Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 766 - This Is a Little Progress?!

Chapter 766 - This Is a Little Progress?!

Chapter 766 This Is a Little Progress?!

The atmosphere was a bit silent. When Luo Bingqing and the rest noticed old man Nangong’s gaze, they couldn’t help but give Lu Ze a weird look.

‘Sure enough, they shouldn’t believe any word that comes from his mouth!’

Before, he said there was only a bit of improvement. What actually happened then?

From the way old man Nangong reacted, it shouldn’t be a little progress! Most likely, Lu Ze had already reached the level-2 planetary state!

Realistically, it felt impossible, but this was Lu Ze after all…

At this moment, the old man faked a cough. “Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice, come out with me for a moment.”

Lu Ze and the rest of the group were confused, but they still followed the old man outside.

Once away from the gazes of other people, the old man stared at the group.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “Old man, why are you looking at us like this?”

Old Nangong rolled his eyes. “Your progress is a bit too fast. We are very happy, but if the other three old guys learn about this, it might not be good.” Lu Ze and the team looked among each other and understood what elder Nangong meant.

Despite being allies, the fact that they weren’t from the same race could not be erased. ‘Who knew what they would think upon seeing how fast Lu Ze and the girls broke through?’

Although they had Ying Ying’s support, it was still better if there were fewer troubles to deal with.

The old man said, “There are several reasons. I’ve lived for so long and have acquired many good treasures. I can say that I gave you precious resources, but unless you guys don’t go out to explore the universe, then there will always be this sort of concern.”

The old man wasn’t too worried about this time. They were allies after all. As long as the interest involved wasn’t too big, it should be fine.

Old man Nangong could only sigh. “To be honest, I hope you guys would stay inside the Federation forever and not go out.”

“But once you reach the cosmic system state and want to improve, you need to battle. By then, you would’ve matured, and I can’t stop you guys anymore. Even if you guys cause some trouble, I can’t protect you either.”

His tone was despondent, revealing the frailness of an old man. “The Human Race is too shallow of a pond for you guys.”

Lu Ze and the girls felt complicated.

Nangong Jing’s and Alice’s eyes were even red.

The old man was the leader of the Human Race, and yet, even he would have such moments.

After a moment of silence, Lu Ze said, “Old man, with my current progress speed, I would soon reach the star state. By then, perhaps the energy would be useful to you. You can keep improving. Who says you can’t protect us?”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Old man, little brother Lu Ze is very amazing. You need to trust him.”

Lu Li, Lin Ling, and Alice nodded in agreement too.

Nangong Jing reached out her hand to hold the old man’s arm. “Yes, old man. By then, if we cause some trouble outside, you need to stand up for us.”

Everyone else: “???”

The others looked at Nangong Jing strangely. It seemed that she really wanted to cause trouble!

The old man couldn’t resist laughing. “You


He then sighed. “Still, we need to find a solution, or I won’t agree to let you out!” The entire group smiled and nodded. Lu Ze knew that his chi stealth G.o.d art won’t be enough for them. It was best if they had a G.o.d art or divine art that could avoid the detection of cosmic system states or even cosmic cloud states within the planetary state.

Lu Ze could only hope to find it in the Pocket Hunting Dimension. However, since he had chi stealth G.o.d art, it should be fine to find a stronger one.

There was still time left, so there was no rush.

Eventually, the old man decided to use the excuse of giving Lu Ze and the girls a mountain of resources to help them break through.

The group soon returned to the meeting room.

The old man relayed the crucial points about the secret realm and things to take note of to everybody

All of them remembered them clearly.

When the old man was finished, he waved his hand at everyone, indicating that they should wait at the foyer.

The s.h.i.+p left the warp dimension. Likewise, the other three s.h.i.+ps had followed suit too. Soon, the fleet arrived before a huge white astral body. This astral body appeared as though it was made of cotton candy.

While Lu Ze and the others were looking outside the window, they vaguely heard the sound of gulping saliva and mumbling. “Such a big cotton candy! It must be very tasty!”

Lu Ze and the others: “???”

Without a doubt, it was Ying Ying! This huge cotton candy was the Round Race’s cosmic fortress. If Ying Ying really ate it, they would go crazy. Lu Ze immediately warned, “That’s not cotton candy, you can’t eat it!”

Luo Bingqing and the rest: “???”

They gave Lu Ze a complicated look… Lu Ze: “???” ‘What were these guys thinking?” His mouth twitched. “I didn’t think this is edible.”

Luo Bingqing awkwardly said, “… We can understand. Indeed, it looks similar to cotton candy.”

Lin Kuang laughed. “It’s not your fault.” Lu Ze: “…”

Soon, the s.h.i.+p stopped before a white s.p.a.ce station.

Elder Nangong and the rest walked over. “Let’s


Everyone left the s.h.i.+p and set foot on the astral body. When Lu Ze stepped down, he felt the ground was soft and bouncy. But as soon as he moved, the ground would recover its original state.

This white substance covered the entire cosmic fortress.

It was actually rather cute.

Elder Nangong led everyone to gather with the other three races. Qiu Lun, Man Dali, and Doris, as well as their respective star states, all stared at Lu Ze with a dazed expression. Lu Ze ranked first in the compet.i.tion. Therefore, they instinctively checked his current cultivation level.

Upon discovering that he had reached level-3 planetary state, they felt dumbfounded. The prodigies of the other three races were also stunned when they realized the same thing. The old man and the others were expecting this reaction.

After some silence, Man Dali was the first to speak. “How is this possible? It’s only been two months. How can Lu Ze reach level-3 planetary state?!”

“Level-3 planetary state?!”

Everyone stared at Lu Ze like he was a ghost.

Man Dali spent a huge amount of resources on Man Kun in preparation for the secret realm, and he only barely reached level-4 planetary state!

On the other hand, Lu Ze already reached level-3 planetary state?!

What monster was he?

Eddie had the same expression. Likewise, he had barely reached level-4 planetary state too.

Luo Bingqing and the other people were full of questions.

No wonder the old man’s face was so strange earlier.