Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 763 - Super Black Metal Bug

Chapter 763 - Super Black Metal Bug

Chapter 763 Super Black Metal Bug

In the room, Lu Ze sat cross-legged on the bed.

It was time for the daily Pocket Hunting Dimension again.

Lu Ze just broke through to level-3 planetary state, and he had just attained perfect mastery of Light and Darkness Beam. Right now, he wanted to test the bounds of his powers.

Lu Ze appeared in the Black Metal Forest.

He felt dazed. ‘Did he just find himself here straightaway?’

This was his second luckiest time. The luckiest was when he went to the underground world. However, he didn’t know when he could go there again, nor how he could find the entrance…

Lu Ze felt he was extremely lucky today.

At this moment, there were sharp shrieks coming from around him. The sound of cl.u.s.tered black metal bugs moving could be heard from nearby.

Lu Ze grinned. There were four level-6 planetary state insects and eight level-5 ones.

It seemed that he didn’t appear at the border of the mountain range this time. Actually, this saved Lu Ze a lot of time.

Soon, the twelve insects appeared. Their b.l.o.o.d.y eyes contained intense killing intent.

Their shrieks filled the entire mountain range. Black arcs shot across towards Lu Ze. In response, Lu Ze disappeared from the spot.

He then emerged above a level-6 planetary state insect. On his hand, a ping-pong ball-sized light and dark energy ball formed.

With a wave of his hand, the energy ball disappeared. Its speed was unimaginable!

Almost at the same time, a deafening sound occurred, and the violent power pulverized the insect’s tough body into dust.

Even the black metal pillar it was standing on disappeared, leaving behind a ditch that was tens of meters deep.

There were a few red, purple, and G.o.d art orbs floating in the air.

Since it was turned to dust by Lu Ze, the process of naturally turning into dust by itself was omitted.

Lu Ze looked at the deep hole on the ground in surprise. He knew how tough this black metal mountain was.

He didn’t even use the Light and Darkness Beam at full power, and it already managed to create such destruction. This power was beyond his expectation!

Meanwhile, the metal bugs kept charging at him without hesitation.

Lu Ze easily dodged the attacks and threw out Light and Darkness Beams, wiping all of them away.

Twelve beasts dropped three blue crystals and one blood crystal.

Seeing this, Lu Ze smiled. This was the first blood crystal he got since leaving the underground world. He thought only the underground world would drop it. Now, that didn’t seem to be the case.

Its drop rate was too low. ‘Maybe only level-6 planetary states and above would drop such a thing?’ Regardless, this was a good omen!


He happily picked things up and kept moving. Along the way, he would kill any black metal insects he encountered with a Light and Darkness Beam. However, there were no longer blood crystals among the drops. As he went deeper, Lu Ze soon arrived near the top of a peak.

Lu Ze sensed a terrifying chi rapidly charging up the mountain towards him. This chi was only a level-5 planetary state, but it was far more alarming than the previous level-6 planetary state.

Lu Ze narrowed his eyes. This was probably the level-5 planetary state super insect.

Soon, a black figure appeared before Lu Ze.


This insect charged at Lu Ze directly.

Lu Ze then flashed with blood lightning. Simultaneously, red and black runes formed around him. His chi rapidly soared.

A light and dark energy ball appeared on his hand, hurtling towards the insect. Consequently, the insect drifted in the air to dodge the attack.

Lu Ze gasped. These long-distance attacks were easily dodged by strong opponents. Since he couldn’t hit it, then he would create the opportunity to make it land.

Lu Ze charged up with Lightning Travel divine art without hesitation. Golden runes formed in his hand. Its power was slightly weaker than the Light and Darkness Beam but still extremely powerful.

As the distance between the two shortened, the Golden Fist clashed with the insect’s metallic claw.


A shockwave spread across all directions, which then crushed the nearby stones. The entire mountain seemed to have trembled for a moment.

Lu Ze felt a sharp and violent chi surge into his fist from the claws. Immediately, there was a severe painful sensation coming from his hand.

He was pummeled back by the force, leaving trails of blood in the air. At the same time, the insect was also flung away. They both fell back a few hundred meters before they could finally halt their movements.

Lu Ze looked at his fist. It was bleeding. However, in a short instant, it healed without him using regeneration G.o.d art.

On the other hand, the insect stared at Lu Ze with vigilance. It didn’t attack straight up like before.

Lu Ze raised a brow. This insect was stronger than he imagined. His power was much stronger than before, and he used full-powered Golden Fist Art. Yet, he was still injured in the end.

Upon seeing Lu Ze come over, the black metal bug shrieked, but it didn’t attack. It was trying to scare Lu Ze off.

Lu Ze grinned. He just reached level-3 planetary state. Nothing was better than having a sparring partner like this. There was no way he was leaving. ‘Only one of us lives today!

Darkness buff!

Fire buff!

Lightning Travel divine art!

Lu Ze rushed directly towards the insect.

Noticing that Lu Ze didn’t heed its warnings, this super insect charged up too. It was extremely fast, instantly appearing before Lu Ze and swiping its claws at him.

There was no energy spilled out. It was all contained in its claw.

This kind of close-up combat was the most dangerous, but it was indeed the strongest too. Most planetary state battles involved shooting energy beams at each other from afar.

Lu Ze had an extremely powerful body and body G.o.d art. Therefore, he wasn’t scared of close-up combats.

He dodged the claw and approached the insect’s head. He then moved his fist rapidly towards the head.


Suddenly, the insect’s body also shot up and dodged Lu Ze’s attack. Thereafter, it reached its claw for his waist.

Earth s.h.i.+eld was quickly formed in return, blocking the strike.

The attack left a deep mark on the s.h.i.+eld. Despite this, Lu Ze didn’t care much about the broken s.h.i.+eld.

His body turned over and golden runes wrapped around him from head to toe as he kicked towards the insect’s lower jaw.

Golden Leg Art!

Lu Ze’s leg connected, sending the insect high up in the air. At this very moment, black and white runes flashed in his eyes. A human-head-sized energy ball gathered in his hand.

Full powered Light and Darkness Beam! The insect sensed the incoming attack. However, its body was deadly stiff right now. It would be extremely difficult to dodge.

Lu Ze appeared at its stomach as he rammed the energy ball into the insect at a close range.


In an instant, the insect was brought into the sky by the energy. There were pieces of black metal dropping on the ground. Lu Ze didn’t stop.

Obviously, the insect still retained a powerful chi within.

Lu Ze pursued the insect swiftly and stomped on its head again.


The insect fell towards the mountain once more. Halfway, Lu Ze chased after it, and another Light and Darkness Beam formed in his hand.

He pressed the energy ball on the insect’s head and smiled. “Die!”

Power surged as the energy ball penetrated the insect’s head and wiped away its life force.

The body fell heavily on the ground, leaving behind a deep hole.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze was covered in sweat and panting heavily. This Light and Darkness Beam was too taxing in terms of energy.

He would be drained if he attacked with it five or six times. In addition to that, he was already using the two divine art buffs.

Lu Ze wanted to find the blood crystal even more now.