Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 772 - Play Yourself

Chapter 772 - Play Yourself

Chapter 772 Play Yourself

Outside the b.l.o.o.d.y mist, the scene was quite silent.

That level-4 planetary state prodigy from the Blood Battle Race looked at Lu Ze with uncertainty.

He didn’t use all his power for that strike, but ordinary people shouldn’t be able to stop that either.

This guy’s cultivation level was only level-3 planetary state, but he could so easily crush his sword ray?!

Even he, couldn’t do it himself that smoothly.

Was this human stronger than he was?

‘How was that possible???’

Not only him, but the level-3 planetary state prodigy also looked at Lu Ze with pure shock. ‘Was he even a human?’

He knew how strong brother Wuqing was!

He was a level-3 planetary state too, but if he tried to block that sword ray, he would be heavily injured if not dead.

‘How could the usually weak humans be this strong?’

Lu Ze didn’t fight them right away. Lin Kuang was in the process of taking the fruit. If the battle caused too much commotion, it might affect him. As such, Lu Ze felt it was best to wait until Lin Kuang was done.

Now, the two prodigies from the Blood Battle Race didn’t dare to move.

The level-4 prodigy’s eyes flashed with ferocity and cautiousness.

‘Should he attack?’

‘Can he attack?’

‘How should he attack?’

At this moment, the level-3 planetary state prodigy suddenly had a bold guess.

He glanced at Lu Ze and spoke telepathically to the level 4 prodigy. “Brother Wuqing, we might’ve been tricked!”

Wuqing replied, “How so?”

“Think about it. If that human prodigy can so easily block your attack, he should be very strong, right? If that’s true, then how is his power compared to you?” Wuqing frowned for a while and answered, “If he used his own power to do that… then he’s slightly stronger than me.”

The level-4 prodigy didn’t want to admit this since Lu Ze was a human after all. More importantly, he was just a level-3 planetary state!

The level-3 prodigy grinned. “So that’s why I’m saying we might’ve been tricked! Think about it. We all know about the Human Race. They’ve only got 2000 years of history. We all know how strong the prodigies of these weak races are. Their top prodigies are definitely not as strong as our race.”

Wuqing nodded in agreement.

The top prodigies of the Blood Battle Race were usually stronger than the top prodigies of the Human Race.

“That’s it. This human is just a level-3 planetary state. How can he be stronger than a level-4 planetary state top prodigy of the Blood Battle Race like you?” Wuqing’s eyes flashed. “What are you saying?” “He’s boasting!” Xiao Qi a.n.a.lyzed it. “It must be because you’re too strong, and they have a friend who is currently attempting to take the spirit fruit. They didn’t want to abandon this friend, so he must’ve used some trump card to forcefully increase his power level. He’s just trying to scare us away!” Wuqing’s eyes flashed once more. He had the same thoughts too.

He was very confident in his power. ‘How could he believe a level-3 planetary state prodigy from a weak race would be stronger than he was?’

Wuqing looked at how calmly Lu Ze looked at him. He still couldn’t figure him out.

This human’s eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence.

Xiao Qi noticed the reluctance, so he said, “Brother Wuqing is worried that this man’s power is really strong?”

Wuqing didn’t answer. It was obvious. Otherwise, he would’ve attacked already.

Xiao Qi continued, “I have another piece of evidence. If he’s really that strong, why is he only looking at us and not attacking? The longer we stay here, the more trouble can happen, but he doesn’t even intend to send us off. Isn’t that strange?”

“And, this bloodthirsty fruit is very important to you. Even if this human is really strong, we need to fight over it. No matter how strong he is, can he stop us from getting away? We can always retreat if we’re no match.” This time, Xue Wuqing’s eyes flashed with excitement. This fruit was the key for him to enter the prodigy ranking. There might not be such an opportunity in the future!

Xue Wuqing said, “Xiao Qi, you’re indeed a prodigy of the Blood Battle Race. You’re very smart. With you around, the future of our race is set!”

Xiao Qi replied, “Thank you, brother Wuqing. You’re the future of our race. If you devour the fruit, your future is definitely on par with the one in the alliance!”

Prodigy ranking!

That was Xue Wuqing’s pursuit.

‘Whoever dared to stop him shall die!’

He swung his sword, and his battle will shot into the sky.

Even though he was only 90% confident that the human was bluffing, he still decided to test the waters.

Wuqing exclaimed, “Human! p.i.s.s off! The fruit is mine! If you leave now, I will let you go.”

Lu Ze: [?_??]

Lu Li: [?_??]

Derrick: 2(°Ã°;) )

Lu Ze felt stunned by the reaction of the opponent. He didn’t expect this Xue Wuqing to really dare to fight him.

Lu Ze became vigilant. ‘Did this guy have some trump card?’

Thinking about this, Lu Ze was ready to fight all out.

Derrick was nervous because he felt this prodigy had some trump card. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be like this.

On the other hand, Lu Li was still very confident in Lu Ze’s power.

When Lu Ze’s face tensed up, Xue Wuqing sneered.

This guy was bluffing indeed!

Seeing that Lin Kuang was only a few steps from the fruit, he was furious. If it weren’t for Xiao Qi, he would’ve almost been tricked.

“Human, you’re asking to die!”

Blood spirit force shot into the air.

He was going to use all his power just to kill this human with one strike.

Lu Ze felt dumbfounded. “That’s it?’

Nevertheless, Lu Ze still intended to attack at full power.

He instantly appeared before Xue Wuqing.

Blood lightning, fire buff, darkness buff, and golden runes appeared on his legs.

Lu Ze didn’t believe this guy was star state. Right now, his own combat power had reached the peak of the level-9 planetary state.

Xue Wuqing’s eyes widened. “Impossible!”

Even though he was just a level-4 planetary state, his combat power was approaching the level-8 planetary state. ‘How is this human this strong?!’

Xue Wuqing didn’t have time to think further. He could only attack Lu Ze’s leg to block the incoming kick.

If he blocked it, he can use his trump card and flee.

“Battle blood slice the heavens!”

The blood sword ray attempted to wound Lu Ze’s leg.


The blood sword ray was destroyed upon contact, and Lu Ze’s leg ended up striking Xue Wuqing’s chest heavily.

Xue Wuqing felt like he was rammed by a neutron star.

‘Xiao Qi, you set me up!’

Xue Wuqing flew out and exploded in mid-air.

Lu Ze: “???”

“Did he just die with only those attacks? He can’t even handle a beating at all.”

‘This guy had no powerful trump card, so why was he courting death then?’

Lu Ze couldn’t understand.

Xiao Qi: “???”

Xiao Qi was trembling in disbelief. His mind went blank.

At this juncture, Lu Ze looked at Xiao Qi.

Xiao Qi wanted to retreat, but his legs couldn’t move at all.