Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 777 - I'm Practical

Chapter 777 - I'm Practical

Chapter 777 I’m Practical

Lu Ze looked at the purple light that was approaching from a distance through the air. His cultivation level had reached level-4 planetary state, but the chi he emitted was exceptionally powerful.

There was a deep mark left on the ground where he flew past.

Realizing the speed of the purple beam surpa.s.sed theirs, Lu Ze said, “I’ll go over first. You guys, come over slowly.”

Nangong Jing was unhappy with his decision. “I’m going with you! I want to fight too.”

Lu Ze shook his head without hesitation. “No! I haven’t fought properly for a long time. This time I need to experience a good fight!”

During the Four-Race Social Gathering, even Man Kun couldn’t force him to go all out.

He couldn’t wait to fight that prodigy who managed to enter the prodigy ranking.

Nangong Jing glared at Lu Ze with reluctance and unhappiness.

Seeing her expression, Lu Ze flicked her forehead and smirked. “If you don’t agree, I’m not going to be nice.”

Upon hearing his words, Nangong Jing raised her hands to her face for protection. “Why are you like this?! So violent!”

Even Qiuyue Hesha didn’t dare to interrupt anymore. There were so many people here. They didn’t want to be embarra.s.sed in front of everyone…

Lu Ze remained smiling.

On the other hand, Lin Kuang and the rest witnessed the entire scene, and their mouths twitched.

They knew how proud Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were. This was their first time seeing them so scared.

Outside the ruins, Man Kun, Eddie, and Qiu Lin could also feel the extremely powerful chi approaching. Their expressions changed drastically.

This chi belonged to someone outside their alliance!

Man Kun looked at the purple beam. “Who is that? Since when did the Purple Scale Race produce a powerful being like that?”

Qiu Lin shook his head. “His cultivation level is clearly at level four of the planetary state, not that much stronger than ours. But how can his chi be exceedingly strong??”

Eddie’s face tensed up. “His combat power is probably at level nine of the planetary state.”

Likewise, the rest of the members of the alliance felt the increasing pressure brought about by Hao Yushang’s chi as well.

Man Kun frowned. “Is brother Lu Ze a match for him?”

In response, Eddie could only shake his head. “I don’t know. Lu Ze could be considered extremely powerful when he was just a level-1 planetary state. Now that he had reached level three of the planetary state, then perhaps his combat power leaped up to level-9 planetary state as well.”

“We can only wait and see if brother Lu Ze can stop him. d.a.m.n it!”

Everyone felt anxious.

‘This prodigy alone was enough to annihilate everybody!’

During this time, the purple beam stopped mid-air between the two factions. His purple golden eyes glanced across Man Kun and the rest, making them tense up.

They didn’t even dare to move much. Even though they could use the s.p.a.ce bracelet, a brief moment was still needed before its activation. In that particular instance, they were at the mercy of the enemy who had the liberty to do anything he desired.

Man Kun could not help but grind his teeth. “Is brother Lu Ze still not here?”

On the other side, Yu Changsheng grinned. ‘He was going to kill them all!’

Suddenly, there were some ripples in the s.p.a.ce. Accordingly, Lu Ze appeared a few hundred meters in front of Hao Yushang.

A grin was pasted on his face. “I heard you’re quite strong. I came to see how strong you are.”

After being caught off-guard by Lu Ze’s appearance, Man Kun and the others rejoiced.

“Brother Lu Ze, you finally made it!” “Luckily, he made it in time. Otherwise, we’d be over.”

“Brother Lu Ze, this person is very strong. Be careful!”

Watching their reactions, Yu Changsheng and his cohorts were dazed. They looked strangely at Lu Ze.

‘Was this guy very strong?’ ‘Why did they view him as their savior?’

Hao Yushang looked at Lu Ze with a trace of surprise. “s.p.a.ce G.o.d art, not bad.”

However, when he sensed Lu Ze’s cultivation level, he sneered, “Just a level-3 planetary state? Do you want to see how strong I am? Has no one told you that c.o.c.ky people usually had a shorter lifespan?”

Yu Changsheng and his companions laughed at him mockingly too.

“A human and a level-3 planetary state! Can he even compare with brother Yushang?”

“Yes, brother Yushang is on the prodigy ranking! He’s invincible among the cosmic system state civilization.”

“Just how c.o.c.ky is this human?”

“Did he live too long?”

When those words reached the other side, Man Kun and the rest stopped smiling.

‘Prodigy ranking?’

Now, they became very worried

They could only pray that Lu Ze could stop him at least. By then, they would still have a chance of escaping if he really was capable. Lu Ze mulled over the words and nodded seriously. “You’re right.” Thereafter, a black light flashed around him, turning into armor in the next second.

It was the G.o.d Martial Set!

Lu Ze barely used this set of armor. Right now, he finally had the chance to wear it.

In a few more months, he would soon reach the star state. It would be too much of a waste!

When the armor settled on his body, Lu Ze felt that his spirit force became more active and controlled.

Simultaneously, a pair of black gloves appeared on his hand. This was the item he bought with the alcoholic. Likewise, it was his first time using it.

Lu Ze looked seriously at Hao Yushang and grinned. “Your power doesn’t fall below mine. I’ll go all out then.”

Originally, Hao Yushang’s curiosity got piqued when Lu Ze donned his armor. However, after hearing the latter’s c.o.c.ky words, his eyes turned cold. “Not under you? Haha… it seems you don’t even know yourself… allow me to help you understand reality.” He glowed with spirit force as purple golden runes emerged. His powerful chi soared once again, only stopping when it reached the peak of the planetary state. A long spear appeared on his hand. “I am reality!”

The prodigies, who remained on the ground, could barely breathe under his display of strength.

Man Kun and the rest of the faction never expected Hao Yushang to be this strong.

At the same time, Lu Ze was a bit surprised too.

Actually, this guy could be considered relatively stronger than Lu Ze was when he used the Golden Fist Art with two buffs before.

Sure enough, you shouldn’t underestimate the others.


This guy really knew how to act cool. ‘Did he just say he was “reality”?!


In truth, this was actually the 29th sentence among the list of words that Lu Ze wanted to try in his second chance at life.

Being robbed of his chance to say the line, he was a bit annoyed.

Right then, numerous runes appeared on Lu Ze. The red and black runes flowed inside his body as the golden runes entwined with his right hand.

His chi soared up once again and instantly subjugated Hao Yushang’s chi. Even the ground was trembling with the overwhelming force he exuded.

Lu Ze looked at his fist in disbelief.

‘I’m actually this strong?’ Honestly, he didn’t expect his combat power would reach this level after wearing the G.o.d Martial Set.

Perhaps, he could even test his current strength against a star state,

Sensing the drastic improvement in Lu Ze’s chi, Hao Yushang’s eyes widened in disbelief. “No way!” Not just him, all the prodigies of the Purple Scale Alliance were dumbfounded.

This human was only a level-3 planetary state… ‘How could he be this strong?!

Even brother Yushang’s chi submitted to his!

Man Kun and his cohorts were even more shocked.

They wondered whether Lu Ze could stand against a star state as well.

Hao Yushang forced himself not to s.h.i.+ver as he roared to boost his own morale. “Purple Emperor Spear!”

His spear shot towards Lu Ze with spear rays.

The attack distorted every inch of s.p.a.ce it pa.s.sed.

Lu Ze grinned and stepped forward, releasing his golden fist force in return.


The golden fist force almost instantly tore apart the spear ray and proceeded to attack Hao Yushang.

Hao Yushang could sense the lethality of the incoming attack.

Thereafter, a purple scale appeared in his hand. Spirit force surged in, and a barrier appeared.

At the same time, the golden fist force hit the barrier.


Hao Yushang and the barrier were both crushed. Much worse, Hao Yushang was thrown towards the direction of the ruin as though he was a ball that was tossed away.

As his body helplessly flew, the s.h.i.+eld began to show signs of cracking.

Lu Ze smiled. “h.e.l.lo, reality! Goodbye, reality!” Hao Yushang’s face turned pale.

This s.h.i.+eld could block a star-state attack!

Yet… it was almost shattered with one punch!


He had to get out!

Otherwise, he would die here!

At this moment, a violent beast roar could be heard.

A ma.s.sive black leopard charged at him and swiped at his barrier.

Finally, the s.h.i.+eld gave out, and the claw came into contact with his body. Before he could even react, he was flung away, and the entire barrier was broken on the spot.

Lu Ze: “…”

What was this?!

It was a good thing he didn’t enter right away. Otherwise, he would be in danger if this sudden ambush occurred.