grabbed that tail.


Lu Ze could feel another painful sensation spreading from his hands. By exerting more force, he easily dragged the leopard’s body again. Then, he hurled it towards the ground.

Suddenly, the black leopard, which was about to hit the ground, transformed into a black beam.

‘Rumble! The earth ruptured even more, and along with the landing of its body, a deep crater appeared.

Black and white runes flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. Two human-head-sized black-and-white energy orbs were formed on his hand and thrown into the hole.


As the beam exploded in the hole, two shocking explosions occurred, and the ground was torn apart mercilessly. The deep crack expanded further to the edge of the horizon. Subsequently, a black-and-white spirit force shot out from the cracks.

At this moment, a furious roar came from underground, and a black figure charged out of the black-and-white spirit light.

It had sustained some injuries, but they weren’t even deep, and the blood had stopped pouring out.

Nevertheless, the wounds made the leopard furious.

It charged at Lu Ze again.

Lu Ze charged back without hesitation.


Lu Ze and the leopard kept flas.h.i.+ng around in the sky. Sometimes it was Lu Ze getting beaten up, sometimes it was the leopard…

It was an intense battle.

Nangong Jing and the rest couldn’t handle the shockwaves anymore and had retreated further away.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze was covered in sweat.

His face was extremely pale, and there were visible cracks on the Martial G.o.d Set. A fountain of blood flowed out of his wounds.

Currently, he didn’t have much power left. Every nook and cranny of his body was aching.

Naturally, no matter how capable his recovery power was, there was a limit to it. Most significantly, he consumed a large number of red orbs.

His body couldn’t handle the constant flush of energy.

Even though the leopard seemed weaker, it was still stronger than Lu Ze.

Nangong Jing and the girls were worried.

Without hesitation, Nangong Jing donned her Martial G.o.d Set. “I’m going to help!”

Qiuyue Hesha followed suit. “Me too!”

Likewise, the rest of the girls wore the respective Martial G.o.d Sets. “We’re going too.”

Nangong Jing objected, “No! You guys are too weak. Just stay here. If we can’t win, then we’ll just leave the secret realm.”

Right after expressing her dissent, a terrifying explosion occurred.

Lu Ze’s Light and Darkness Beam clashed with the leopard’s mouth cannon. Following the collision, both the two were blown away by the resulting blast.

Lu Ze remained in the air as he panted.

Unfortunately, the beast that was just flung away recovered immediately and went after Lu Ze once more.

This time, Lu Ze’s expression changed.

‘Sure enough, this was a star state boss!’

It lasted much longer than any other opponent he encountered.

Under its pressure, Lu Ze didn’t even have a chance to dodge. He could only use his remaining power to form an Earth s.h.i.+eld.


The Earth s.h.i.+eld instantly broke, and the claw kept reaching for Lu Ze.

Lu Ze gritted his teeth and crossed his arms in front of him. He went to touch the green energy at his heart.

That was the green crystal he got on the third map. It can rapidly repair his injuries and recover his power.



Lu Ze was flung away. He spat a mouthful of blood as his body had burrowed further into the ground. Thereafter, the leopard roared dominantly in the air.

During this juncture, the girls had sensed Lu Ze’s extremely feeble chi. Their eyes immediately reddened. They charged towards the battlefield without any qualms.

Luo Bingqing exclaimed, “We have to save


Lin Kuang shared the same sentiment. “We can die, but he can’t!”

Mo Xie added, “We’ll fight with our lives and draw that animal away, so Nangong Jing and the others could save him.”

The group nodded with a firm resolve.

Lu Ze was too important to the human race.

At this time, Man Kun said, “I’ll go. You guys are too weak. Perhaps I can help.”

Eddie nodded. “I’ll go too. I’ll say it now though. If I can’t save him, I will run.”

They had seen Nangong Jing’s and Qiuyue Hesha’s power. Combining everyone’s efforts and now that the leopard wasn’t at its prime condition, they all felt they would be able to help this time.

On the other hand, Qiu Lin was a little hesitant. He hadn’t been to the social gathering and didn’t know Lu Ze well. He was reluctant to do something this dangerous.

Qiu An looked at Qiu Lin. “Should I go?”

As though life was drained out of him, Qiu Lin’s face shook as he said, “You madmen! I’ll go. I’m stronger than you, and I can protect myself better.”

At this moment, that extremely weak chi rapidly grew strong without a warning. The light was flickering in that hole.

The intensity of the power made the ground tremble.

The leopard growled.

‘Why wasn’t Lu Ze dead?!’

Lu Ze flew out from the hole as blood lightning enveloped him. All his wounds had disappeared, and his chi recovered back to its peak.

He grinned. “Come, let’s start the second match.”

Nangong Jing and the girls ended up dumbfounded.

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d is fine?”

Now, Lin Ling felt relieved.

Alice remarked, “I remember! Senior gave us that green crystal. It can restore power and heal your injuries. Senior really scared me like that!”

Meanwhile, everyone else was dazed. This guy was hacking, right?’ Earlier ago, he was barely alive. Suddenly, he regained his peak state now?!

Man Kun’s mouth twitched. “Brother Lu Ze doesn’t seem to need help.”

Eddie added, “If that leopard has no other trump cards, it’s probably no match for Lu Ze.”

Qiu Lin said, “He really can kill a star state beast… such power…”

Everyone fell silent.

‘What level of prodigy was Lu Ze if he could really kill star state beast?’

Man Xiu laughed.” The prodigy battle will be held soon. I really want to see his performance at that time.”