Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 771 - Human, You're Asking to Die!

Chapter 771 - Human, You're Asking to Die!

Chapter 771 Human, You’re Asking to Die!

In some other region, Nangong Jing was flas.h.i.+ng with golden light as she killed a slender gray alien with a single punch. She then took away the storage ring and looked inside, which caused her to grin. “Robbery brings in things fast!”

She put the storage ring away and took out the golden fruit wine. As soon as she poured it into her mouth, her pretty face frowned, and then, she took a small sip.

“Never mind, I’ll drink when I get back. It’s best not to get drunk here.” She sighed and put the golden fruit wine back.

Following those actions, she opened the map and looked at the dots. She thought for a moment and then immediately moved towards the two other dazzling blue dots.

A few dots were moving towards her as well. She felt it was best that she searched around nearby and wait for the others. On the other hand, Qiuyue Hesha appeared in an empty barren land. There were no beasts here nor anyone else.

Similar to others, she also looked at the map and chose to wait for others to come over first.

During this time, Lu Ze also opened the map and then saw a rather dazzling blue dot moving towards him.

Given the color of the dot, it could either be Lu Li or Alice.

At the same time, Lu Ze noticed the presence of the two weakest dots. One halted its movements while the other flew over.

Lu Ze thought about it and decided to wait for them.

At this moment, he suddenly received a signal calling for help. It was activated nearby by a dim blue dot.

In terms of distance, it was approximately 100,000 kilometers away from his current location.

Lu Ze’s face went cold.

‘Who dares to touch my human pals!’

He flashed with silver light and disappeared from the spot.

s.p.a.ce transmission!

100,000 kilometers away, Derrick was scurrying frantically with a pale face. Three beings were chasing him relentlessly.

One of them was from the Purple Scale Race. Another one was from the Kaka Race while the remaining one was a horned-alien.

The one from the Kaka Race was a level-2 planetary state while the other two were level-1 planetary states.

“d.a.m.ned human! Don’t run!”

“Even if you run to the edge of the secret realm, we will kill you!” “No one can save you!”

Derrick’s legs were longer. As he ran, they were exuding a dark l.u.s.ter.

In the succeeding moments, his speed became much faster than before.

He rejoiced that he had a speed-burst-type of G.o.d art. Otherwise, he would be dead now!

Despite escaping their besiegement, he still ended up lightly injured.

He could only ask for help. He hoped Ze would come over.

He didn’t even know why Ze released such a powerful chi before.

‘Was he in trouble too?’

Right now, his last resort was to leave the realm. However, how could he be willing to do so when he didn’t gather enough resources?


Suddenly, Derrick heard three distinct sounds behind him. Following the strange noise, he could no longer feel the chis pursuing him.

Due to confusion, he decided to turn his head and look behind. However, he couldn’t see anyone anymore. His skin crawled immediately. “???”

‘Where did they go?’

He didn’t even know who the culprit was…

Only three storage rings remained.

Derrick looked around speechlessly. “Was it Ze? Where is he?”

Meanwhile, Lu Ze was already back at where he was originally.

With his current s.p.a.ce transmission, he only needed to teleport once to cross 100,000 kilometers.

Earlier, he went over and threw three Light and Darkness Beams, turning the three beings into dust.

Thereafter, he used s.p.a.ce transmission to return to his previous position.

He couldn’t bring Derrick back right now since he didn’t know whether it was Li or Alice who was coming over.

He didn’t want a third wheel to interrupt him!

Right then, a dark light flashed over, and a figure landed before Lu Ze. It was Lu Li!

Lu Ze smiled. As he was just about to speak, Lu Li rushed forward, wrapping her arms around his neck. Her fragrant scent filled his senses.


Seeing how Lu Li decided to take the initiative, Lu Ze couldn’t stop himself anymore. Immediately, he grabbed her waist, changing his pa.s.siveness to activeness instantly.

The two fondled each other for half a minute. When they sensed Derrick’s chi approaching from a distance, the two separated.

Lu Li acted as though nothing happened between them.

Lu Ze’s mouth could not help but twitch. She was just so enthusiastic awhile ago!

However, he really couldn’t mention this to her face…

‘Who knew whether he could still stay alive from the beating afterwards?’

Lu Li, on the other hand, was bursting with happiness.

‘Hah, those four other women were not here now!’

‘Lu Ze was hers alone!’

This time around, she didn’t need to restrain herself.

As of now, she was the only girl who had managed to kiss Lu Ze the most, right?

Deep inside, Lu Li despised those four people… ‘How would those shrews compare to her now?’

Ha! Ha!

At this juncture, Derrick finally reached the location of the other two. While he was in front of Lu Ze and Lu Li, his face was still pale. His chi hadn’t recovered either.

Upon realizing it was just Lu Ze and Lu Li, his mouth could not help but twitch. He looked at the two of them weirdly.

Now, he became more certain why Lu Ze didn’t show himself earlier…

Derrick felt hurt by the huge blow.

Not only was he a ‘single dog’ who had been chased around and hovered at the border between life and death, but he was also forced to eat dog food…

If he were immature, he would have cried on the spot!

Derrick was bitter.

Noticing the hint of resentment from Derrick, Lu Ze coughed drily and said, “Teacher Derrick, I’ll heal you first.”

A green light flowed from his hand into Derrick.

Instantly, the color that was drained from Derrick returned, making his face a bit rosy. Simultaneously, his wounds healed as well.

Derrick grinned. “Thank you, Ze. Otherwise, I would have to leave early, or worse, die here.”

Lu Ze shook his head. “If you were stronger than I was, you would do the same.”

Derrick smiled. “Where’s the other one? There should be one more.”

He knew there was a dot nearby.

Lu Ze opened the map and saw that the dot didn’t move at all. He then said, “That dot is staying in that region. The person probably found something. Let’s go over.”

Lu Ze held Lu Li’s hand and placed the other hand on Derrick’s shoulder.

Soon, they reached the place where the dot was.

They saw an eerie empty ground. At the center, there was a short tree that bore a blood-colored fruit.

This blood fruit was releasing a blood mist that spread across the surrounding ten kilometers.

Lu Ze and his companions frowned.

That signature blood short hair was definitely Lin Kuang, but his body seemed drained.

Blood was seeping out from his body and into the mist.

Despite so, Lin Kuang’s eyes were firmly set on the blood fruit. His steps were slow but steady.

Lu Ze smiled. “This is brother Lin Kuang’s fortune. Let’s wait for him here.”

Derrick agreed with a nod. He only got ordinary spirit herbs and fruits.

Ten minutes later, Lin Kuang was only tens of meters from the fruit.

The closer he got, the harder it was to keep moving forward. His body seemed to only have bones left.

Just standing there made him shaky. Despite all the trouble, he kept moving firmly towards the fruit.

Lu Ze didn’t intend to help him take it. This was Lin Kuang’s chance.

At this moment, two blood lights landed a few hundred meters away from Lu Ze and the group.

The two lights gradually grew a figure, instantly turning into aliens with b.l.o.o.d.y eyes and long horns.

Derrick’s expression changed. “Blood Battle Race? Their chi is so strong!”

Those two alone, even though they were merely standing, made him feel closer to the death’s door.

Lu Li nodded. “One level-4 planetary state and one level-3 planetary state. Quite strong.”

Lu Ze didn’t expect to encounter a level-4 planetary state prodigy here. The strongest prodigies in the four-race alliance were only level-4 planetary states.

The two beings from the Blood Battle Race didn’t expect humans to be there either.

The level-4 planetary state prodigy looked at Lu Ze. He couldn’t sense Lu Ze’s cultivation level at all, but he felt some kind of danger from this human.

He didn’t believe weak humans could put his life at risk, but he still trusted his senses.

The level-3 prodigy from the Blood Battle Race saw the drained figure near the fruit and exclaimed, “Brother Wuqing! Someone is getting close to the bloodthirsty fruit. He’s about to get it!” The level-4 prodigy looked at Lin Kuang, and his face went cold. This fruit was very useful to him.

‘How could someone from the weak Human Race take it?!

“Human, you’re asking to die!”

A blood-colored long sword appeared on his hand as he swung it to release a ray. That explosive blood sword ray was a few hundred meters long. It headed towards Lin Kuang.

Derrick’s expression changed. He decided to help out.

During this point, Lu Ze moved.

Blood lightning flowed around him as he appeared before the sword ray and grabbed it.

He gripped it with his bare hands.


The blood sword ray instantly shattered.

Lu Ze looked at the two prodigies and asked indifferently, “Who allowed you to attack?”