Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 769 - He's A Good Person

Chapter 769 - He's A Good Person

Chapter 769 He’s A Good Person

Upon the roar of one of the prodigies from the Purple Scale Race, the remaining one also reacted.

A purple scale appeared in their hands. Complex runes spun around it simultaneously. Thereafter, they inserted their spirit force into the rune, and two purple barriers covered them.

Only then did their terror diminish a little.

The two looked at each other. “Let’s go out!”

They saw Lu Ze’s speed. Even with the energy barrier, they didn’t believe they could get away. By the time the barrier was gone, they wouldn’t be able to escape their deaths.

Therefore, they could only go out!

Accordingly, they took out another gray rock with silver runes. After activating it, a silver light slowly wrapped around the two.

Lu Ze looked at them and felt stunned. He could sense the ripples in the s.p.a.ce.

He guessed that they probably used something similar to their escape bracelet. Most likely, each had one too.

Inside the purple barrier, the terror felt by the two prodigies from the Purple Scale Race gradually disappeared. In return, they glared at Lu Ze with intense hatred.

One of them roared, “d.a.m.ned human! Don’t feel good about yourself. We have a few extremely powerful prodigies among us. They’re definitely not beings you can handle! The leader is a prodigy on the prodigy ranking!”

Likewise, the other one sneered, “You will die in the secret realm!”

They had just arrived inside the secret realm, but they were immediately forced out. Moreover, they even lost a s.p.a.ce lock scroll and two life-saving cards. What a huge loss!

Lu Ze smiled. ‘Did they really think they could get away using a s.p.a.ce item?’ Naive children!

Silver white light flowed in Lu Ze’s eyes, which then altered the s.p.a.ce lines.

During this moment, the silver light enveloped the other two, and they disappeared from the spot.

When they emerged once more, they were in the same area, though it was still a few hundred meters away from their original location.

Both the prodigies were dumbfounded.

Lu Ze grinned at their reaction. “What a coincidence! We meet again.”


Several expressions manifested on the faces of the two prodigies, from being dazed to shocked until finally, purely terrified.


“We activated the s.p.a.ce stone. Why are we still inside?!”

One prodigy exclaimed, “You’re not human! How did you do it?! Elder Amos gave us the s.p.a.ce stone. There’s no way it’s faulty!” Prodigies were the future of every race. The elders of a race won’t set up their own prodigy to fail.

This wasn’t just one prodigy as well but a few hundred!

The sides of Lu Ze’s mouth curled up. “I am a human. Don’t think too much. I just manipulated the s.p.a.ce location.”

The two prodigies trembled. “s.p.a.ce G.o.d art?”

s.p.a.ce G.o.d art was extremely rare in the entire universe. ‘Why were they so unlucky to encounter a being with that power here?’

Lu Ze kept his smiling expression and looked at their barrier. He wondered how strong it was.

One prodigy roared, “Split off and run!”

Of course, they wouldn’t just wait here for their deaths. They wanted to struggle with all they got and live.

Thus, the other prodigy didn’t hesitate to fly in one direction while the one who made the suggestion headed in the opposite direction.

Lu Ze flashed with blood lightning and appeared before one prodigy. Right away, he kicked the purple barrier.


The prodigy fell back and landed with a thud on the ground. Lu Ze then emerged once more before the other prodigy. He also kicked him.

Both the opponents from the Purple Scale Race were forced down the hole in the ground. In the following second, they flew out.

Although their barrier remained intact, their expressions became ugly.

Lu Ze was too fast. They had no chance to run!

‘What would they do once their barrier disappeared?’

Meanwhile, Lu Ze frowned. This barrier was a bit tough.

One of the prodigies sneered, “This barrier can stop the ultimate attack of a planetary state. We got it from a rare opportunity. You’re strong, but you can’t break it!”

The other prodigy said, “Human, we, the Purple Scale Race, respect powerful beings. I believe you’re here for the treasures, right? You can’t break our defenses. To be honest, this barrier can last a month. Are you going to waste a month’s time on us?”

“Of course, this barrier can’t last a month, but the human knew nothing about their barrier.’

Lu Ze was shocked. ‘The ultimate attack of a planetary state?’ What a coincidence!

These two were actually free punching bags.

Now, he would be able to test the limits of his attack.

Lu Ze smiled. “Stay there and don’t move. I’ll just throw a few punches.”

Fire buff!

Darkness buff!

Body G.o.d art!

Lu Ze’s chi skyrocketed with these divine arts.

He then clenched his fist.

Golden Fist Art!

Lu Ze was extremely curious whether two buff divine arts at perfect mastery and Golden Fist Art, which had the same level of mastery, can break the s.h.i.+eld.

Sensing Lu Ze’s chi, the color from the faces of the two prodigies was drained. It even turned


“How is this possible?!”

“How can a level-3 planetary state be this strong??!”

Lu Ze’s chi made them smell the scent of death. Even inside the barrier, they didn’t feel safe at all.

As for Lu Ze, he didn’t mind what they thought. He immediately flashed with blood lightning and instantly appeared before one of the prodigies, shattering the barrier with exceptional force.


A purple light flickered, and the layer of the barrier became extremely thin.

The two prodigies s.h.i.+vered even more.

“Just one punch and it almost broke the barrier?!’

Was this really a level-3 planetary state???

Before they could react, a black-and-white ball spun on Lu Ze’s other hand and struck the extremely thin barrier.


The barrier finally broke, revealing the defenseless two prodigies inside.

With a dry tone, one of the prodigies said, “The barrier… broke??”

He was full of disbelief.

Meanwhile, the other prodigy trembled in terror.

“Arghhh!” he screamed. Thereafter, he flew using his maximum speed.

He didn’t want to die here!

Lu Ze gave this prodigy a kick, turning him into dust, and then, he chased after the other one.

In just a second, he appeared before the other prodigy, kicking his barrier as well.

“Get down!”


The prodigy was flung away.

Lu Ze panted a little.

The fire-buff-and-darkness-buff-empowered Golden Fist Art was stronger than even the Light and Darkness Beam. However, it was very taxing. He could only execute three punches, despite using a few blood crystals.

He would become very weak after those three punches.

Luckily, his recovery speed also improved. In just a few seconds, he recovered a lot of spirit force.

The prodigy flew out of the ditch and darted out.

One must admit this prodigy really wanted to live.

Lu Ze appeared before him again and struck the barrier.


The barrier almost shattered.

Another Light and Darkness Beam completely tore it apart, and then, Lu Ze kicked the prodigy. All his bones ended up fractured, but Lu Ze didn’t strike with full power.

‘Did he say there was a prodigy from the prodigy ranking?’

He wanted to ask this guy about it.