Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 767 - Space Vortex

Chapter 767 - Space Vortex

Chapter 767 s.p.a.ce Vortex

Old man Nangong looked at Man Kun, Eddie, and the rest before smiling. “The secret realm is a rare opportunity. You guys have also spent a lot of resources to help them improve too?”

The mouths of Man Dali and Doris twitched upon hearing the old man’s words.

Of course, they did exactly that, but it didn’t lead them in jumping to two levels within a state within two months!

After a moment of silence, Man Dali gasped. “No wonder he’s a prodigy that can create a phenomenon. With enough resources, he probably would not encounter bottlenecks in the planetary state.”

Doris looked at old man Nangong with admiration. ‘Such a prodigy didn’t exist in the Winged Race.’

Everyone else looked at Lu Ze with a complicated expression, especially Man Kun and Eddie. They did lose to him in the recent compet.i.tion. But back then, they still retained some hope that they would be able to catch up. Now that Lu Ze’s cultivation level was almost catching up with theirs, they felt powerless.

Lu Ze’s combat power must be far superior to theirs…

At this moment, a group of soldiers from the Round Race flew over. The leader was a star state.

They saluted Qiu Lun and said, “Elder Qiu Lun, welcome back!”

Qiu Lun smiled and nodded, explaining to everyone, “This base is what we use to monitor the secret realm.”

He then looked at one of the star states. “Qiu Li, have the beings from the Purple Scale Race arrived?”

Qiu Li nodded in affirmation. “They arrived yesterday.” Qiu Lun nodded and then announced, “The day after tomorrow is the time we agreed on. It takes about two hours to go from the base to the secret realm. We’ll rest for a day tomorrow and head off the day after.”

The cosmic system states took note of the details.


Following that, Qiu Lun made some room arrangements for everyone. For Lu Ze and his team, their rooms were next to each other.

As for the Round Race’s, the size of their rooms was quite wide, with an area of 100 square meters. The creatures from their race were small in terms of size, but their rooms were s.p.a.cious.

In the center of the room, a white cotton-candy-like bed could be found. It was four meters long and wide. All of them would fit in that bed together.

Nangong Jing crashed onto the white bed, her body bouncing a bit at the same time. She then laughed, “I didn’t expect their beds to be this bouncy. It’s really comfortable.”

Alice asked curiously, “Sister Jing, is it really that comfortable?”

She walked to the bed and pressed it with her hand. Thereafter, Alice’s eyes lit up. “It’s indeed very good.”

During this time, Qiuyue Hesha giggled and pushed Alice onto the bed. “Hehe, Alice’s body is very soft too.”

“Sister Hesha, stop!” Alice blushed and tried to escape from Qiuyue Hesha’s claws.

Qiuyue Hesha grinned. “I have a unique ma.s.sage technique, do you want to try it?”

She looked at Alice’s flat chest and grinned.

Alice stiffened, but she seemed a little interested. After all, she cared about that the most. However, when she felt everyone’s gaze, she quickly shook her head. “No! Don’t joke with me, sister Hesha!”

If they were alone, she could try it, but there were so many people here, especially senior.


Alice took note of this. She was definitely going to experience it when only the two of them were present.

Lu Ze stood on the side and looked at the two in envy. ‘He wanted to go on and play too!’

This bed was really ma.s.sive though. They looked quite comfortable.

‘Should they bring a few beds back?’

Of course, he definitely wasn’t thinking of sleeping with them all.

Lu Li narrowed her eyes at Lu Ze. “Brother, are you thinking about something strange?”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “Of course, I’m thinking about the secret realm!”

Lu Li sneered. “Are you thinking about this bed instead?”

Lu Ze: “…”

Sensing everyone else’s gaze, he quickly said seriously, “The use of this bed? Isn’t it comfortable? I’m thinking about getting a few from the Round Race before we leave.”

Nangong Jing bounced on the bed. “This bed is indeed not bad. I want to take away a few too.”

The others nodded in agreement.

Two days later, it was time to enter the secret realm.

This time, everyone gathered around.

The Barbarian and Winged Race only had planetary states prodigy proceed with the mission this time. Those below were too weak and remained in the base instead.

Qiu Lun smiled. “Let’s head off.”

The other cosmic system states nodded. Everyone boarded Qiu Lun’s s.h.i.+p. Inside, the soldiers gave each prodigy a white bracelet. It had silver lines swirling around it and seemed very luxurious.

With a serious tone, Qiu Lun explained, “This is a s.p.a.ce escape bracelet we’ve prepared. The location is set outside the secret realm.”

“There are enemy races inside the secret realm. There will be danger involved. If you can’t survive, then use this to come out.”

No one wanted their prodigies to die for no reason.

The other three races had to give 20% of what they will get to the Round Race. After all, the Round Race found the secret realm and provided the s.p.a.ce bracelet.

Everyone quickly wore it. Qiu Lun said, “This secret realm is a lost civilization ruin. It should be cosmic cloud states who have the power to create such a realm. Countless years have pa.s.sed, but the contents inside should be abundant. Hope everyone gets something.”

Lu Ze couldn’t wait to enter, so were the other prodigies.

Soon, the s.h.i.+p arrived at a deadly region.

Lu Ze keenly felt that the s.p.a.ce area here was peculiar. He looked into the distance and soon saw a spinning half-transparent vortex. Its diameter was tens of kilometers. It made the planets around it distort.

Right then, Lu Ze knew this was the entrance to the secret realm. He could even feel that the vortex was slowly recovering. It would eventually disappear, and the s.p.a.ce inside would collapse.

Most likely, in the beginning, the entrance must have been wide, but right now, it was only tens of kilometers.

Qiu Lun exclaimed, “We’re here!”

The cosmic system states looked over. Old man Nangong narrowed his eyes. “This secret realm has been around for a rather long time.”

Man Dali and Doris nodded.

“The s.p.a.ce inside can’t handle powerful battles.”

No wonder the two races would send prodigies to excavate it.

At this moment, a few purple beams dashed over from the other side.

The four cosmic system states reacted. “They’re here!”