Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 768 - Humans Are Usually Weak?

Chapter 768 - Humans Are Usually Weak?

Chapter 768 Humans Are Usually Weak?

Qiu Lun said, “Let’s go out. They have arrived


The four cosmic system states got up, and then, the star states and prodigies followed suit towards the vortex.

In the next second, they were already approaching it.

Lu Ze saw another group of people on the other side of the vortex getting close. Their appearances were strange. They were covered with purple scales and had one horn on their heads.

At the same time, the Stone Race and the Kaka Race, along with a few more other races, were also present.

The leader of the other side, who was grinning with his sharp fangs, was a bulky man covered with purple scales.

“Qiu Lun, you came very early.”

He glanced at Lu Ze and the rest. “So, are these the young prodigies of your four races? You’re not scared that all of them will be left inside the secret realm?”

Qiu Lun responded coldly, “Amos, you’re wasting time. Do you still want to go in or not? If not, then this secret realm will belong to the four races.”

Amos’ yellow eyes flashed with coldness. He sneered, “Since you’re in such a rush for them to die, then how can I not satisfy your request? Let’s begin, open the door of the secret realm!”

The four cosmic system states flew out. Likewise, the other three cosmic system states also followed and went before the vortex.

They used all their power, and immediately, an extremely terrifying power filled the deadly s.p.a.ce.

The entire cosmic region was slightly trembling.

All the prodigies felt great pressure under such power. Lu Ze and the girls were fine, but the weaker prodigies were s.h.i.+vering.

Old man Nangong and the others stirred the s.p.a.ce with their power and a mirror-like region appeared in the center of the vortex.

The mirror revealed scenes of forests, mountains, lakes, seas, and ruins. At this moment, Qiu Lun announced, “The prodigies can enter.” Amos also exclaimed, “Little guys, kill all those beings from the four-race alliance once you’re inside!”

Man Kun smiled and looked at Lu Ze. “Brother Lu Ze, once we’re out, I’m going to challenge you again!”

He was confident he could acquire quite some fortune inside. Following his remark, he took the barbarian prodigies flying towards the mirror.

Eddie took a deep look at Lu Ze as well. “Lu Ze, I will surpa.s.s you!”

Lu Ze felt dazed, but he still nodded. “Go for


Eddie: “…”

His mouth twitched when he saw Lu Ze’s cheering look. He didn’t want to talk to him again. He then sneered and led the prodigies of the Winged Race.

As for the Round Race, the leader was no longer Qiu An. It was another level-4 planetary state prodigy from the Round Race.

According to Qiu An, this was the prodigy who didn’t attend the gathering previously due to his solitary cultivation, Qiu Lin. Qiu Lin smiled and nodded at Lu Ze as he led the Round Race prodigies. Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s go inside too.”

Everyone flew towards the mirror and went inside.

Upon entering, Lu Ze, who had s.p.a.ce G.o.d art, could clearly feel the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage formed by the s.p.a.ce lines.

The location of this s.p.a.ce tunnel was changing all the time. It was completely random! Lu Ze raised a brow and seemed worried. ‘So that’s why Qiu Lun said they would appear in random locations inside the secret realm?’

Lu Ze smiled and used his s.p.a.ce G.o.d art. Immediately, the s.p.a.ce lines around the human prodigies were controlled to a certain range. That way, they wouldn’t be separated by a great distance.

Pity his s.p.a.ce G.o.d art was still not good enough. Otherwise, he would be able to take along the human prodigies wherever he pleased. ‘They could go to the center and take all the treasure and run!’

A white light flashed and Lu Ze entered the secret realm.

When his feet touched the ground, he looked around the area. Currently, he was within a barren region that was filled with gra.s.s. Some stranger-looking trees were scattered around, and occasionally, there would be sounds of beast howls. In addition to those observations, the sun of the realm was also above his head.

Overall, this secret realm felt like another world.

It was artificial!

At this moment, three figures appeared not far from Lu Ze.

When Lu Ze went to look, he discovered three beings from the Purple Scale Race. All of them were level-3 planetary states.

He was confused. These three were this lucky?’

Those three beings looked around and soon showed an excited smile.

One prodigy exclaimed, “It worked! Working so hard to get the s.p.a.ce lock scroll was worth it!”

The other prodigy grinned. “Hehe, the others are separated, but we’re together. We have an advantage. We’ll reap a huge harvest in this secret realm!”

Meanwhile, the last prodigy glanced at Lu Ze. “Hm? Human Race? He hid his cultivation level?”

With Lu Ze’s current power and chi stealth G.o.d art, even those who just reached the star state might not be able to see through it.

That s.p.a.ce lock scroll could probably lock the three of them together. It was better than his s.p.a.ce G.o.d art. ‘Did they have other treasures?’

The purple scale prodigies looked at Lu Ze with killing intent.

“Elder Amos said to kill all the prodigies from the alliance of four races. We can’t let him get away.”

“The humans are usually weak. His chi doesn’t seem strong too. Let’s kill him.” The three clearly didn’t take Lu Ze seriously.

As they spoke, their scales glowed with a purple color, and they charged at Lu Ze.

On the other hand, Lu Ze was speechless. He hadn’t even said a word, and these guys already rushed towards him?!

‘Didn’t they want him to leave some last words at least?’


‘Humans are usually weak?’

This was hurtful!

As they neared, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with coldness. Blood lightning and golden light burst.

His ‘not-too-strong’ chi drastically surged, becoming extremely shocking. As a result, the other three prodigies ended up dazed and terrified.

“How can he be this strong?!”

At this moment, Lu Ze already disappeared from the spot. He appeared before the fastest out of the three and swung his leg with golden runes. Rumble!!

The prodigy instantly fell back while his body was turned to pulp and disappeared in the wind.

The atmosphere fell silent.

Lu Ze withdrew his foot and looked at the remaining two sweating prodigies. They couldn’t move at all.

They felt they were dreaming. After all, all of them were level-3 planetary states. Most importantly, they were the cream of the crop in the Purple Scale Race.

… And yet, their pal disappeared with a single kick from this human.

Was this… someone from the Human Race?!

At this point, one of the prodigies screamed, “Run!”