Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 764 - Huge Harvest, Phenomenon Reappearance

Chapter 764 - Huge Harvest, Phenomenon Reappearance

Chapter 764 Huge Harvest, Phenomenon Reappearance

After resting for a few seconds, the body of the beast turned completely into ashes.

Lu Ze was looking forward to the drops it would provide. Since the insect was extremely strong, then it should possess a lot of nice things.

Lu Ze happily waited for the things to drop. When he saw the drop, he showed a surprised and joyful smile.

This was a huge drop!

There were ten vibrant red orbs. The level of liquefaction inside was substantial than the level-6 orbs. Simultaneously, there were strands of golden light spinning inside.

In addition, ten equally high-quality purple orbs were also present. On top of that, there were two blue crystals and two red crystals.

The blue and red crystals were all larger in size.

There was another G.o.d art orb glowing with dark metal colors and a small rune flas.h.i.+ng with a dark metal color. However, this rune was incomplete. It was just a shard!

When Lu Ze picked up that rune, streams of knowledge entered his mind.

As it turned out, the rune was a shard of a divine art rune. He needed to gather all four to complete it. Furthermore, without completing it, he would not be able to cultivate the divine


Lu Ze raised a brow. ‘What a pity…!

Nevertheless, this also meant that there were quite a few of these beasts.

This time, the insect didn’t drop that white strand of energy. That must be something only overlords dropped.

Lu Ze picked everything up and flew towards the peak. Tracing back the origin of the beast, he was aware that it came from the peak. Accordingly, Lu Ze immediately proceeded in the same direction.

Upon reaching the top, a pile of rocks could be seen. At the bottom of the pile was a five-meter wide crack.

Lu Ze walked in and soon arrived within the inner area of the rock pile.

Indeed, there was a dark metal rune floating there!

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He didn’t expect to get the divine art rune of the fourth map this quickly.

But soon, Lu Ze’s smile froze.

A middle-level, low-grade divine art alone was difficult to handle. Then, what if it was a stronger divine art instead?

‘How would he be able to utilize it?’

Lu Ze felt a bit troubled by his thoughts. Clearly, the treasure was already before him. However, he was too weak to use it.

Right then, Lu Ze decided to work hard in cultivation. He moved closer to the rune and reached out his hands.

His body stiffened when he touched it.

Lu Ze looked at the rune in surprise. This was obviously a divine art rune, but this divine art rune wasn’t a rune meant for cultivation.

It was a one-time-use divine art rune!

If he activated the rune, he would be able to use a divine art with perfected mastery. In particular, this divine art was a body divine art that will increase your defense in all aspects.

Looking back, that black metal insect suddenly turned darker due to this rune. Unfortunately, its divine art wasn’t strong. Otherwise, Lu Ze felt he might not even be able to break its defenses.

The benefit of this rune was that he didn’t need to use his own spirit force to maintain it. If he activated it, it would run for half an hour and vanish.

In the short run, this one-time-use divine art was better than a permanent one. It didn’t cost spirit force and had already reached perfect mastery!

The treasures on the fourth map were too powerful.

If he activated this rune and then used Earth s.h.i.+eld, he might even be able to block a star state attack.

Right now, he was only a level-3 planetary state!

Lu Ze left this area and headed deeper into the mountain.

As soon as he went into the next region, a powerful chi surged, and a sharp dark arc sliced at him.

Lu Ze s.h.i.+fted tens of meters to the side and dodged it.

A level-7 planetary state insect appeared… Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. This insect wasn’t even stronger than the level-5 one.

Fire buff!

Darkness buff!

Lightning Travel Divine Art!

Lu Ze charged towards the insect. He directed his fist against the insect’s head.

The insect wanted to retreat while swiping its claws at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze grinned as his eyes flashed with a green rune. Vines appeared in the air and wrapped around the insect.

The insect was currently bound. It then opened its mouth and shot out a dark beam. However, it was shattered by Lu Ze’s punch as soon as it left its mouth.

Lu Ze’s fist continued to pummel its head with powerful chi.



The huge force sent the insect flying back. It made the insect stunned.

At this moment, the Light and Darkness Ball appeared on Lu Ze’s hand. He went to the front of the insect and pressed the beam inside its mouth.

Rumble! An explosion occurred following Lu Ze’s attack. Along with it, half of the insect’s body was blown apart. Lu Ze frowned.

This insect wasn’t good enough. It was a level-7 planetary state, and yet, its defenses were weaker than that level-5 planetary state super insect.

That level-5 insect only got its head blown off.

Lu Ze looked at the body and shook his head. Soon, the insect turned to dust, leaving behind five red, five purple, and one G.o.d art orb. Apart from those, there was nothing else.

Compared to that super insect, this insect was very poor.

Lu Ze picked the things up and planned to continue. During this time, a tremor occurred, which then shook the entire mountain.

Lu Ze felt as though a terrifying power was pressing down on his being. Thereafter, his consciousness faded away.

Once more, he woke up in his room.

He didn’t know who it was, but there was definitely some super boss pa.s.sing by.

Every time a super boss came, he would always end up hurt.

He was used to it…

It wasn’t hard. Really!

Half an hour later, Lu Ze was ready to cultivate.

At this moment, spirit force surged in the air and vibrant lights appeared.

Lu Ze was dazed for a moment, and then, he finally realized what it was.

It was a phenomenon! One of the two girls reached the planetary state.

Without hesitation, he closed his eyes and used a blue crystal and purple orb from the super insect.

He was going to learn darkness buff!