Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 770 - Proper Death

Chapter 770 - Proper Death

Chapter 770 Proper Death

Lu Ze landed on the ground. He went to look at the helpless prodigy of the Purple Scale Race who can’t even get up.

After being kicked by Lu Ze, his whole body sustained a lot of cracks, wherein blood continuously poured out. He seemed like he was going to die at any moment. Despite such a state, he still gave Lu Ze a death stare that was full of resentment.

Seeing the expression of the other party, Lu Ze scratched his head and squatted in front of him. With a smile, he began to ask, “Um, can you tell me about the prodigy in the prodigy ranking who you have mentioned earlier?”

The being from the Purple Scale Race sneered and kept looking coldly at Lu Ze. He didn’t intend to speak at all.

Lu Ze frowned. He was worst at interrogating.

Too bad the fox demon wasn’t here. Otherwise, things would be really simple.

Lu Ze attempted to persuade the latter. “If you tell me, I’ll let you go. How about that?” The prodigy scoffed, “d.a.m.ned human! Don’t even bother. How can I betray my own kind?”

Lu Ze nodded upon hearing the response of the opponent. “Okay.”

A Light and Darkness Beam gathered, and he threw it on the prodigy. As a result, the prodigy was completely devoured.

Based on the resoluteness of the prodigy’s eyes, Lu Ze realized he wouldn’t be able to pry any information from him. Even attempting an intense-type interrogation probably wouldn’t work well for someone unprofessional like him.

Since this prodigy wouldn’t betray his own kind even in death, Lu Ze still left him an ounce of dignity.

As for the intel, it would have to wait until he found the fox demon.

Lu Ze picked up the storage rings of the prodigies whom he encountered. When he checked their contents, he mostly discovered cultivation resources and some technological products, as well as a s.h.i.+p.

He didn’t need these resources. As such, Lu Ze decided to give them to Alice and let her find some useful ingredients inside. If there was nothing, he had no other choice but to hand them to the other prodigies of the Human Race.

Likewise, the technological products were useless to him. In this case, he would just give them to the scientists of the Federation.

With respect to the s.h.i.+p, Lu Ze didn’t find it useful either.

Too bad he couldn’t find any more of those barriers…

As Lu Ze unleashed his power at full force, a blood-colored, short-haired man, from a hundred thousand kilometers away, looked in Lu Ze’s direction with shock.

“Huh… this chi? Is it Ze??”

His mouth twitched at the realization. “The powerful chi is approaching the star state!”

Yes, he was well aware that Lu Ze had already reached level-3 planetary state, thereby boosting his combat power further. Nevertheless, he still couldn’t cope with reality… He shook his head and looked at the empty s.p.a.ce before him. There was a meter tall tree there and a blood fruit on it.

The blood chi swirled around the fruit.

Within a ten kilometer-radius, no plants could be found. At the very least, only dried bones were scattered all around.

Lin Kuang looked at the fruit with desire.

“Bloodthirsty spirit fruit, this is good… I’m so lucky! I must get it!”

His G.o.d art would progress again if he got this. In another place, Derrick picked up a spirit herb and laughed. “A spirit herb upon landing, I’m still this lucky!”

Then, when the distant chi burst out, Derrick’s body stiffened. He gulped some saliva. “Oh my! Who is this monster? Ze? This chi…?”

“Did he encounter some powerful enemy?”

All the nearby prodigies from the four-race alliance looked in Lu Ze’s direction with shock.

They didn’t know Lu Ze was this powerful already!

In another region, Lu Li looked at a Stoneman that was five meters tall. It was a level-2 planetary state from the Kaka Race.

The other party roared, “Human! Die!”

The Kaka Race stomped on the ground, and the earth consequently broke apart around him. He then disappeared from his current spot.

During this moment, dark runes flowed around Lu Li as a black long sword appeared in her hands.

A black light flashed, and the opponent from the Kaka Race stopped mid-air. In the next second, his body split in half! Thereafter, Lu Li took out a white device. It allowed her to see the locations of nearby allies. She could also ask for help.

However, it still had limits. Its range could only cover one million kilometers. But this secret realm was too vast!

The white device projected a map with some dots. Some dots were light blue, some darker blue, and there were three dazzling blue dots.

At the same time, there were also white, yellow, and green dots.

The dots revealed the power of the prodigies The stronger the prodigy, the deeper their color.

As for the corresponding race, blue represented the Human Race, white represented the Round Race, yellow represented the Barbarian Race while green represented the Winged Race.

Lu Li focused her attention on the dazzling blue dots. “These three should be sisters Jing and Hesha, as well as Lu Ze, right? I wonder which one is Lu Ze?”

The locations of the three dots were separate!

Lu Ze should be alone right now. ‘If she could find Lu Ze before the other girls, they would have some alone time.’

During this point, a terrifying chi soared.

Lu Li’s eyes lit up. ‘This chi was too familiar!’

Without hesitation, she flew towards the source.

Meanwhile, the rest of the human prodigies attempted to move towards the three dazzling dots while searching for resources.

Within a mountain range, Lin Ling and Alice encountered each other, so they paired up. They too were looking at the dots on the device.

Alice asked, “Which one is senior?”

Lin Ling teased, “Alice, you want to look for Lu Ze, that playboy? How about I let you have your way and avoid being the third wheel?” Alice blushed and grabbed Lin Ling’s arm. “Do you really not want to see senior?” Lin Ling pouted her lips. “I don’t want to see that guy!”

Alice giggled.

Lin Ling soon changed the topic. “Let’s first go to the nearest dot. We can’t tell anyway.”

Alice nodded.

When they flew past a mountain, Alice suddenly paused. “Sister Ling, wait a moment.” Lin Ling asked vigilantly, “What’s wrong?”

She looked around with her spirit eye.

With a joyful tone, Alice relayed, “I found a very precious ingredient. Senior will really like it! This way, sister Ling.”

Later on, the two found a ma.s.sive tree glowing with a green light. The tree had a huge green crystal fruit.


Alice said with excitement, ‘This is the green jade fruit for sure!”

Lin Ling glanced at the huge beast sleeping next to the tree and frowned. “There’s a beast. It’s very strong. Its cultivation level is at the level-6 planetary state, and it has wind G.o.d art. Its combat power had reached the level-7 planetary state.”

Alice frowned. “Sister Ling, can we beat it?”

Lin Ling answered, “I’ll draw it away. You go and pick the fruit.”

“Would you be alright?” Alice was worried. “If it’ll put you in danger, we might as well remember the location first and wait for senior to collect it.”

Lin Ling rea.s.sured Alice with a smile. “That b.a.s.t.a.r.d gave us so many resources. If we can’t even face this beast, we’d be too useless. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

Looking at Lin Ling’s determined eyes, Alice nodded. “Okay, be careful, sister Ling.” The corners of Lin Ling’s mouth curled up and, she nodded. Following that, she disappeared from the spot and formed countless golden needles in the air. She shot these needles towards the beast’s neck.

The beast sensed the danger and immediately got up. Wind surged around it.

Right then, the golden needles penetrated the wind and pierced its neck, leaving a deep wound.


The beast was furious and charged at Lin Ling.

Lin Ling dodged the beast while attacking the beast’s weakness. She could even suppress the


At these developments, Lin Ling was surprised. She didn’t expect her combat power to reach this level after breaking through to the level-2 planetary state. Ordinary level-7 planetary states were no match for her anymore!

Meanwhile, Alice snuck up to the tree. This was her first time stealing fruit from a beast. It was quite exciting!

After she took the fruit, Alice ran behind Lin Ling and said, “Sister Ling, I got the fruit. Let’s go.”

Only then did the beast notice that the fruit was stolen away by another girl. It roared furiously and wanted to chase after the thieves.

Lin Ling’s eyes went cold as more needles formed around her.

Sensing this lethal threat, the beast became hesitant.

Subsequently, Lin Ling retreated with Alice.